Chu Chu was ordered to be curious. Who can trap the master?

After solving this problem, Yun is relieved and the whole person is relaxed. Just draw. It would be better to shut up.
Hu Lu’s mouth still keeps saying that he has never painted a human body. "Do you know what painting a human body is?"
Yunqing, how should I know?
Hu Lu "is that the person being painted poses in front of the painter and is painted by the painter."
It’s a shame to be light and immoral!
Hu Lu "This is really a kind of training to master human bones and textures, so that even if you draw people wearing clothes, you can have flesh and blood and a skeleton."
Cloud light records talk unheard of!
Hu Lu: "I have never been to a training institute in this field. I found a way to draw you naked first, and then draw a layer of clothes. Finally, the painting is divided into three layers, so that you can have flesh and blood and a skeleton. It is the first time to rely on imagination."
Don’t you feel murderous when you hear the little emperor painting himself naked like a cloud and shouting in his heart?
Chapter 24 A kiss! Give me a kiss!
At the moment, Yunqing really wants to kill someone. Killing her is floating.
But if I kill him now, I’ll look naked in the world.
Okay, wait till he finishes painting!
An hour later, the little emperor seemed to stop moving, cast a spell to peek at Hu Lu’s painting, and then saw how she looked when she was naked. She was even more angry and lifelike, which was not different from the real situation!
So he’s got a clear picture of himself naked in his head? !
The cloud is light, the teeth itch, and the heart almost collapses, but it can’t be sent out. Please draw your clothes quickly and wait for death!
Hu Lu naturally won’t make a perspective on the cloud light. He just feels and imagines that it is light. I don’t know how many times it has broken into his dreams. Just by imagining, he knows the size and amount of the cloud light.
Looking at the girl’s beauty at this point, he sighed, "Or draw here ~"
Yunqing is good, then I’ll kill you and destroy this painting completely!
Smiling gently, Hu Lu shook his head and continued to draw a joke.
Cloud light calculate you escaped death.
Yun Qing saw that the style of his Chinese-style chest covering in the painting was not the same as the reality, which confirmed that the little emperor didn’t use any perspective and that he was a monk then. Wearing her clothes would no longer be ordinary clothes, and she would have her mana bonus. Unless the level was much higher than her own, it was impossible to see through her clothes.
So how can he know so much about his body?
He can’t peek at himself taking a shower!
This feeling of being completely controlled by a man is very bad.
Hu Lu, like Shu Qi, took off his clothes one by one and put them back. The artistic processing technique was just right, and even if Yunqing saw it himself, he was amazed at this fantastic painting.
A few decades ago, Master brought back a pair of paintings by Yu Bo, a representative of Lingnan School of Painting. Although the paintings are different, Yun Qing obviously prefers this pair of little emperors in front of him. Even if he is not an emperor, he can become a generation of painters.
It was after putting on the clothes that Hu Lu paused again, and Yunqing had long forgotten the declaration that he had just "painted the clothes and killed him". I wonder what he was doing. Is this finished?
Hu Lu thought that in the end, although there was a quilt, it was already beautiful in clothes. Didn’t the quilt cover this beautiful place? Hu Lu’s design was half-lifted, and the cloud was lightly and naughtily pushed to reveal three-quarters of her body in pajamas.
The horizon lit up slightly, and Hu Lu finished the painting completely.
Yunqing has long lost the idea of killing. Maybe he can perceive that the murderous look is true. He didn’t really want his life for a while.
Hu Lu put the picture by the bed and was ready to leave. She moved and hummed from time to time, and it is estimated that she will wake up soon.
After painting this picture, Hu Lu got a lot of paint on his hand, which he could easily remove, but he didn’t put it on. After painting, he gently rubbed Yunqing’s face and then …
"bam ~"
And gently touched a cloud light lips Hu Lu turned away from the real man never looked back at the explosion.
At this time, Yunqing is about to explode.
He finally shut up after a whole day!
"I killed you!"
Yunqing has already opened his eyes, but Hu Lu has left the room. After he left, who cares about the flood?
In anger, Yunqing wanted to tear up the painting completely, but he still didn’t have the heart to commit artistic crimes.
She also wanted to kill Hu Luzai, but Chu Qi contacted her first and said that Qing Xin Xian looked very ugly.
So Yunqing put this painting away and quickly left the palace.
Hua Shan Yan Hong Hongji fell asleep by the window and waited all night without seeing the then-elixir war. Is this battle a spiritual exchange, not a matter of consciousness?
Anyway, he was so sleepy that he was unconscious.
Xiao Yan was the first of the four people to wake up. He looked at Yan Hong Hongji and felt funny. He gently put the quilt on him and crept out of the room to prepare for a stroll in the mountains in the early morning.
Then he saw something flying past him like a whoosh.
Slippery mountain with a mask of the ghost king, Yunqing and Qing Xin asked face to face that the sword was in the stone.
Chu Qi stuck it all night. I don’t know what’s wrong with this sacred heart. She stuck it in and couldn’t pull it out by herself.
Good temper, pure heart and pouting "I know what you look like. Is it meaningful to wear a face?"
Yunqing is "used to dressing like this in front of my emperor"
Qing Xin was surprised. "So he didn’t know that the little maid-in-waiting around him was Zhao Xian?"
Yunqing: "You have too many questions. Do something. This time I broke my promise and let you do three things."
Then she beckoned and asked the sword to jump out of the rock and return to her hand.
"I don’t want you to let me," blessed one grunted. "You kept me waiting all night and still can’t make me ask."
"You are quick to ask me when I’m in a hurry." Cloud gently held the sword and said coldly.
Referred to light up around the cloud, "You said that you have something to get away from. It won’t be that the emperor turned over your cards tonight."
Yunqing "If you want to play psychological warfare, congratulations, you have succeeded, and my hand will be harder later."
Qing Xin "Wow, this is exactly what I expected. Let me tell you more. You slept with the little emperor, so you always kissed this night, right?" What’s the smell of kissing? "
This touched the cloud light lamella, but she couldn’t answer it, so Hu Lu touched it gently. She didn’t know what it was!
Chu "hey! Don’t provoke my Lord to look at the sword! "
Hum, flirt with my man and my master in front of me. Be angry with me!

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