Chapter six hundred and forty Beasts definitely

At this time, Lin Ying’s face expression has become extremely painful. His face has overflowed with blood, but he is frantically waving his hands and constantly printing.
Lin Ying exerts his strongest attack on all animals.
This is the strongest move that Lin Ying can remember at present, simulating the beast he controls to attack the enemy with his own strength.
This achievement method makes too many restrictions. First, the performer’s own vitality should reach the sixth order, and then the beast he controls should be less than the fourth order.
When performing this skill, the performer simulates the beast he controls in vitro, and the simulated beast will be exactly the same as the control beast.
Then the caster can make the simulated beast launch a powerful attack on the enemy.
The higher the caster’s equal rank, the more vitality and control the beasts, and the more simulated beasts produced by this method, the stronger the combat effectiveness.
Qian Lin Yinggen didn’t have the strength to use this method, but today, after controlling the beast to rise to the same level, the amount of vitality returned is a huge number. When he returned to Lin Ying, his physical vitality had already exceeded the sixth level.
Suo Lin Ying has the ability to launch this achievement method to prepare for a desperate blow.
Lin Ying didn’t reach the sixth order, but his vitality was already there. He quickly simulated a control beast.
The first is that Xiaobai has six orders.
Then the second is the sixth order of Wangcai.
Then the third, the fourth and the fifth.
The speed is so fast that Lin Ying simulates several control animals in almost one second.
A moment later, Lin Ying appeared around him, and the lowest control animals were all fourth order.
The control beasts almost occupied the whole room. The control beasts exuded a powerful momentum and almost broke through the darkness of the large array of refined resin.
Because of the release of so many simulations in one breath, the vitality of the animal forest shadow has been vented and the body has not continued to expand.
All the Xianmendi were surprised to see Lin Ying and the control animals around him speechless.
Even the wizard was shocked, and at the same time, he stretched out a huge vitality line and frantically absorbed vitality from Lin Ying to raise his own strength.
There are also control animals that keep returning to their vitality, and Lin Ying’s vitality continues to skyrocket. He also constantly simulates the control of animals.
"go! Beasts definitely "Lin Ying finger forward a big drink a way.
"Hey!" All the simulated beasts roared into the sky.
Then all the simulated beasts ran towards the wizard and launched their most powerful attack.
Suddenly the whole building trembled, and a violent breath almost overturned the whole building.
"defense defense!" Zhang Tianchong roared and woke up the Xianmendi defense around him.
There was a violent explosion around the wizard and then it was submerged by various simulated beasts.
Huge air billow directly lifted the whole roof and flew out. A large number of gravel and sundries splashed in all directions in the direction of Lin Ying.
Lin Ying pointed forward "Go!"
The newly simulated beasts around Lin Ying suddenly rushed forward and launched their strongest attack.
At the same time, the gorilla simulated beast directly blocked the attack for them in front of the immortal brothers.
They looked pale and incredible. Looking at Lin Ying and the explosion center suddenly gave birth to an unreal feeling.
Li Geng absence way "he was so powerful! This kind of fighting capacity is definitely more than the seventh order. "
Zhang Tianchong agrees, "It’s amazing that he has a fifth-order strength but has a comparable order strength."
Jade wondered, "Although he has absorbed our vitality, the total amount is definitely not so huge. Where did these vitality come from?"
Everyone has admiration, surprise and doubt.
Lin Ying’s performance is so strong, showing that the attack power is so fierce, it seems that she has won, and everyone is relieved.
But at this time, the center of the explosion suddenly gave a long whistle.
Then a shocking momentum broke out there.
Many immortal people suddenly felt a tingle when they heard this laugh, and then their faces were incredible. "How is it possible that the great wizard didn’t die and didn’t seem to be hurt when he listened to his voice?"
"Woo, ha, ha, ha. God helps me. I also have so much vitality. So pure vitality is a great supplement." The wizard explosion center gave a laugh.
When others were worried, Lin Ying was indifferent, but still launched all kinds of beasts to constantly simulate the control beasts and then put them into the process of attacking the wizard.
Zhang Tianchong immediately said to Lin Ying, "Brother Lin, it seems that the situation is different as you expected. It seems that the spell you released not only didn’t hurt him, but increased his strength."
Lin Ying waved Zhang Tianchong to shut up, while he continued to control the simulated beast and rushed to the wizard.
A moment later, the wizard came out of the explosion range and grabbed a simulated control beast, tearing at them and swallowing them.
Lin Ying ignored it, but made a large number of these simulated beasts to launch fierce attacks on the wizard.
At this time, the wizard is constantly absorbing Lin Ying’s vitality and constantly tearing at the control animals. The speed of his body visible to the naked eye is constantly changing.
First of all, the wizard’s body turned into a corpse, and a series of things like armor were formed on the surface of his body.
Moreover, the wizard’s dead body has become particularly rich, and he can no longer feel that he is a person. No matter from the appearance or momentum, he has become a corpse.
Looking at the appearance of the great wizard, Zhang Tianchong had a headache and said, "After that, he has succeeded in the first step of transformation. Stop it."
But Lin Ying ignored Zhang Tianchong.
Zhang Tianchong is in a hurry
While the wizard is a triumphant sample towards Lin Ying came along.
Lin Ying came to the wizard instead of retreating.
When the wizard saw it, he directly grabbed Lin Ying’s arm and violently absorbed Lin Ying’s vitality.
Lin Ying’s vitality is passing away in large numbers.
Lin Ying didn’t panic, but a smile appeared on her mouth.
The wizard felt the vitality of Lin Ying and suddenly exclaimed, "What a huge vitality! If it were me at ordinary times, your hand would have died long ago, but now I am in the middle of a large array, and your vitality is my supplement. Hahahaha"
The great wizard’s body momentum is rising in a straight line.
Chapter six hundred and forty-nine It’s impossible
The control animals kept returning to Lin Ying, but the wizard absorbed his vitality and his swollen body slowly returned to normal.
After the wizard absorbed the vitality of Lin Ying, the whole person’s momentum kept rising and his body kept changing in the direction of the corpse.
Seeing the wizard’s body become dry and pale is no different from the real body.

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