Because the fighting capacity of these students almost depends on Lin Ying’s one-person method to take them out, Lin Ying contacted Liu Xiaoqi through the animals in the base and asked her to send someone to pick up these students.

Soon the cannon fodder trio and Yang Bo people arrived outside the school, facing the gymnasium.
Although the school zombies were taken away by Qing Muyang and a large number of forest shadows were killed in the gym, the whole school is too large and the number of zombies has reached a very huge level.
Yang Bo, they met with a lot of resistance when they came in.
But eleven of them are not simple to kill those zombies, just like chopping melons and vegetables.
Lin Ying learned that Yang Bo and others entered the school and took these students to meet them.
But when Lin Ying and others came out of the gymnasium, four aunts suddenly rushed out of the canteen next to the gymnasium.
These aunts, wearing white chefs and backpacks, hung pots and pans with kitchen knives and mops in their hands and ran towards Lin Ying and them.
Look at these blunt come over aunt Lin Ying leng one.
Lin Ying mind flashed a thought "what are they going to do? Robbery? "
But Lin Ying took a closer look and found that they didn’t look like robbery.
Tan Ping-an and a group of students immediately made their debut when they saw these aunts. "It’s amazing that these aunts are still alive."
Several aunts ran very fast and soon ran to the front of Lin Ying.
The leading aunt immediately said, "Wait, we beg you to take us with you."
After that, Aunt actually took the initiative to join the students’ team.
Lin Ying has some words. These aunts are naturally familiar.
But Lin Ying is not a great saint or a good hall. With a wave of his hand, he directly stopped them. "Wait, who are you?" Did I agree that you should come with us? "
Several aunts are not embarrassed at all. "We are canteen handyman. This world has changed. Please take us away."
"When we come from the countryside, we will do laundry, cook, chop wood and carry water, farm work and breeding will do us, and we can still have children."
When I heard that, all the students looked strange.
When these aunts heard the laughter, they looked at Lin Ying nervously and said, "Please take us away. The food in the canteen is gone. If we stay here, it will be a dead end. We can do anything. If you want to take us away, we can even be cattle and horses."
These aunts have a good eye. Liu can see that Lin Ying is the leader of this team. They directly plead with Lin Ying.
Lin Ying looked at these auxiliary armed women with big bags and small bags and pondered for a few seconds, then said, "Just follow our footsteps and protect yourself."
As soon as these aunts heard it, they were happy to be around these students.
The whole team set off again, but it was as big as an apricot
Lin Ying walked in the front to kill a way from many zombies and took this group of students to meet Yang Bo and others.
The students in the whole team won’t kill zombies, but they can follow Lin Ying carefully.
Among the whole team, there are those aunts who can help Lin Ying a little.
They can simply use their weapons to clean up those zombies.
Lin Ying took them and soon joined Yang Bo and others. His body pressure was greatly reduced and he was greatly relieved.
Cannonball armor looked at Lin Ying with a large group of students and asked, "Boss, are these the physics students you are looking for?"
Lin Ying shook his head and pointed to Tan Pingan’s way: "Just one physics major is that kid."
As Lin Ying finger direction everyone saw Tan Pingan suddenly surprised "is this child? Boss, are you kidding? This point is a junior high school student. Do you trust to give it to him? "
Tan Pingan looks very small. He says he is sixteen, but from the outside, he is only twelve or thirteen at most, which makes people suspect that he is lying.
When I heard people around me doubt Lin Ying, I was also very nervous. "He showed me his student ID card. He is really a physics major or a graduate student."

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