After that, he waved his hand and typed out the order of the Buddha in his hand. Then he respectfully handed over and said, "Jiang Zhengong, the thunder department of the South Hospital, asked the Buddha to take the real position of the criminal!"

Soon the sky came with a cold eye.
As soon as the words sound fell, a jade seal appeared slowly with the immortal light.
Zhou Tianjun took a deep breath and anger rose in his eyes.
This is the artifact that all the temples are endowed with the positions of Tianjun, Xingjun and Junjun, so that they can control the inside information of the temples.
In other words, you can take it at any time
However, in heaven, their own statutes usually have to go through a joint hearing, so how can they have any dignity these days?
Besides, heaven is in charge of the other side by looking at the Buddha, which is equivalent to tearing your face
Thought of here Zhou Tianjun more anxious.
When he came, he had ordered people to take a clipper to the Daojun Dojo in Hunyuan, but it took a lot of time to shuttle, and I didn’t know whether he would come or not.
Hard to go, please close the seven Yao Buddha.
Let’s get the insurance here first …
He’s puzzling over the countermeasures here, but the Buddha’s order there has slowly fallen to Heaven.
Sure enough, the black fog is no longer surging, the bundle of fairy locks is also moving, and the whole heaven seems to be suppressed
King Jiang of Lei Department is full of fierce light to gather the heavenly soldiers again and prepare to enter the broken hall at any time to drag out the true king of the town prison who doesn’t know how to live or die and execute him on the spot.
He hasn’t lost this face since he took over the thunder department …
Everyone has different thoughts, but the Buddha’s order is arrogant.
The three treasures, which are constantly spreading through the ripples, such as the seal of the armadillo, the book of heaven and the lock of the fairy, are slowly appearing.
Zhou Tianjun sighed in his heart to intercede before preparation.
And they can’t see the place, and the heaven is dense, and the prison god is shaking and his eyes are flashing red.
Wang Xuan has bypassed the heaven and banned the dark hand in all the arrangements of the heaven. It was originally an insurance, but at this moment it clashed with the Buddha’s order
Finally, the red light in the eyes of the prison gods stabilized.
Dense bundles of fairy locks roared out, dragging the Buddha’s layers of winding into the void instantly.
Suddenly the black fog rose again.
King Jiang of Leibu was dumbfounded.
Zhou Tianjun opened his mouth wide.
Even the original eye closure and death clock is not blindsided.
At that time, the whole heaven was quiet.
"Bold anti-thief!"
The sky came in a rage.
Then a giant hand covered with black Maori armor broke through the clouds, almost covering the whole day and grasping at the heavenly prison.
Zhou Tianjun eyelid a shake some fear.
Blood tooth Buddha is a wild island, secretly cultivating Tianjiao. Although I can be a Buddha, I have enough strength.
This is the real avatar!
The ordinary method of heaven and earth is to manifest its own rhyme and control the spirit of heaven and earth, like a phantom that can be broken at any time
But this bloody tooth Buddha is a physical change. If it is put to good use, it will be like the mythical giant at the beginning of the day. Even if the soldiers repair Jin Xian, they can easily crush it.
As Zhou Tianjun expected, the giant hand instantly broke the black fog and grabbed the root bundle fairy lock toward the Buddha’s order.
Blink of an eye and the Buddha’s order will be shaken.
More than a dozen prison gods who blocked the road were smashed to pieces and scattered.
However, the heavenly prison seems to be aroused.
Hula …
The bundle of fairy locks emerged from all sides, and almost formed a chain. The ocean instantly wrapped the blood tooth and the Buddha’s big hand.
Not only will it be trapped, but it will also pull.
"How dare you!"
The alto has been a little frustrated.
A frightening machine suddenly appeared.
The book of gold, silk and jade in the sky slowly appeared, and it seemed to shine all over the three realms.
There are also several virtual shadows, ups and downs, mountains and rivers and continents around this golden silk … showing thousands of world scenes.
"dogma? !”
Zhou Tianjun completely changed his face and quickly handed in his hand and roared, "Is it necessary for the Heaven to destroy my mysterious court?"
The sound of the celestial temples was also disturbed.
Silufu’s huge three-legged golden toad rises …
The picket’s eye turns slowly …

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