Behind the door, she heard that those people inside couldn’t wait to talk about it. It turned out that they didn’t believe that Lin Shiyun’s child was Chufei’s boyfriend, who was exposed by Lin Shiyun over the years. He was either the boss of a particularly rich city company or a famous director and actor, and Chufei was slightly inferior.

A gold digger will never meet a real love place. Lin Shiyun has eyes for men who are good for her. Whether they love or not, the lights are the same.
Xia Zhu was depressed in her heart. It turned out that she still wanted to deceive herself, and now all her illusions were shattered.
Walking out of the company, it rained, but it wasn’t very heavy. Xia Zhu went out directly and was baptized by such a drizzle, which made him more sober.
She called Bai yinting, but no one answered. It seems that he is very busy.
It’s the same thing. Of course he needs to take care of the child himself. What will he do if it’s really him?
Xia Zhu’s eyes are a little distracted, and she also wants to give Bai Yin a child. It seems that there is no chance.
Tears flow unconsciously because of the rain, no one will understand her tears, pedestrians are in a hurry and vehicles are in a hurry, no one will notice her, a woman who is frustrated in the rain alone.
Her heart was so painful that she couldn’t see Bai Yinting. She felt that she was suffocating. Lin Shiyun and the child became a boulder in her heart, which made her footsteps heavy.
Bai yinting, should I believe you? Xia Zhu looks a little trance, and the drizzle is getting bigger, but Xia Zhu is still walking in the rain, wondering where he is going.
Bai yinting sits in the opposite room of the guild hall, which is Lin shiyun. Her eyes are somewhat provocative, even if she is reasonable. Life is like a play. She is the protagonist. The protagonist is always shining and loved. She is not afraid.
Seeing Lin Shiyun behind Chu Fei Bai Yin’s court, he was a little disgusted. If things hadn’t arrived when he arrived today, I’m afraid the consequences would be very serious.
"Lin Shiyun, what is it that you have done so much?" Bai yinting looked at her.
"Want money? How can a woman like me live without money? White President’s so-called financial disaster, I will never pester "Lin Shiyun is paying attention to morality again at the moment."
"But you said those words and I have what? I can not only refute it with good reason, but also make you lose, "said Bai Yinting.
Lin Shiyun smiled, "President Bai is right or wrong. What do you like? It’s dog blood, crooked or straight. It’s not important. It can stimulate people’s brains and make tired people feel happy. It’s the most important thing. Are you white? And I know what they need. "The implication is that Lin rhyme will make up more and more outrageous things.
Not everyone is rational, and there will always be some brain-dead people who will boo her. If one person speaks ill of you, not one group will drive another group to say that there are more people, and everyone will naturally believe it.
Bai Yinting applauded and sneered, "Are you really pregnant?"
"Yes, the doctor told me that it will be almost two months." Lin Shiyun did not shy away.
"I didn’t even know you two months ago, did I?" Bai yinting felt ridiculous.
"I didn’t say it was you," said Lin Shiyun, looking at ChuFei. "Didn’t the little brother admit it? When will you marry me? "
Chu Fei rolled his eyes and his whole face changed color. He always thought that love was a sacred thing, but today he made such a bold move and felt that he was going to die alone. This woman dared to provoke him.
"No one here will marry you, but since you are a pregnant woman, how about I let you go?" This is the limit of Bai yinting.
"What do you mean? Where is the money? Five million and one million points cannot be less. "Lin Shiyun needs money.
"Five million is not much, but I don’t want to give it to you." It is the greatest gift for Bai Yinting to forgive and forget.
"If you don’t give me money, then let’s larger foe." Lin rhyme got a little angry.
"Are you sure?" Bai yinting remained calm.
"Bai Yinting don’t have him, you’ll be ill safely if you carry the pot, but the public’s eyes are discerning, so you just wait for the follow-up." Lin Shiyun threatened.
"Well, then we’ll wait and see." Bai Yinting felt that she had tried her best. Lin Shiyun was ungrateful and couldn’t "take your things away."
Lin Shiyun hasn’t reacted yet. What’s going on? A lipstick was thrown in front of her. She smiled at once. "President Bai doesn’t know if your wife is satisfied with the lip print of that shirt? Do you really want to keep this lipstick as a souvenir? "
"My wife and I can’t be destroyed by any woman. You can go away." Bai Yinting got up and walked to the window with a cold face.
"Please" ChuFei also began to fujian.
"Bai yinting, don’t regret it." Lin shiyun said that it hurts to pick up his backpack and limp.
Of course, Chufei won’t care about her anymore, but called someone in to send her away. Today is the most disgusting day of his life.
"Eldest brother, I’ve made the greatest sacrifice, but now I think it’s a nightmare." ChuFei said and rubbed his lips.
"Come on, do you know how many people want to hit on her?" Bai Yinting teased him.
"If I want to find this kind of bus, am I still single?" Chufei is in a hurry
Bai Yinting bowed to him, "I know that you and I have paid this love. I remember that if she is not pregnant now, I will not spare her."
Having said that, Bai Yinting is still distressed that he let Lin Shiyun go, but Lin Shiyun will not let him go. What should I do next?
Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine Help me clear the scene thoroughly
"If the old sister-in-law knows, will it be awkward with you?" ChuFei Bai Yin court worry.
"She should also F company temporarily won’t know, I’ll explain to her later." Bai Yinting also felt a headache.
Looking out of the window, the rain is getting heavier. Bai Yinting must settle this matter before Lin Shiyun does anything.
And ChuFei he also want to get out of this matter as soon as possible, a thorough clean is the real end.
It’s her own business to go to that woman. Bai Yinting doesn’t want to be in charge.
"Boss, I feel uncomfortable when I go back to take a shower." Chufei, a man who is neat about love, feels that he smells like Lin Shiyun all over.
Bai yinting waved his hand at him and let him go. he looked out the window in a daze and always felt restless. he took the mobile phone and found that Xia Zhu had called him.
I don’t know when I muted my mobile phone, but I just put it here again, so I didn’t hear it.
No one answered the call back. Bai Yinting had some bad feelings and called Zhao Jiangyi. Only then did she know that Xia Zhu had already left the company. Not only that, she seemed to have seen the video of Yu Lin’s poem rhyme.
Xia Zhu must be very angry because Bai Yinting, the live broadcast station, didn’t stop the loss of video.
Bai yinting didn’t think too much about going out from the clubhouse and driving along the way to find Xia Zhu. He talked a lot, but no one knew where Xia Zhu was. Finally, he thought of Qu Road.

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