Godsworn pays attention to double cultivation of life, even if you have a complete cultivation of spiritual materials, you should pay attention to water milling kung fu.

Li Shouxin, a veteran, has been practicing hard all his life and his blood failure has not yet broken through the Five Qi Dynasties …
Guo Shouqing, a talented woman, is a railway lover. Before he reached the age of 40, he was already an elite brother in teaching …
His wife, Mo Qing, is gentle and arrogant, so she can inspire Yue Hua for the first time. Even if she wants to make a breakthrough in the practice of Taiyin Refining, it will take several years …
It’s less than fifty now, and it seems that the three flowers have gathered together for a long time and may be refined at any time to prolong the life of God by 300 talents.
Extend life by 300 …
Wang Xuan seems to have some white meaning.
TaiDuGuXi looked around again with dim eyes. "Does Wang Duwei know where this place is?"
Wang Xuan shook his head and said, "Please show me."
Taiduguxi smiled indifferently. "This is the monastery for orphans and wet nurses and the only place in the palace where orphans love to stay."
"Although winning the throne can pour the sky, it is also necessary to preside over the divination. Since then, there are many talents in the royal family. Not everyone is interested in the throne, but they have to do the same."
"A surname Wang is a military strategist. If you are talented and slender, you will surely not be bad, but if you have repaired the military strategist, you will not live too long. You can be in the same boat …"
I see
But I want to live forever …
Wang Xuan at that time I don’t know how to answer the silence.
Tai Duguxi shook his head slightly and his eyes became solemn. "Everyone says that you are a handsome soldier in Wang Xuan’s military, but you are more concerned about your fate. You have fought hard for a chance in desperation several times."
"Behind you is the family of Yongan people, and behind you is the royal family, and Dayan is the fate of Terran. You and I are both involuntarily taking a step back is the abyss …"
"Wang Duwei should remember this statement!"
Wang Xuan primly handed over "Xuan will not live up to too high hopes!"
Du Guxi laughed and turned his head to look out the window at the vast world. "The dream of eternal life has been wasted for hundreds of years, and there are fallen immortals Liu Changan and soldiers Li Yuan. You and I will join hands in history after thousands of years!"
Wang Xuan "…"
Night arrival, the lights are on.
In the snow, Wang Xuan Xiao Zhongmou left the East Palace and Qiu Shiyuan accompanied him from the imperial city.
Xiao Zhongmou asked in a low voice, "Your Excellency?"
Wang Xuan’s eyes are slightly moved. "Being too tolerant of others is just like smelling it. It seems that there is something hidden in my heart and I have ambitions to be famous for Liu Changan and Li Yuan."
"That’s nature."
Xiao Zhongmou smiled and said, "The Great Chu and the Great Wei are unified by the Terran, and the Great Yanli Dynasty is three hundred. If it can destroy the Southern Jin Dynasty this time, it will be considered as Ren Huang orthodoxy."
Wang Xuan shook his head and smiled and turned to glance at the imperial city in the snow. "Let’s think too much, I’m afraid more."
He remembered a wall picture he had shown him when he left. The four wild areas are recognized as wild areas with the names of ancient Terran cities …
"Wang Daren!"
Just then a sound rang out in the distance.
Wang Xuan twist a head after the corners of the mouth suddenly smile.
Seeing Guo Luquan wearing a black robe and a high-crowned carriage in the snow, his white hair has mostly turned black and his face is ruddy. How can he look old?
"Guo Lao!"
Wang Xuan smiled heartily, strode forward and looked around for a few times, then joked, "Is it necessary to call you Guo Xiong in the future?"
"No big or small!"
Guo Luquan criticised, "You are now in an important position, but you are not as stable as before."
Say a sigh, "If you didn’t give up the credit to the old man, how could you have such a chance to renew your blood? Now it’s no longer vain to refine your spirit in the five qi dynasty."
Wang Xuan heart "this is Guo Lao you deserve".
When they met at the end of his life, Guo Luquan tried to help the government. If he didn’t run around, how could he force those dharma veins to promise cause and effect in World War I?
At this moment, a young man in Tsing Yi next to the carriage respectfully handed over and said, "The children’s home has been packed, and many people have sent posts today."
This is Mo’s brother
When Wang Xuan comes to God, it is natural to have a place to stay. When the old house has not been sold, it will be arranged for Mo’s brother to come before.
"Well, let’s talk about it when we go back."
Wang Xuan was in a good mood and immediately left with everyone.
The gods also have curfew rules. At this time, when they first arrived, the doors of the squares were rumbling and the streets were closed, leaving the Xiaoqi army with golden fighters to patrol.
Wang Xuanyou’s warrant naturally blocked him from going to the east of the city after patrolling along the way.
Next to Mo’s brother, whose name is Mo Xun Chu, said, "Most of the children in the family lived in the North City. Although the master was an assistant minister at that time, the family was weak and could afford a small house in Shanfang, Nancheng. If you can’t get used to it …"
Wang Xuan shook his head and smiled. "Wang doesn’t like to make a small house quiet and quiet, and he will be in trouble after the Yuan Festival."
Yong’ an now has the strength to buy a mansion in Shendu naturally, but Wang Xuan seems to be completely unnecessary.
Don’t find chu listen to some hesitation "children-in-law, your god is now famous if someone jokes …"
"What’s the joke?"
Guo Luquan laughed and said, "Your son-in-law has never been ostentatious. Don’t worry, no one dares to laugh."
Everyone who spoke has come to Nancheng Shanfang.
Fang door has been closed, but there is a stout man with several marquis of Wu to meet at the door, and then he handed over, "But Bing Wang Daren’s good Fang is Liu Muyuan who has seen adults."

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