"My grandfather doesn’t need your help."

"Because he is strong, I know."
"The only thing you uncles need to do is follow orders and live."
I don’t know what came to mind when I said these words, but my eyes are ruddy.
Some mecha who looked directly into Ji Rongxinyue’s eyes suddenly remembered that Ji Rongxinyue’s father, like them, was a mecha who died on the battlefield more than a year ago.
If someone like Ji Xinghe had stepped forward at that time, would Rong Xinyue’s father not have sacrificed?
Just like today, they don’t sacrifice, and there is no need to sacrifice today.
"If you think I’m wrong, if you think my grandfather is wrong, if you think you’re better than my grandfather."
Ji Rong Xin was steady on the moon, Su He’s shoulders and knees were slightly bent, and his hands were heavy, posing for a boxing frame.
She looked straight at more than six hundred federal mecha with red eyes, and there was no fear in her eyes. It was also very rare and firm in the eyes of adults.
Her tone is equally firm.
"Ji Jia Quan Ji Rong Xin Yue, please advise"
What a "ridiculous" scene this is, but people laugh at the scene.
People bowed their heads and felt guilty.
A seven-year-old girl tried to pretend to be an adult and defend her grandfather’s decision.
Even if this decision may make her an orphan.
But they adults are fighting for the mecha like children, even if they know that grabbing the mecha means grabbing death.
This is a respectable and lovely person.
Chapter 374 Get what you want
Five base back to normal, three hundred and twenty young mecha smoothly wear armor on standby.
Ready to die, they really have no chance to die.
So they can look at the small figure at the exit of the hangar in the mecha cockpit.
She still stared at them as if worried that they adults would not listen.
Beside this small figure, Su He was dressed in individual exoskeleton armor, and several other guards who were transferred by Wang Wei also wore individual exoskeleton armor.
They all regarded it.
Because this child is so beautiful, so dazzling.
"Don’t worry about yan yan your grandpa he …"
Su He squatted beside Rong Xinyue and was about to explain when he was interrupted by the sound in his ear.
After Su He hit the individual exoskeleton armor, he brought his own bracelet and protective mask at the same time, and then extended the bracelet screen to Ji Rongxinyue’s eyes.
Still staring at the mecha or staring at the mecha horse RongXin month line of sight shifted to the bracelet screen.
Two men in military uniform with strong shoulders and shining stars appeared in her sight.
Left first out
"Hello, Ji Rong Xinyue, I’m Andy."
Ji Rongxinyue’s eyes widened, his mouth was covered, and he uttered a low cry. How could people not know the name of the federal marshal?
When I heard this name, Ji Rongxinyue had recognized his rank by Andy’s epaulettes.
Five star general
The Federation has and has one.
Even Ji Rongxin is often held high by Qin Tong, Harris, Blind, Lame and Su Chuanyun, the federal ace mecha, who dare to block their mouths when they want to kiss themselves.
It is hard to imagine that the highest military commander of the federal alien will talk to himself directly.
Soldiers are soldiers, generals are generals.
Ji Rongxin also worried that her grandfather Ji Xinghe had offended Tu Yuan, the lieutenant general, a month ago.
"not nervous"
Andy’s face smiled kindly, which shocked everyone else.
How can a federal marshal be kind?
Tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of imperial soldiers can be annihilated at the cost of a single command.
Mastered the federal alien all weapons all fire quota Andy can be said to be inconsistent with the cloud, hand rain like thunder, like a landslide.
Kindness has always been with him
Even Li Yuanba, the parent, should have not seen Andy’s expression for many years.
"I’m not nervous"
Ji Rongxinyue suddenly put her hand down and arranged a special battle with her head down, and then saluted at attention.
"The captain of the youth training team of the Federal Longzhou Xinghe Mecha Independent Corps, the third-level mecha Ji Rongxin, please ask the chief for instructions."
Even Andy was leng when he heard the crisp sound of Ji Rongxin’s month.
He once again confirmed that there was a strong heart in this weak body.
At ease
Ji Rong Xin Yue’s eyes at ease indicate the bracelet screen.
Andy didn’t say anything directly, but gave some time to the man who appeared on the screen with him.
Tu Yuan’s face has always been expressionless since he knew that Andy was going to chat with Ji Rongxinyue with him.
At this time, he suddenly turned into a smile because he wanted to show his kindness for a long time, and he lost his ability to manage expressions a little bit, which made him look ugly when he smiled.

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