A few people waited in the room for a while, and then they saw the apprentice on duty coming in with Father Li Zhong, a very old priest, trembling with a wooden box like an old Chinese doctor.

"Oh, it turned out to be this guy." Dai Feng called a light.
Yuan Yuan, the "old monster", also said in a low voice. His voice was low as a suppressed subwoofer.
Cheng Jinzhou got up to meet him, and he was a little excited. If there were so many innocent rice in the past, it should be able to make his body bear some star power. Normal adults can bear two or three stars.
Li Zhong, who came to the outer peninsula, expected that someone would visit and smile. It was only after all Jianli said, "Cheng Xian gave birth to a very difficult requirement. I specially invited Mach Long Xing warlock’s old man’s house to be very interested."
See that Feng Dai and others are half-concerned and half-respected for Mahlon. Cheng Jinzhou looked at each other with a small upturned head and said, "I can bear the star power and rarely know if I can stab it."
"Let’s have a look first." When Mahlon spoke, the wrinkles in his eyes gathered together, showing a lot of age.
I don’t choose a place. Cheng Jinzhou sat in his chair and stretched out his right arm. "If it weren’t for his hands and face, he could carve a star array anywhere at your convenience."
"Since you can bear the weak star power, please stab your chest. The left chest is close to your heart, so I will give you the back stab and carve the powerful star array. Let’s stab the star array today on the right chest." Mahlong took out a row of golden needles from the box, which was the same as Dai Feng’s that day.
Cheng Jinzhou turned away but saw Feng Dai looking at the desktop appliance with a dignified face.
"What star array did Mr. Cheng finally choose?" Yuan Yuan knew Cao Feng and asked him.
Although it is a small bass, it makes everyone hear it clearly.
Cheng Jinzhou smiled slightly. "It’s an anti-gravity star array, but I hope that the star array will be able to increase its anti-gravity level without having to engrave again every time."
"How is that possible?" Two star array draftsmen exclaimed at the same time.
"Of course it’s impossible," Mahlon snorted. "But it’s no problem to change the star power at 2 o’clock to produce 5 kilograms of anti-gravity until the star power at 2 o’clock produces 23 kilograms of anti-gravity."
Feng Dai mused, "after redrawing? That’s a good idea, but it requires an additional satellite array. "
Said the two three-level star warlocks, getting up to watch Mahlon prepare.
See Mahlon take out seven bottles of different color potions in one breath, set up a blowtorch on the table, and then burn the golden lily with different potions.
Cheng Jinzhou is still an ordinary alcohol blowtorch at first glance, but it was not confirmed that the fuel inside was not alcohol until the flame of Mahlon’s adjusting lamp holder knob turned white once.
"Didn’t you say you had to check my star power first?" Looking at a row of sharp needles on the desktop, Cheng Jinzhou was a little embarrassed.
"How do you know I didn’t check?" Mahlon grinned two times.
Cheng Jinzhou was overjoyed. "Then I have enough star power."
"If you want to know …" Mahlon said, with a fierce flash, two gold needles plunged into the heart of Cheng Jinzhou.
Feng Dai Yuan Yuan look at each other surprised way "deep probe? Is it necessary? "
Cheng Jinzhou didn’t dare to move. He looked at his heart and rubbed his lips with two long thin needles in his palm. "What is a deep puncture probe?"
No one cares about him.
Mahlon’s eyelids wrinkled round and round, and he took out two oval smooth disks from his affairs box, and the thread was connected with gold needles respectively, which made Cheng Jinzhou feel like a pacemaker.
As soon as the thread touches the lily disc, it will shine slightly and flicker gradually.
"It’s really an unbalanced constitution." Dai Feng couldn’t help crying out.
"What is an unbalanced constitution? Can you carve the star array? " Cheng Jinzhou hurriedly asked
"You can bear 3 stars, but let’s start with 2 stars in peace." Mahlon pulled the lily out of his body with a cool expression and burned it again.
This time, Feng Dai explained, "Everyone’s physical fitness should be normal inside and outside. If there is a strong heart, there should be a strong trunk, except for a few people. These people are called unbalanced physique. They are either injured by external injuries and have reduced their physical fitness, or they have been injured by drugs and so on. I originally thought that you are young and have been taking drugs all the year round. The intensity of being so dirty must be lower than your physical strength. It is very strange that you didn’t consider him …"
Cheng Jinzhou thinks it’s mostly because of his real rice. It’s no wonder that the Xingmeng Library will also grab it for more than a month.
This also strengthened his idea of continuing planting.
Mahlon doesn’t know whether he is self-sustaining or doesn’t want the other two people to know nothing. After soaking the liquid medicine manually and quickly, he quickly put it away and took it out again, which made the two star array painters disappointed.
However, it is so important that the unique star array can be engraved in front of them, which also makes them feel that glad you came
This is also the temple style. Their goal is to spread religion and preach that the Star Gods often take an attitude towards some tricks but pay attention to communication. At the same time, the temple often harms the interests of the developers. This is the basis for the establishment of the Star Magician Association.
Carving a star array with different painters makes it possible for the potions to be different, and the subtle changes are even more numerous, and there may be some slight differences. Ordinary astrologers can engrave a lower star array, but people are more inclined to look for professional star array painters because professionals can always bring peace and surprise.
Twenty-two thousand chips are equivalent to more than three contribution points, but even if they don’t have the significance of initial contribution points, their value can be engraved well. This aspect is not harsh at all.
Cheng Jinzhou is half excited and half nervous. He looks at Mahlon’s own right chest needle. As soon as the golden needle is inserted into the body, the indigo pigment will instantly dye away around him. You can see the pigment flowing slowly along the blood vessels through the skin.
"It can communicate with the stars?" Cheng Jinzhou sipped his mouth and the needle was fine and painless, but it itched.
The three star array painters are as serious as children who can’t eat chicken feet, and no one speaks.
Xiang Xin has a little knowledge of the star array engraving. "Everyone can make the star array have different stars. It should be twice as normal. When the star array is engraved, you will feel that there is a force from afar …"
"The power of the star god is not" Li Zhong’s pure Xia Jing dialect said
Xiang Xin laughed, but didn’t answer him. The Xia Dynasty star warlock’s holy religion was too far away, and he tended to be more respectful and far away from the so-called star gods.
Li Zhong doesn’t have to be annoyed to come to Xia Dynasty. In recent years, he has long known about the terrestrial warlock, and his eyes are bright and bright, and the "stabbing" of Cheng Jinzhou Road is almost completed.
Cheng Jinzhou can’t think of a conversation. He sits at the table and looks at Mahlon’s spell, but he always mumbles.
Mahlon’s arms, chest and shoulders all lit up.
It turned out to be a course of three star arrays.
Others have known Mahlon for a long time and watched him smear different potions on the chest of Jinzhou, but there was not much note on the extraordinary star array ability.
A total of 50 or 60 eyes have been inserted in the palm star array, some of which have been picked up, and half of them are still slightly quivering at the end of the lily.
Yuan Yuan couldn’t wait to put his head against the star array to see Feng Dai. Maybe he cherished feathers a little, but his eyes were eager for two.
Mahlon coating is very slow. From time to time, it is necessary to take the potion out of the box and put it in. Sometimes it is to wipe the needle eye, and sometimes it is inserted along the place where the needle is connected.
Ten minutes later, different needle holes were also connected by different colors of dyes, and an increasingly clear pattern gradually appeared.
"Endurance of two-point star array should also have supporting star array" Xiang Xingang sighed, and Feng Dai turned his head angrily and made a hissing gesture.
Mahlon’s glasses are so wrinkled that they almost fall off.
With the increase of patterns, Cheng Jinzhou gradually felt a burning sensation. He couldn’t help but move a horse and was pinned down by Feng Dai. "It is very important to feel this step carefully."
Cheng Jinzhou unconsciously closed his eyes.
There seems to be a bright spot in front of me.
Li Zhong whispered in his ear, "The Star God will lend his strength to other people. You need to feel him."
"Feel what?"

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