I’m too lazy to disassemble it a little bit. Before the BRIC, Hu Yingxue tore Jiu You from her wrist and threw it to the other side of the silver brick. "Just smash the silver brick with me at the same time."

It’s easy for Hu Yingxue to take out his sword and enlarge his body to more than two meters. Then he raised his tail, released firm but gentle shock wave and shot at the last brick, nine deep and remote tails, threw black awns and shot at the last silver brick synchronously.
In the middle of the target, the firm but gentle and the black awn didn’t pause at all. After the explosion, the opposite wall disappeared. Instead, hundreds of Dan Ding were piled together, and a fairy hid those Dan Ding steps, which were not as good as those of Qingque Ding, but they were not bad. They were all sold and could be exchanged for hundreds of thousands of intermediate lingshi.
In front of Jinshan Yinshan, all these Dan Ding have been collected, so it is natural to put them away. Every Dan Ding is attached with a banned arrangement technique. It is still difficult to compliment people that the number of Dan Ding is not as much as that of bricks, bricks and silver bricks. It only takes less than half a day, and it is almost the same as that of Jinshan Yinshan in front. Finally, the Dan Ding left is an illusion.
Hu Yingxue took two steps back without her mouth, and she was very conscious. Finally, the blue masonry wall appeared again after the Dan Ding Dan Ding melted the dust, and then disappeared. Then Hu Yingxue and Jiu You were almost blinded again and appeared in front of their eyes. It turned out to be a gem mountain that was more exaggerated than Jinshan Yinshan in front.
Gems are much better than gold and silver. Although few of them can naturally contain aura, they can be used to engrave runes or form a small array of magic stones. Gemstones are all good in quality, and they can bear ordinary runes and most small arrays. Hu Yingxue picked a few runes and arranged a defensive barrier at will. It feels very good.
The original owner of the treasure house seems to accept these gems for a different purpose than Hu Yingxue thought when he saw them. There is a set of tables and chairs next to the table. There are some bracelets made of these gems and gold and silver. At first glance, they are not finished. However, if this hobby is hidden, it will be too laborious to get those in front.
As it turns out, Hu Yingxue overestimated the Lanyadan Zun. After cleaning up the gem mountain, the treasure house was left with the set of tables and chairs engraved with the strange combination patterns of cattle and peony. She carefully looked at it and asked Jiuyou to look at it carefully. The conclusion was that there were really those things in the treasure house that she received from Gankun Ring.
Hu Yingxue suppressed her desperate desire to smoke her mouth. "The Lan Yadan Zun of Jiuyou should have brought all the valuable magic weapons with him, right?"
Nine you answered, "It’s unlikely. As far as I know, the woman threatened that unless she received an artifact, her hand would not stay. Except for her life magic weapon, a lucky pestle, a magic weapon wanted to give her an artifact. No one wanted to get an artifact without any luck. No one would give her a magic weapon if the owner of the artifact didn’t want to take a reason.
A fairly good Dan teacher, many people took the treasures of heaven and earth to ask for Dan. She likes to attract people to get those treasures of heaven and earth. It’s a pity that many people took her things but didn’t appreciate her. At first, except for being pulled to the front to block the sword, she recruited those people and ran away earlier. "
Hu Yingxue picked an eyebrow. "Her popularity is incredibly poor."
Nine you sneered, "How can it be good? She left those people around. Except for blocking the sword for her, everyone else is going to accept it as a title. She just came to receive them together. She is beautiful, but few people like to play with others."
"What happened to that Lan Yadan Zun?" Hu Yingxue has reason to conclude that Lan Yadan Zun is a cross-woman or a greedy idiot. Even if she is not a fan of cross-rebirth, she knows that cross-rebirth is not necessarily the protagonist, but also the cannon fodder. She will not think about how to become the protagonist, but strive not to be cannon fodder as the goal.
"I’m sealed here, so I can’t know what happened to her." Nine you left the corner of your mouth. "In fact, I don’t know that the person who can have the title of Buddha must be a celestial giant. Unless she has something to hook up with a celestial person, she can’t hide from the Buddha. But that woman is very reluctant to save her life and should leave a lot of life-saving means. At the very least, she can ensure that a wisp of Yuan God can be reincarnated in the world."
Hu Yingxue frowned slightly, so don’t let her meet this senior traveler. If she died, she didn’t know how to converge. She was afraid that the same person who passed through the rebirth would feel so ashamed that she couldn’t help but shoot her to death. She didn’t want to make such a depressed assumption. Her horse turned her attention and looked at Jiu You. "Are you trapped because you are coveted for beauty?"
"I refuse to answer this question." Nine you put your body up and secretly lamented that women are really big trouble.
Chapter 34 An alchemy
"Du brother? Master Xun, why do you have the jade Jane? "
"He is busy now. Let me tell you not to worry. Your location and our original direction are just the opposite. It is not easy for us to get to you."
"White means it will take you a while to get to this Dan room. How long will it take me?"
"It is estimated that it will take a month before there is any unexpected situation. Don’t worry, we will find you before the seal is opened. Don’t meditate and find something else to kill time."
Without waiting for Hu Yingxue to reply, Du Xiang cut off Hu Yingxue and Qingyang just to confirm when they will arrive and know that it will take less than a month, so they will not continue to sit on the low couch in Dan’s room and hang the jade slips back to their waist, take out the sumeru ring that Jiu You gave her, and pour everything inside into the Gankun ring.
The body of this sumeru ring should also be a gift given to Lan Yadan by the fool in Jiuyou’s mouth. Lan Yadan didn’t come to sign his own label after he got it. It was still in the main state, but it was not intuitive to see. Although Hu Yingxue knew that it was not small, he didn’t expect it to be big enough to hold a mountain.
Mu Tianxuan and Hu Yingxue complained that he had never met Sumeru mustard and ghost stone, which made it impossible for him to refine the treasure magic weapon of big things. It was very troublesome to carry a few more magic weapons with him. That bastard never forgot her. If she had something good, she would naturally think that he had a dry ring. No, she decided to give it to him without thinking about it.
Gankun Ring is one of the few high-end goods that can hold other magic weapons. As soon as Hu Yingxue confirmed that the sumeru ring had nothing to study, she threw it into the Gankun Ring and took out the original three jade slips in the sumeru ring. Just now, I didn’t pay attention to it, and then I took them out and found that the three jade slips were the same as the one she had before.
The jade slip is gone because it was too damaged. Mi Xing failed to repair it. Fortunately, before it collapsed, he had reprinted the stone wall inside. Fortunately, although the jade slip was seriously damaged, there were some defects in the part where Dan Dao inherited the history. Dan Ji and Dan Fang were all complete.
She didn’t guess wrong. The three jade slips and that jade slip are the same person. There are three jade slips with the same origin as that jade slip. The difference is that the previous one is incomplete, not the original owner’s name of Dandao, but he didn’t leave his identity in the jade slip because of the defect. He simply explained that several jade slips are the essence of his Dandao.
The jade slip that Hu Yingxue got before was made a beginner by the original owner. In it, he recorded the alchemy required for practicing alchemy, except for some alchemy, which was unique and ingenious, and there was no difference with other people practicing alchemy. At the same time, an appendix was attached. The original owner was proud to say that he had the most alchemy.
At this time, one of the three jade slips in her hand is marked with the word seal, which can be said to be the one in front of the jade slip. There are some unique Dan formulas corresponding to Dan formulas, and some unique ones. The burning of the jade slip in front of it is beneficial to the user. The burning of this jade slip is harmful to the user and beneficial to the user but risky.
The famous Dan quotation marked with seal character III is an alchemy created by the original owner. Simply put, different Dan medicines are refined in the same Dan Ding. These Dan medicines are refined beyond the refining ability of Dan Shi. The aura of Dan medicine Dan Yin Dan medicine will not be defective, but it will be higher. Similarly, the Dan medicine refined by this method is much better than that refined by ordinary methods.
The famous alchemy article marked with seal character four is the alchemy of gathering qi to form Dan Qi in many stories. It doesn’t need Dan Ding and fire refining media to directly extract medicine aura from the spirit plant and condense it into Dan medicine. It is necessary to keep vitality, and the spirit plant will lose medicine aura and recover it, so that you don’t have to worry about some rare heaven and earth treasures.
It’s a pity that Hu Yingxue can make alchemy now. If she wants to make that alchemy reach the master level with less alchemy, she must also be a woodcutter. It is the Mahayana period, that is, the quasi-immortal realm. Fortunately, she has the opportunity to grow up to meet the requirements
Put away the jade slips and the jade slips with special prescriptions. Hu Yingxue turned her attention to Dan’s quotation. The alchemy has no requirements for Dan’s master level and cultivation realm, but it requires extremely high control ability. In this respect, she believes that she is not wasting her energy and energy on the foundation.
Knowing Meng Qi’s injury, she found the Dan medicine that can cure him from the prescription. The name of Dan medicine is Nirvana Dan Di Di Yi Dan medicine. Now she can refine the highest Dan medicine, the seventh order. It is not only two orders short, but also one order short. It is also a coincidence that I just saw the refining of Nirvana Dan by Ru Dan cited method when I was looking at Dan cited article.
Refining method: human-class two-Dan medicine poly elixir, human-class three-Dan medicine melt elixir, human-class four-Dan medicine nourishing soul Dan, human-class five-Dan medicine calming soul Dan, human-class six-Dan medicine clearing soul Dan, and human-class seven-Dan medicine Yishen Dan were first introduced to refine human-class Dan medicine returning to Yuan Dan and then returning to Yuan Dan to refine human-class nine-Dan medicine Kuqing Dan, and finally Kuqing Dan was mainly introduced to Yuan Dan to refine Nirvana Dan.
Refining these nine kinds of Dan medicines requires spiritual planting, and the required spiritual planting can be found in Hu Yingxue’s secret house. The most rare spiritual planting in Zhang Dan’s prescription is that Qingyang kept it for many years before getting the seven-rainbow ganoderma lucidum. The nine spores he gave Hu Yingxue have been developed into a mature seven-rainbow ganoderma lucidum by Mi Xing, so she needs to consider that the failure of refining will wave off a high-grade ganoderma lucidum.
She has seen the fire platform in the folk prescription before, which is a magic weapon. Yadan Zun makes the palace with its own spiritual fire, but the other luxurious accessories don’t meet the standards of an immortal. The spiritual fire level is not high, but it is higher than that of the fire dragon guarded by the gruyter as a treasure, but it is better than the vitality of the fire source. You need to worry about the situation of fire failure.
There is no shortage of materials and accessories, and there is also a very matching special Dan Ding. Hu Yingxue decided to forge Nirvana Dan in the furnace and made a decision. Her horse got busy and put the required spiritual plants into the largest Nadan Ding in order according to what Dan cited. Close the cover of the Dan Ding and put it away. Only when the Dan Ding is slightly smaller, can it ignite the fire and draw out the spiritual fire locked in the base of the ground platform.
The common alchemy spirit fire enters the Dan Ding from the bottom to help refine the spirit in the Ding. Different spirit fire enters the Ding from the top to help refine the spirit in the Ding. This is why it is necessary to control not only the formula required by the alchemy, but also the distraction to control the introduction of spirit fire. This is the reason why the control ability is high.
Really hands on Hu Yingxue immediately determined that she was a little overwhelmed. Although her control ability is not weak, she can also refine the seven Dan medicines, which makes Dan lead the article to refine Nirvana Dan. There are still some reluctance. The first four Dan medicines are all going well, so she has to slow down and hang a fine layer of sweat on her forehead when she reaches the fifth progress.
You can’t stop unless you want to wave off the materials at the bottom of the Dan Ding, which have introduced the spiritual fire into the Dan Ding. Therefore, even if the white refining of Nirvana Dan has little chance of success, Hu Yingxue will continue to work and finally fail. The medicine that has been condensed in front will not be destroyed together, although the quality may be worse, but it is not too much to lose.

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