Zhu Qing "It’s best to send twelve taels of silver to each participant!"

Xiao Guoer knocked on Zhu Qingyi. "But you want it to be twelve taels of silver. Hum greed!"
Then she looked at the silent chrysanthemum silkworm. "Xiao Ju, do you have any good ideas?"
Chrysanthemum silkworm said, "handmaiden, I think this Wanshi family has always been famous for making money. Can our plan not only cost nothing but also make money?"
Xiao Guoer suddenly came to the spirit. At ordinary times, this kind of activity costs money, even if it is done by Wan Linglong. But if you can make money, wouldn’t it be worse than her!
Maybe my brother will put the library in his charge!
"Show me!"
Chrysanthemum silkworm said, "The handmaiden thinks that every participant should pay one tael of silver when signing up. Suppose there is more than one person in the palace who participates, that is, one tael of silver will be spent on the prize and one tael of silver will buy something. Isn’t that a net profit of nine taels?"
Xiao Guoer’s heart is broken, but Mei Xiang, Lan Zhi and Zhu Qing look at chrysanthemum silkworm like class enemies
Or Mei Xiang couldn’t stand it and said, "If you need to pay for registration, I’m afraid everyone is not willing to participate. If no one participates, there will be no money to earn."
Xiao Guoer touched the bar. "This is also a problem."
"What money do you earn?" Hu Lu didn’t let Tong Tong come in directly.
"Brother, people are planning a landlord contest."
"Oh, let’s hear it."
Xiao Guoer spoke out the idea of chrysanthemum silkworm when she was herself.
"You don’t want to spend money and want to make money?" Hu Lu is in distress situation.
"People don’t want to lose to Wan Linglong, but if they want to sign up to spend money again, I’m afraid there won’t be many people signing up, so they won’t be able to make money. What can I do?"
A woman blinks. She knows that her brother is the smartest and there must be a way.
Hu Lu "wants to make money, but there is no need to make money from the poor. After all, the palace guards will squeeze them with little money."
Mei Xiang, Lan Zhi and Zhu Qing were greatly moved and stared at the chrysanthemum silkworm again.
Xiao Guoer was puzzled. "Who will make money if you don’t make their money?"
Hu Lu said, "Whoever has money makes money!"
Chapter 16 Sleeping together but not getting into the body
Hear "whoever has money makes money!" Then Xiao Guoer stared at Hu Lu’s eyes and spun silk.
Hu Lu put her arms around her waist and took a slap behind her, crisp and sweet like a ripe watermelon.
"Dare to hit me and pay attention to death ~"
Xiao Guoer conveniently relies on Hu Lu’s arms to get up and touch porcelain.
Cai Xin immediately remembered in his mind that words first stimulated him to hit his hips, and then he fell to his arms and couldn’t stand each other.
She is so good!
The four little maids didn’t even look at them, but Hu Lu and Guo Er had a good talk.
Hu Lu showed her, "Who is the most famous rich man in Da Yue?"
"ahhh!" Xiao Guoer suddenly gave a strange call, Cai Xin, and they were separated by clothes.
Xian Fei said excitedly, "It’s Wan Linglong’s father!"

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