Lin Ying ran all the way to the top of the building.

The two men opened the roof gate and sprayed a lot of blocking agent and expelling agent, then jumped from the roof to the top of a nearby building.
Then Lin Ying and them jumped to the top of another building.
In this way, Lin Ying and them constantly changed their positions with the help of the roofs of these buildings.
Every time they change positions, they spray a lot of repellents and barriers.
By the time they appeared at the top of the building hundreds of meters away, the zombies who pursued them had lost their tracks.
Finally, the two of them stopped in a building and then joined the people in the waterway.
The lucky people in the waterway can finally breathe a sigh of relief because the zombies were killed in the dreamland, and they no longer feel the feeling of entering the dreamland and then being dragged out by force.
That kind of pain makes people collapse
Lin Ying let the lucky people rest in place and wait for the dense fog to enter the city after dark.
When the fog enters the city, Lin Ying and his wife will take them out and move on.
Hearing Lin Ying’s command, the lucky ones breathed a sigh of relief and then rested happily in situ.
They have been tortured to death, and the pain all over almost made them collapse. Well, they are all strong-willed people, and everyone gritted their teeth and persisted.
"Boss, what shall we do?" Green MuYang room while observing the zombies around to Lin Ying asked.
Lin Ying looked around at the zombies with a frown. "Of course, wait until it gets dark and then meet with Xiaoqi and continue to cross G City."
Qing Muyang shriveled his mouth and said, "How boring it is, boss. Do you think it’s better to do something when it gets dark than when we benefit from it?"
Lin Ying looked at the green MuYang some alert way "what are you going to do? Don’t be crazy. We finally got rid of these zombies. What are you going to do? "
Green MuYang hey hey smiled two "haha boss see you nervous I don’t do anything out of line"
Speaking of which, Qing Muyang stretched out his hand and pointed to a ten-story building not far ahead. "Did the boss see the building over there?" It’s that building. I seem to have seen someone in it just now. "
Hearing Qing Muyang’s words, Lin Ying frowned and asked, "Are you sure?"
Green MuYang nodding way "sure, sure, absolutely sure"
Lin Ying silently stared at the building and looked intently as if to see through it.
A moment later, Lin Ying looked back and said, "Sure enough."
"Eldest brother, do you want us to look at the past? It’s best to put them into the "green MuYang some said happily.
Lin Ying shook his head and said, "Come on, crazy people seem to be doing well."
"Where did you see that they were born well?" Qing Muyang has some doubts.
Lin Ying pointed to the zombie corpse near the building. "Look at the zombies around the building. There are still a lot of traps that can do this. They are masters and confident."
In this way, the team will generally not accept outsiders easily, and even if they do, they will choose some people with low ability
Don’t even think about incorporating them. Maybe when the time comes, the mutton won’t be eaten, and it will make you angry. "
Hear Lin Ying green MuYang flat nutcracker way "well, forget it, don’t mess with them"
Say that finish green MuYang back eyes continue to observe the zombies around the building.
Just when Lin Ying watched the zombies in front of their window, a man in camouflage kept watching Lin Ying with a telescope in a room of the ten-story building not far away.
Camouflage men cut their faces like knives without any expression, but they are determined and tired.
Camouflage man is surrounded by three men who also wear camouflage.
One of these three people is hunched and seems to be in poor health. The remaining two people exude a knife-like breath like two drawn bayonets.
Behind them lay a dozen skinny people who seemed to be sleeping.
Chapter nine hundred and forty For help
In the building, the camouflage man put a telescope and turned back and whispered, "Xiuwen, what do you think of these two people?"
Camouflage man behind the man with rickets straightened his back and coughed a long way, "very strong"
After a pause, the man called Xiuwen gasped and continued, "Less is better than you and me, Zhu. Why don’t we contact one?"
Zhu didn’t answer, but another man in camouflage next to him said, "I don’t think the other person’s route is right. Don’t get into trouble."
Xiuwen took a look at the speaker and said, "David’s words can’t be said absolutely. I think we should try to get in touch with them. If possible, we can absorb them so that we can hopefully get out of this place and go outside the city."
Called David male eyebrows a wrinkly way "one thousand two of them useful like those latter-day thugs around captivity.
Isn’t it a sheep in the tiger’s mouth to contact them? "
Xiuwen smiled and said, "I’m not afraid there’s still Zhu and you and Xiaowei here. There’s no problem if we have you."
At this time, Zhu interrupted Dawei with a wave. "I think it’s better to observe and see what they will do before we make a decision."
Xiuwen covered her mouth and coughed lightly. She didn’t insist on "All right, listen to you. Let’s observe them again and see what they will do next."
But xiuwen turned around and looked at the land with a sigh that Xiao Bao’s lucky people were silent.
"Alas, these people have been hungry for too long, and their health is really poor. If you want to take them out of G City, it is too difficult, unless you have the help of a powerful awakened person."
He looked at Xiuwen’s back and shook his head naively, then turned his head and stared at the window where Lin Ying and his wife lived, wondering what was going on.
Lin Ying didn’t know that Zhu was talking here, but was rummaging through everything to find supplies.
Soon they found instant noodles, biscuits, mineral water and some food.
The two were surprised and happy.
"Haha, boss, I missed dinner today. I didn’t expect it to be so easy to find food here."
Lin Ying was in a good mood and came to the window sill to observe the zombies around while eating food.
Lin Ying didn’t deliberately hide her figure, but swaggered there with food in her hand and kept stuffing it into her mouth.
In the opposite building, Zhu looked at Lin Ying and kept swallowing.
"He, he, they actually found food to see a lot of samples." David also swallowed saliva and pointed to Lin Ying and said.
Xiuwen paced to the window and said, "This is normal. There are many zombies around their building, and there is a variation. No one in the building dares to go there to find food. It is not unexpected that they can find food."
He also nodded his head. "Xiuwen is right. It is normal that their building has not been searched for rich materials. I am a little worried that there are mutant zombies in their building. How did they come?
Even at night, when the fog comes, the zombie can’t deal with him. That building is the king. "

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