And this little girl has no talent except taking some secular tonics, but she can compare herself with big princess, which makes Yunqing look forward to her Seventh Princess even more!

Cloud light and asked her what is practice achievement method?
Chu Qi directly answered this question for Hu Lu, "The air-entraining tactic is the same as mine."
The master and servant had a private conversation.
Cloud asked Chu lightly, "Do you teach?"
Chu Qi "No, the emperor got it from Lin Xiaotian, the four heavenly kings who are as famous as my ancestor Chu Aotian"
"How come? Others’ capital? "
Because I have been with Hu Lu for a long time, Chu Qiushi knows the emperor better than Yunqing, saying, "It was before I met the old man that I realized his origin with my ancestors."
Then she told the original story of Hu Lu taking her to see Lin Xiaotian.
Yunqing, he sure enough, the capital will go to settle accounts with him later!
"Little Sword Spirit?" Hu Lu quickly asked, "Why can’t you sleep for a long time when you are safely promoted to the gas refining period?"
Chu Chu asked the host, "Where does the princess live?"
Hu Lu quickly said the address and then asked with a fierce expression, "Is there anything in the martial arts?"
"the achievement method is no problem, princess."
Then Chu Chu analyzed the problem. "Because of the rapid progress of practice, she has just officially entered the gas refining stage, and the princess’s body can’t bear the sudden influx of a large number of impure aura, and she temporarily fell into a coma. When those impure aura are purified, people will wake up, but …"
A "but" put the old father’s heart up.
"But when people wake up, it’s best to stop practicing until she grows up." Chu Qi said.
"What?" Hu Lu was anxious. "My family’s peace has been refined so quickly. It can be seen that the talent is high and the ancient times are bright. Shouldn’t it strike while the iron is hot? Isn’t the sooner the better? "
Chu Chu said, "It’s good to strike while the iron is hot, but do you have a lingshi, an elixir, a famous teacher’s guidance? Without these practices, the faster she practices, the greater the harm she will do to her body, and she will inevitably accumulate in the future!"
Perhaps this is the distress of genius. Chu Xu entered the gas refining period less than a year ago, and her body was not unwell, because she was an ordinary talent and her body could adapt and correct slowly.
But genius can’t. Genius advances too fast, and even a slight mistake will not be corrected.
After listening to this rhetoric, Hu Lu was annoyed that he was a father and didn’t delay his peace. He was rich in the world, but he couldn’t even take out a stone and a pill!
And white ineffective already secretly left here at this time and directly out of the palace.
Isn’t it the lingshi elixir? Although these are not available, the demon elixir is almost the same. This is not much.
She recovered the fox body and went straight out of the city, thinking about hunting a demon tonight and taking the demon Dan to mend Ping An and make her get better quickly.
Fox’s sense of smell is very sensitive, especially to monsters. Before she got tired of eating chickens and ducks, she knew where there were goblins when she moved her nose, and then she just swallowed them for a change.
However, the flat landform and dense population in Gyeonggi are not suitable places for the geeks to live. She flew directly to the Central Plains province and found a trace of chicken essence.
"Hum, you!"
"Master, we don’t help peace? It’s a pity that she ~ "asked Chu after reading the disease.
"Wait till they sleep."
Chu Qinxin said, "Good!"
Jin Lin Yuan Yun lightly counted one of his own pills, and some of them were distressed. These were all for disciples.
A fighting brother then, Yunqing’s basic Dan medicine is not well prepared, and she still has some lingshi.
Lingshi contains pure aura, which can also help Hu Ping ‘an. Later, she will go to Weiyang Palace.
In the middle of the night, Yun asked softly, "Are they all asleep?"
"Wan Linglong and several children are asleep, and the emperor is out."
Yunqing starts at once.
Yu Hulu couldn’t sleep. After he put the sword on his safe side, he wandered around the palace and finally reached the spiritual tree in the divination field.
Zhu Dali and other spirit tree guards saluted solemnly after seeing him, and their eyes were full of worship of seeing immortals.
Hu Lu waved and jumped directly to the east branch.
He groped around with his eyes, and finally he saw a small tender leaf growing directly from the branch at the end.

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