P1 suddenly appears in a void, which is very temperamental.

It can be said that the war of attrition between the two sides is slow, inefficient and inefficient, which gives most people a chance to observe the wonders that appear before them.
After 25 seconds, Huang Xuan withdrew P1.
Trump kept calling the police in the command room.
A staff officer swallowed hard and said, "He Jiayi is dead."
"What’s that?" Trump felt his heart pounding. He was so nervous that two senior travelers were killed, which was much more serious than two thousand junior travelers.
Yi Jie stare big eyes absence looked at the outside way "is" a plane ""
Trump twisted his head fiercely. "That’s not what I said."
"There’s only one person in the flower shop." Yi Jie’s smile is uglier than crying. "That’s what I’ve seen in those days. I heard that there are several glory families who also have a personal plane."
Trump’s eyes were red, but he secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Since the other party has such a perverted thing as "one person’s plane", it seems that his failure is excusable.
At this time, he suddenly thought of his colleague Song Qi Ren and thought that this guy was still lucky.
The whole battlefield seemed to be quiet for a moment, and then it fell into a fierce exchange of fire, but the Norman legion was demoralized and the warships were somewhat evasive, and they no longer distributed the main energy output.
Trump whispered to Yi Jie. "Are you sure it’s’ a human plane’?"
"Yes" Yi Jie must nod.
"Then retreat," Trump said seriously. "It’s good for you and me."
From a political point of view, it is indeed a wound to retreat now, and it is not impossible to prevaricate over the death of two senior travelers. However, Yi Jie is not a politician. He looks down at Trump in a very arrogant tone and says, "I am a senior traveler, and I will not be chased like a herbivore with my tail between my legs."
Trump hummed, "You should bear all the losses."
Yi Jie nodded heavily. "I will definitely skin him."
After that, Yi Jie said to the captain, "Let’s go to the left wing."
He wants to fill two senior travelers on his own.
However, Egenormand is a fairly on-the-spot commander-it depends on his surname-but he is not a very good senior traveler, especially compared with public travelers like Takim who have been killed from several people, Egan is no match.
Soon, very soon, the left-wing forces of the Rinormans were on the verge of collapse.
Even if the left wing composed of low-level travelers gradually retreats backward, it is like the left half of the cross gradually leaving the front line
Chu Yining deliberately indulged both sides in reducing the attack frequency, and she also frequently tried to close the plane channel, which played a great role in the competition between the two sides for the plane channel.
Huang Xuan sat in his chair and watched Fitzgerald drive through the light beam of the spacecraft. It felt good. He deliberately lowered it to make P1 have spare capacity after 25 seconds.
The two sides stuck together again for about 1 minute. Chu Yining asked again, "Can you make the palm plane?"
Huang Xuan thought, but he didn’t answer immediately, but looked at the loss figures of the energy screen and delayed, "In a few minutes."
"Good" Chu Yi Ning can also answer this question.
When the war lasted for 2 minutes, the battle damage of both sides exceeded 3%. Huang Xuan lost two 16-class warships and six travelers, and the Norman family lost more, but in proportion, it was slightly lower than Huang Xuan-except for the loss of two senior travelers.
Mr. Comas is a ruler with considerable foresight. He constantly urges travelers to attack without thinking about the loss of their own travelers
The distance makes the palm surface 13 minutes. Huang Xuan said to Chu, "I think it can last for 2 seconds."

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