"Really not"

"Let me flip"
"Will you show me some respect?" Liu Baochen squinted and responded.
"I respect my ass!" Daughter-in-law willy-nilly, simple and rude, Liu Baochen rummaged through it.
Two minutes later, the daughter-in-law dug out two thousand from Liu Baochen’s shirt pocket and suddenly roared with a tough expression, "Oh, Lao Liu, did you really learn to hide money?"
"You have to leave me some entertainment money!"
"What entertainment needs two thousand?"
"No, Wen Yonggang has just been transferred as a deputy superintendent. He has newly formed a team. This money is for me to keep and walk with others." Liu Baochen humbly begged, "Don’t confiscate it for me."
"Social entertainment can be, but I’ll give it to you when you need it, and where is the money spent? You can give me an account later." Daughter-in-law put the money in her apron pocket. "Go to work."
"Can’t you save some people for me?" Liu baochen pulled his neck and shouted
Daughter-in-law ignored him and stepped into the kitchen to pick it up.
Liu Baochen took a sip of rice porridge, got up and changed into a suit, and went to her daughter’s room again.
Good morning, Dad. A teenage girl dressed like a princess greeted him sweetly.
Liu Baochen bent down and smiled and kissed the girl on the forehead. "What are you doing for lunch today?"
"Mom took me to grandma’s house."
"Go to see grandma when you are resting. She will often miss you when she is old." Liu Baochen touched her daughter’s head with a happy face and said lightly, "Dad bought you a gift yesterday and put it in my cupboard."
"Go get it. Don’t let mom see it."
"Thank you, Dad." The girl hugged Liu Baochen’s neck, kissed his face and ran out.
In the morning, the hot sun shines into this warm home. Liu Baochen wears a coat and is full of energy.
7: 30 pm Grand Palace Entertainment Center
"Come and call a girl to come in and play with za Liu Dui" Xiao Jiu quipped and shouted at the younger brother.
"No, no" Liu Baochen walked over and waved and declined "Let’s talk about things first"
"No, no, the girl here smells. I have to go home late, hehe." Liu Baochen smiled slightly obscene.
"Your husband can win the prize," Yuan Ke asked as he came out of health, wiping his palm. "Should the Jiangnan superintendent send an investigation report today?"
"Sent" Liu Baochen nodded.
"Killing Wu Yaoren has no photos and portraits." Yuan Ke sat on the sofa drinking white water and rushed to Liu Baochen and said, "Liu Dui, if you and your brothers on the team can catch these thunder, I will definitely thank you."
"Ha ha" Liu Baochen grinned "I have the photo of the ray that killed Wu Yao"
"Well, you do?" Yuan Kewen was stuck immediately.
Liu Baochen bowed his head and took out a photo of Xiao Ge from the bag and set the table and said, "Do you think he is the portrait man?"
Yuan Kewen picked up the photo and studied it for a few seconds. "Don’t say it’s really like it!"
"It’s not like him," Liu Baochen explained lightly. "Didn’t I always pursue the gun trafficking case some time ago? I caught a few small sellers, and some of them gave me surveillance videos. This photo is a screenshot of me looking for someone. "
"You’re right when you say that," Yuan Kefang replied. "I also heard that killing Wu Yao is selling guns."
"Yes," Liu Baochen nodded. "I recognized it as small as soon as the investigation report from Jiangnan came over today."
"That’s right," Yuan Ke responded with a little surprise. "You’ve chased this case before, and you’ll know the situation better than Jiangnan, so you can see if you can find these clues."
"Wu Yao is dead in the south of the Yangtze River," Liu Baochen replied lightly. "Then this case should be hosted by them."
"Wu Wensheng Jiangnan is very influential. It is estimated that he will also find the city himself," Yuan Ke explained. "The superintendent of the Black Street will certainly receive a report from the police station."
"I know what you mean" Liu Baochen nodded.
"Liu Dui this thing your heart" Yuan Ke ourtenant patting Liu Baochen thigh low blunt he said, "if we can get revenge on Wu Yao that Wu Wensheng will not mistreat you"
"Ha ha, I know" Liu Baochen nodded again.
"Oh, right, just talk about business. I forgot something for you." Yuan Ke smiled and looked up and shouted, "Come and bring back the two cigarettes I got from Fengbei to Liu Dui."
Liu Baochen hypocritically responded immediately after one leng, "Look, Chloe, you’re all right. You’re always thinking about me. I’m embarrassed."
"Your brother, this is not a thing, hehe."
More minutes late.
Black Street Superintendent No.4 Team Official Overtime Meeting Room Meeting
In front of the blackboard, Liu Baochen pointed to the photo of Brother Owl behind him and said with dignity, "The witness has identified that this is the main murderer who killed Wu Yao, and he was also the main suspect in the gun trafficking case before the murder. The police station has ordered us to investigate the case together, and each of the five districts has set up a task force to order the case to be solved in January."

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