"Back off!"
Full of fear and screaming, the temple is exploding!
Is the explosive power of a master of the seven realms of Xiandao terrible?
If these four sects and dozens of immortal emperors are United as a whole and instantly, this spreading force can be stopped. But now, after the four sects are aware of this explosive force, the first choice is not to resist, but to retreat and protect themselves.
In this way, the whole explosive force can’t be stopped from spreading to form a shock wave that annihilates everything, completely destroying the whole Ziyun Temple, and slowing down some of the seven masters of Xiandao, even spitting blood and suffering trauma after being swept by the shock wave!
Moreover, with their retreat, the coordinates are finally formed and fixed, and a vast coercion spreads from the power center, and a young man who looks small but full of majesty instantly appears in Ziyun Hall!
As soon as the young man appeared, he waved his hand, followed by a powerful and ridiculously huge fairy kingdom, which suddenly stretched out to hide the imaginary number of true immortals, Xuanxian, Jin Xian, Taiyi True Immortal, Taiyi Xuanxian and Taiyi Jin Xian. The masters of the realm of immortal emperor surged like a tide from the fairy kingdom, fighting directly to the people who had not recovered from this sudden change and attacked and killed them.
"Don’t panic, don’t panic. Our four factions have as many as 27 immortal emperor masters, and each one has a better treasure than others. Besides, it’s still my Ziyun Temple. The mountain gate has my Ziyun Temple to protect the mountain array. They absolutely can’t break through everyone’s stability and must not lose their heart …"
Purple, the master of Ziyun Temple, drank a lot of Luo Xuanxian’s terror practice and spread this sound directly in an attempt to make the masters of various factions in chaos settle down and fight back independently!
However, the young man’s eyes have been locked on him in this exposure. He is facing him with one hand and one finger. At the same time, the whole piece of emptiness collapses, and the finger of the protective fairy device is broken by the department, and his flesh containing poor energy is also exploded to powder. If it is not for his reaction, Yuan Shen will escape into the fairy country for the first time. I am afraid this finger will be enough to make him the super strong immortal.
"Knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot,
The owner of Biyou Island witnessed with his own eyes that the Lord of the Purple Temple was killed in a round, and he was shocked and roared!
His roar also exposed himself!
After breaking the body of the Lord of the Purple Temple, the young man in the virtual middle shot again. This finger points to impressively being the Lord of Biyou Island!
The young male owner of Biyou Island was already full of spirits when his eyes fell on him, and his whole body was full of dust. However, when this point of power came, he felt that the whole emptiness was completely annihilated and blocked. Everything in front of this point of power was instantly annihilated. His hard-to-condense dust was completely broken down by contact.
"Holy Road, Holy Road, this is the power of Holy Road!"
At this moment, he finally realized that the powerful forces, such as Jade Temple, Clear Land, Ghost Blood Sea, Huan Tian Forest and Emperor Temple, would appear so vulnerable in front of the powerful Taoist. Even Wan Xianchao, a master of Qing Ping swordsman Xiandao, still collapsed at one blow, not because these people did not look at their strength, but because the strength of the other side was too strong.
"Retreat a person’s strength and fight!"
After turning this idea in my mind, the owner of Biyou Island immediately retreated back as quickly as possible in an attempt to retreat to the battle of seven immortals on their side of Biyou Island!
But when he stepped back, the young Taoist attack had come again!
This time, the attack is no longer just an ordinary avatar killing, but the suppression of the whole fairy country!
After releasing all the masters in the fairy kingdom, his fairy kingdom was enveloped in the direction of Biyou Island for the first time. The power of the majestic fairy kingdom was like a method to resist the shape of the giant hand, and the power of the fairy kingdom, the main body of Biyou Island, was immediately crushed by the other fairy kingdom as soon as it was released. It seems that the egg touched the stone and generalized the powder, and lost the fairy kingdom. If it can resist the bombardment of a holy master?
Accompanied by a piercing scream, Biyou Island’s main immortal country, body and yuan God were completely shattered from the outside, and the daylights out on the spot became the first strong immortal emperor to fall in the war.
"Island owner!"
Seeing the tragic situation of the island owner Biyou Island, his immortal master roared and quickly formed a battle!
"Liuhe is in exile!"
Five Immortal Emperors’ Realms, Great Realms, Strong Forces, A Master of Immortal Daoism, Taiyi Xuanxian, led to the formation of a annihilation light beam, and the whole piece of imaginary light beam was smashed to form a large number of collapses. The collapsed area blew out waves and swept all creatures, rendering this theater like a doomsday battlefield!
Six immortal emperor masters combined with a strike force, even the fairy nine major Luo Jinxian must contend with it. If it is bombed, it will be bombarded on the spot and a fairy country will be smashed and hit hard!
But …
At the moment, the confrontation with them is not a major Luo Jinxian in Xiandao, but a powerful person who transcends the parasitic virtual heaven and earth of Xiandao Xianguo!
Holy road!
Immortal limit is extraordinary and sacred!
After this foot-crushing attack, Luo Jinxian, a strong immortal country, blasted into this young male immortal country, except vaporizing a mainland, the roots did not cause substantial damage to it, while the young man resisted the six people’s attack. After this round of attack, the immortal country stretched out and immediately enveloped the six people’s department, followed by a huge tree from the center of the fairy country, which showed a large number of roots and holes, and the fairy country quickly absorbed the energy of the six immortals!
"Eternal Tree This is an Eternal Tree that can absorb everything and be born!"
Seeing that this indomitable spirit seems to be able to penetrate all the virtual, field, universe and huge trees in the world, the first of the six immortals gave a cry of horror!
In this cry, his vibrant blue sea and blue sky were full of creatures, and the fairy kingdom withered at a speed visible to the naked eye. In the past few days, the clouds became gray, and a large number of hot magma emerged from the underground world, burning those forests that had just grown with a large number of trees into a sea of fire. Some practitioners living in the fairy kingdom lost their breath quickly, and less than a few breaths of the whole fairy kingdom were on the verge of collapse and death!
"Stop it and immediately release the friends of Biyou Island!"
When some immortals saw that Biyou Island was in a hurry, they immediately drank and quickly formed a war. The ancient and modern mountains and the Ziyun Temple had already invited the innate treasures of their clan-Luo and Plain Yunjieqi. With the help of these two innate treasures, the immortals quickly rushed to the young male fairy country in an attempt to defeat this earth fairy country!
"There are actually two innate Lingbao". A cold and cold light flashed in the young man’s eyes!
Then, a blue lotus full of the mystery of nature rose in Ran Ran, which scattered twelve strands of precious light and splashed into the innate spiritual treasure of the fairy kingdom-Luo and plain cloud boundary flags were suppressed, and a little mysterious force escaped from the violet and infiltrated into these two innate spiritual treasures. This mysterious force penetrated into the two doors and felt that their control over these two innate spiritual treasures gradually weakened.
A well-informed immortal expert looked at the violet for a moment, as if he remembered something, and a little panic immediately appeared in his eyes. "No, that means that the twelve immortals have the power to derive everything from heaven and earth. I heard that the incarnation of Pangu God is a creature made by a violet, and the magic weapon, the violet power, may be recreated and refined. No wonder so many immortal experts in Wanxian Dynasty will be controlled by him, but it is because of this treasure that we quickly take back our innate treasure!"
"It’s only now that I remember that it’s too late to recover the innate Lingbao, and all the great experts in the world have mastered the sacred world. If the celestial world were not broken, almost all the great experts in the sacred world were killed. What qualifications do you have for such treasures? Each of these treasures contains the laws of heaven and earth, which is of great benefit for me to improve the road to world achievement in the future." Bring it all to me. The young man in the fairy kingdom snorted and the plain cloud flag was immediately suppressed at one stroke, completely breaking the Ziyun Temple and the ancient and modern mountain couplet!
However, there are so many immortals eyeing up the realm of pick, and he also found a way to mobilize the forces of twelve immortals to refine these two innate spiritual treasures. Immediately after the suppression of these two treasures, he urged the huge eternal tree in the fairy kingdom to absorb the vitality of the six immortals. The vitality of these immortals supplemented the eternal wood power, and the speed increased rapidly. At the same time, these vitality emanated from the eternal wood and was absorbed by the fairy kingdom, and the whole fairy kingdom became more and more powerful. The powerful breath was so strong that it broke into the fairy kingdom that two masters were out of breath!
"It’s too powerful. Is this the master of the sacred realm?"
"We must retreat and then fight to the death. Today, it is very likely that the army will be annihilated and withdrawn. With this experience, we have an intuitive understanding of his strength. Once, we will call all the masters in the wild and ancient world to kill them in one fell swoop."
"What about Biyou Island? Six Taoist friends in Biyou Island are all other immortals. If we don’t save them … "
"After the end of Biyou Island, we underestimate the power of the master of the Holy Way. He not only has an eternal tree that is more powerful than the powerful fairy kingdom, but also has twelve natural violets … This combination can be broken. If we go in to save people, we will probably fall into it ourselves!"
When these immortal emperor masters were frightened, the young man’s threatening voice had already resounded throughout Ziyun Temple!
"I want to reorganize the celestial world, re-establish the celestial order, and refine the celestial world into my celestial country and my world. The celestial power base proves the impact of heaven. That said, when the time comes, I will be a truly high-achieving avenue. Is this such a great cause? You dare to fight against me and my enemy. This is the most foolish decision you have made in your life. Now I give you the only chance to contribute your will and strength to my minister. If you have a chance, your resources will become my servants. Otherwise, you will all die! "
"Arrogance, although you have been promoted to the realm of the Holy Road, can you really be a natural enemy?"
"Incredibly want to let us open pick realm master when servants? You, who are you? Are you a saint in the ancient celestial age? "
"It’s already highly of you to let you be my servants and slaves for you ants in the fairy realm, and you still dare to refute me. It seems that you have made a decision. In this case, I will show you how my confidence to prove the truth for the first time comes from the ground." As soon as the young man finished speaking, his eyes immediately fell on the talking fairy emperor!
"Not good!"
The immortal emperor was locked by the other side, and at the moment, he had sensed a strong crisis, and the whole person retreated as quickly as possible.
But if a master of the Holy Way is determined to kill a practitioner of the Seven Immortals, who can resist it?
He backed off and the young man had already made a bold move!
"The Beidou Lord gave birth to the south bucket, and everything will sink into life and death because of my will. Now I will give you the final judgment of the cosmic force-the killing of the stars and gods!"
Seeing that the celestial kingdom is empty and the stars are shining at the same time, it condenses a substantial star power. When this star power is condensed, the whole ancient millions of stars seem to tremble and shake at the same time, as if they met the king in their hearts and sent out a heartfelt panic!
Not only are hundreds of millions of stars in the wilderness, but even the killing of Gu Qing with a master of Taiyi has felt a kind of coercion in front of that force. His newly born universe is like meeting a natural enemy and can’t help but stir up. This kind of agitation is not only fear, but also a kind of fighting spirit. A natural enemy will never stop fighting!
"Qing Di is indeed Qing Di. My newborn universe was condensed by the aid of Qing Di’s star map and the rules of heaven. Now Qing Di has re-condensed a more powerful new universe and immediately suppressed my universe!"
Gu Qing immediately looked in the direction of Ziyun Temple along this restless spring after feeling the uneasiness of the new universe.
A bright light shines on the heavens and the earth, eclipsing the sun, the moon and hundreds of millions of stars at the same time. He looks at the direction of the temple and suddenly explodes. At that time, in the eyes of the immortal emperor in the Ziyun temple, there is something else besides this bright starlight!

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