"He did learn. He just followed me."

"Oh," the rain column nodded and then got up. "Brother Chu, I’ll go out first and take Qinhuai to Wenxuan."
"Okay, you go first, and I’ll go there later."
Looking at the column out of the office, Li Chu sat there and didn’t move. I heard Qinhuai today, which reminded him of the people and things in the compound again.
I haven’t been there for two or three years.
Before that, Xu Damao told him from time to time what happened in the courtyard over there.
Now that Xiao Yin runs a restaurant, he is busy slapping his head every day, and he hasn’t been in the courtyard there for a long time.
I don’t know what’s going on over there now
Chapter five hundred and twenty-one Father
At that time, I saw Qinhuai again every few years. Looking at this woman in her fifties who had already started to have a little bit of white hair, Li Chu was filled with emotion.
I can see that in recent years, she should have a hard time without the help of the rain column.
How long has it been since that woman, who is still in her forties, became ten years older?
See Li Chu come in Qinhuai, such as a little stiff, and his mouth moved as if he wanted to say something, but he still didn’t say a word.
Li Wenxuan saw his father come in and get out of the way.
"Sit down." Li Chu pointed to the chair in front of the table and motioned for Qinhuai to sit there.
After she sat down, she asked, "I heard from the column that you were examined in the first hospital and suspected of gastric cancer?"
Qinhuai nodded. "My stomach has been a little sore all this time, and I always feel queasy and burp when I eat something, so I went to a hospital to see a doctor who gave me a checklist and made a gastroscope and said that it was suspected to be gastric cancer."
While she was talking, Li Chu kept paying attention to her face, and asked her to open her mouth and look at her tongue, and then put the table pillow away to signal her to put her hand down and start taking her pulse.
When he gave Qinhuai such as both hands after the pulse.
"Wenxuan, come and see"
"good dad"
I waited until Li Wenxuan took back his hand and Li Chu asked, "How?"
"Dad, the patient’s pulse is like a string. According to her own description, epigastric pain, hiccup, belching and thin white tongue coating should be the syndrome of liver-qi invading the stomach."
"What should I do?"
"Chaihu Shugan Powder for Soothing Liver and Regulating Qi and Lowering Stomach"
After listening to Wenxuan, Li Chu nodded and looked at Qinhuai Ru and asked, "Did you get angry with someone earlier?"
"Uh …" Qinhuai if asked don’t know how to answer at the moment.
However, Li Chu didn’t have to ask her a question like this. She came out to see her reaction and knew she was right.
Every family has difficulty in chanting scriptures, and even worse, none of her three children is saving oil lamps, and it is strange to add a mother-in-law who is even less worrying.
He waved his hand. "People in their fifties should take everything easy. Children have their own blessings. There is nothing wrong with this disease. Don’t scare yourself."
Then he asked Li Wenxuan to prescribe medicine.
And after listening to his words, Qinhuai, such as the rain column, was relieved.
"Brother Chu, do you mean that Qin Jie is not a cancer?"
"Cancer is a western medicine saying that there is no cancer in our Chinese medicine. She is mainly caused by anger and anxiety, which leads to gastrointestinal discomfort, stomach qi disharmony, stomach qi block and stomach pain."
Took the prescription Li Chu Li Wenxuan handed me a look and then handed it to the opposite Qinhuai.
"Go to the pharmacy to get your medicine. Drink it once every morning and evening before meals. Come back for review after three days, or just find Wenxuan directly."
Qinhuai as took the prescription looked at the prescription and looked up at Li Chu said "thank you and I’m sorry" and she got up and bowed.
Looking at Qinhuai, such as sincere color in his eyes, Li Chu thought for a moment and nodded, "Well, although it’s a few years late, I accept your apology."
Li Wenxuan was a little surprised to see Qinhuai as well as his father. He didn’t know about the things in those days.
"Chu Ge Wenxuan, then you are busy. I took Qin Jie to get medicine."
"Go back and say hello to my sister-in-law for me!" Li Chu looked at the rain column light said.
"Uh …" Smell speech rain column dynamic show a meal.
Say hello to him, that is, just say it casually. The main thing is to wake up. Don’t eat in a bowl and look at the pot.
He didn’t talk to that Cui Chunmei for more than ten sentences.
Rain column also hear Li Chu said this meaning expression some unnatural.
"Be sure to thank Brother Chu"
Look at two people slightly embarrassed face Li Chu didn’t say what is waved.
When they went out, Li Wenxuan just "snow" a smile.
Li Chu squinted at his son. "What are you laughing at?"
"I laughed at uncle’s face just now as red, green, black and white as he opened a dyehouse."
"Alas, this cargo is a simple man and a warm-hearted man, but sometimes it is often unclear that he is living a good life and hopes that he will not die by himself."
"Dad, was that aunt Jia Geng’s mother?"
"Do you know Jia Geng?"

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