Ji Xinghe respects everyone. He wants to win respect from his strength, not so-called friendship and strategy.

"I know, Master, just try your best. Whether you can do it is my own business. I asked them before I came, and they told me a word," said the personal trainer.
It’s upside down, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference
Ji Xinghe didn’t correct Jackson’s words, but went on to ask, "I heard that the Federation has found more than a dozen Dan Jin and several powerful level experts. Why don’t you go to them?"
"Because none of them can drive the mecha, I want to learn not to fight physically, but to control my body, and then I control my body to control the mecha I drive."
"In that matter …" Because there were others beside him, Xinghe didn’t say that he believed Jackson could understand what he meant. "Did they participate?"
Jackson’s intelligence is obviously much more than that of Ji Xinghe and Su He. He nodded and said, "Young people participated and were the first participants because former researchers thought that people like you and them were more suitable for making that technology."
When exercise is no longer a problem, it becomes a problem to exert the best ability of the mecha, and people like Ji Xinghe have proved their strength in the process of making their bodies fight. What will their combat effectiveness be like when they can manipulate the mecha like bodies?
However, Jackson turned the conversation and said, "But it turns out that it doesn’t make much sense that you are strong and in the same condition that you can make better efforts. You can burst into greater strength, but if you are driving a mecha … the mecha can’t be proficient in fighting skills and cold weapon fighting skills at the same time. You don’t need any experts in strength and strength, and they say that after the mecha, there will be more guns, weapons and new technologies to solve the problem of being difficult to aim. Close combat will be the last means of fighting."
He is not good at making the gun Ji Xinghe seem to be farther away from the rear-driving mecha, but his expression has not changed. After a little meditation, he said softly, "The first thing I want to teach you is that the mecha can achieve the unity of waist and horse."
Jackson is stupid.
He was not only shocked by Ji Xinghe’s speech, but also reminded him of the first time he met Ji Xinghe, and he also taught Ji Xinghe several knowledge points.
It turns out that it was meaningless for him to teach Ji Xinghe at that time. He was much stronger than he thought and could be his master.
"I had a war video before. You can only apply to read it. Let’s take a look first. It’s a pursuit of the earl mecha. It should be …"
Ji Xinghe finished his work in silence. He repaired the mecha parts slowly, but without a moment’s pause. At the same speed, he got closer and closer to repairing the parts.
Jackson has called the screen of his bracelet and inquired carefully, and soon found the video record of the war.
In the screen, there is a mecha driven by Ji Xinghe. In the line of sight, it is the imperial artillery position. At this time, Ji Xinghe has not been able to successfully pass through the artillery position, and he just passed through the artillery position. It was not long before two oncoming imperial knights were evaded by Ji Xinghe, and then Ji Xinghe chased the earl mecha.
Jackson hasn’t seen these video images before, but he is very familiar with them. In the video, he broke two imperial mecha of the rank of Jue independently.
"Remember that I recorded the running posture of the mecha now."
Jackson heard the sound of Ji Xinghe from this video, and at the same time saw that the analysis record of this video focused on Ji Xinghe’s running speed, which was six kilometers per hour higher than the limit speed calculated after the transformation of the 16th generation federal mecha he was driving.
This is rare for ordinary mecha, but it doesn’t seem to be a big deal for super Jackson, because the speed of the mecha he drives can also exceed the theoretical speed when charging quickly.
Running posture is very important. It is not difficult for super-class mecha to be able to skillfully control the situation of the mecha and accelerate its own potential energy.
Mecha is not a car, it relies on two mechanical legs instead of tires, just like a person who has never received professional running training. After receiving the corresponding running posture, rhythm and breathing training, even if his physical strength does not increase, his speed will increase.
Jackson can do it, but he still pays close attention to the fact that Ji Xinghe’s exercise has changed slightly with Ji Xinghe’s exercise armor.
After a while, Ji Xinghe repaired one part and directly repaired another part without rest.
"Are you finished?"
"Do you understand?"
"Got it"
"Can the waist-horse combined mecha do it?"
Jackson’s talent of becoming a super-class mecha is not bad. He never thought about these problems before. After Ji Xinghe’s guidance, his own comprehension ability and many years of experience in mecha driving made him gain some substantial gains.
"Can you do that?"
"can’t do it"
"Then continue to watch the video. The video driving of the battle in the dust storm outside my former No.6 base is also a 16-generation standard mecha, but there is a battle in which I use the imperial spear weapon."
Jackson continued to squat down and watch the video next to Su He, and some people couldn’t bear to find a small box as a stool.
"Thank you" Jackson just sat down when he thanked him, but soon got up and looked down at Su He with his height advantage. "You should be a reporter from Su He."
"It’s me"
"Then can you do me a favor?"
"You said"
"Don’t let it appear in my master’s documentary when I bow down to the teacher."
"No problem, but when can it be released?"
"When I become an ace or when my master becomes an ace"
"thank you"
Jackson sat back and continued to watch the video. This video can be said to be the first time that Ji Xinghe drove the mecha to fight, which made the waist and horse combine fighting skills.
The real mecha has no waist and horse in one. People can achieve waist and horse in one because there is muscle tissue at the waist that can exert strength, but the mecha has no waist by relying on the engine.
But the combination of waist and horse is not complete literally, and the horse is not a horse stance just look in a strict sense.
Jackson didn’t watch it many times, just more than twenty times. Finally, he couldn’t resist asking, "Is Master’s waist and horse in one posture for the mecha?"
Ji Xinghe, the part being repaired, doesn’t lift his head
"It’s posture, but it’s not all posture, but you need to learn the main point of posture horizontally."

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