Chapter two hundred and fifty-five Transfer
A political group is supported by rules.
When Cheng Jinzhou holds the most complete imperial edict, even the emperor can’t easily go back on his word. The arrival of Liu Kuang, a four-level star warlock, can’t change the basic facts.
It is true that warlock Liu Kuang-xing is very angry. He rarely shows his anger in words, but at this time, his anger is also the least valuable.
Kant’s warlock ostentatiously pulled some red silk to reveal Yang Zhan’s blue body and said, "Don’t be so angry, young people. Sit down and talk."
Liu Kuang had to sit down according to his meaning.
The overall situation has been decided. There will be no four-level star warlocks in the quarrel. The most important thing is that what Cheng Jinzhou has done has not harmed the interests of the star warlocks. It may be a challenge to the royal star warlocks, but the result is likely to develop in a better direction. The star warlocks have long seen it, but the life of the star warlocks is too long. Liu Kuang and others are rooted in the so-called emperor
In other words, they have more resources and funds. If the emperor is willing to fight for a certain goal and pay for it, the astrologers are really worthy of their secular status, especially the concept of the association astrologers temple is completely different.
Now Mr. Jiang Huang, a royal astrologer, even looked at Yang Zhandao indifferently and with great interest. "I didn’t expect that Yang Xiong’s complexion had changed too much for a long time."
Kant turned around and patted Yang Zhan’s face as if he had met a bosom friend. "There are not many stars in the four-level star warlock. I don’t know how many people will be jealous when I bring this collection back."
Jiang Huang is finally not a mental disorder, smiling without a word.
Lu Xu looked at Kant doubtfully. "Do you like to eat human flesh? What’s that smell? "
"Eat? It’s tasteless. "Kant came to strength. He stroked Yang Zhan’s face like a lover." When I get back, I’ll dress him in the most beautiful trouser skirt, and I’ll have a hem to connect his hair. I’ll hang him in the biggest room with iron bars to dry. I want to find the best master who will never damage his skin, even the lines behind him … "
Cheng Jinzhou finally couldn’t listen to it. Compared with the bloody murder scene, mental illness has more disgusting potential
He interrupted Kant’s words without courtesy. "You have never seen the emperor’s curiosity, so I will go back …"
Maybe it’s a little urgent, maybe it’s a surprise. Cheng Jinzhou is looking for a reason to make the civil servants who pay attention to words more and more dumbfounded. But Liu Kuang and Jiang Huang are surprised, and the latter smiled at him.
Later historians will surely be dignified at this moment.
Leijiacha etc. Students urged the star array to fly out. Lu Xu shouted back step by step, "Remember to call me if you are going to eat something."
The joint star array is not exactly distributed, but two people can actually achieve high efficiency, and there will be a certain degree of division of labor. Therefore, Cheng Jinzhou can still promote the anti-gravity core in peacetime, but it may affect each other.
Bishop Kant followed him and ran out to the outside. He quickly pursued Yao Yao Cheng and Jinzhou said, "Sacrifice your honor and remember to keep your promise."
"You come with me," Cheng Jinzhou said, and took off again and went directly to the market ahead and found a paper shop.
To say that the residents of Beijing have always been determined and strong-minded
If the warlock in the sky fights, if he is allowed to watch in the small town of they nest, he will take refuge in the city of they nest, and Xia Jing will come out of the door either to chat or to make a business list. The busy place near the merchant’s second city is still busy, and the bargaining is still bargaining.
About their acquaintance, the sky is falling, there is a crack on the ground, there is acrobatics to pull the astrologer to fight, there is a royal family who can’t afford to buy a house, and there is a court development and reform Committee to coax …
When Cheng Jinzhou bowed his head and floated into a rice paper shop, the busy shopkeeper rubbed his hands and shouted, "What can I get for you? Our family has the only jade board in Beijing. The gold lettering, wax lettering, Shu lettering and golden millet lettering are all first-class. In addition, there are woolen paper and yuan paper cotton paper. It is best for you to practice calligraphy. "
"You can write more if you absorb less water." Cheng Jinzhou didn’t have the heart to listen to him in detail. In the society, just the types of rice paper can cheat a year’s salary for an elective course at the university.
"That clay tablet is the best." The boss just looked at Cheng Jinzhou riding Lu Xu’s head or the aristocratic family’s playful children. When he came to the front, he saw that Lu Xu’s feet were off the ground and his legs were scared.
Of course, he is not afraid of ghosts in the clear sky. He is really worried that it is the astrologer’s market saying that Mr. disregard for human life has never had a good impression on his physical and mental arrogance. In a more popular market language, the people of the times will not have a good impression on gentlemen who collect taxes and do not work.
Lv Xu doesn’t often deal with ordinary people, but his eyes stare and say, "Hurry up."
As he spoke, he shipped the wave star array that he had never tried before and blew it at a thick stack of paper on the table.
Floating rice paper magnificently scared the customers inside, and the boss was so distressed that his throat was tense that he almost convulsed.
Cheng Jinzhou interfered with the star array and stopped to find out a few melons from the sleeve and throw them away. "Give me the paper quickly. It’s none of your business."
The people of the imperial city finally got up and held the wall well informed, and quickly packed up the paper and gave it to Cheng Jinzhou. In the process, he didn’t dare to look at Lu Xudu again.
Cheng Jinzhou was in a good mood and flew out, which didn’t cause confusion to the Xuan paper shop at all. Actually, there was no confusion. The star warlock’s adult waited until the morning to buy things in his shop, and the shopkeeper would surely come up with a good Xuan language.
Lv Xu and Bishop Kant don’t feel that the astrologers’ EQ is low, and the identity gap alone can make them regard those who have risen to the top.
No matter whether you travel through the public or not, no matter what education you receive, you can be in a very high position, but you need not only higher consciousness but also a good quality hard neck
On the semi-floating street in Cheng Jinzhou, the memory star array of Bernoulli’s theorem of large numbers was written and handed over to the Kantian astrologer. Of course, the real name is to get rid of the word "Bernoulli". Perhaps people in the world will call it Kant’s theorem of large numbers and often be called Mr. Bai Effort. For this world, it is really a vain effort …
Your Excellency is holding the scroll in one hand and still holding Yang Zhan’s body in the other. He looks very dull in high spirits, but in summer, everyone never dares to look down upon it and can’t say anything.
It is possible to raise your head and wave your hand to turn everything in front of you to ashes, or wave your hand to attract a team of knife and axe hands.
Click click click.
The bishop chewed his teeth with satisfaction.
For both sides, the theorem of large numbers is the most win-win situation.
Cheng Jinzhou sent out one of the tens of millions of mathematical theorems and won the promise of tax reduction of millions, while Bishop Kant got an important mathematical theorem that can be displayed in Xingzhou for a long time with a little time and tension …
It can be said that two people have exchanged things that are not very valuable for themselves for things that are very valuable to them. Who said that being a businessman has no future!
Bishop laughed and patted Yang Zhan’s body butt and walked over. "Come and ask me if you have anything later."
Even if a four-level astrologer or a templar bishop wants to contribute, he still has to work for someone.
Speaking of it, Cheng Jinzhou pays a lot more, and the work is not too dangerous and hard.
Cheng Jinzhou also sent Bishop Kant away with a smile, saying that he must have a certain eye and looked around.
Bao Wang w w w b a s h u 2
Hiding in the theatre suddenly ran away.
Mount Lu Xu licked his lips with great interest and asked, "Who shall we kill next?"
"Do you want to take a day off first?" Cheng Jinzhou said with shame but didn’t want to come from the neck.

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