As soon as Qin Suge shouted to greet her, it was another powerful spiritual pressure. This spiritual pressure was similar to that just now. Qin Suge shouted "Hurry up" and saw a series of muffled grunts in his family directly fall to the ground.

In order to release the spell, these elders gathered together to let the enemy pick a leak.
Qin Suge’s heart ached. These were all practiced for at least 1000 years, so the elders were directly destroyed by an enemy who didn’t appear. It was really heartbreaking.
Fear and anger enveloped everyone’s mind for a while, and no one knew which side the blow would hit. Qin Suge showed a shout out, and the silver lion clan and the python clan elders immediately dispersed to watch around respectively.
Regin Angle and Qin Suge looked at each other and nodded, instantly releasing themselves. The investigation around Yuan Shen could have such a powerful attack. The mental pressure could not be hidden, but the result was that they were disappointed. There was no trace of the enemy around except for some weak individuals. The two men looked at each other and read a fear from each other’s eyes.
Just then, the third attack has come to a flying silver lion elder who didn’t dodge. He stumbled and fell from his chest and was thrown out of a big hole, bleeding brightly.
Jade Rabbit patriarchs and elders are sitting leisurely, recovering their aura and watching the changes in the battlefield. These three strikes have already cut six elders in the sword for a moment, and the beaming expression appears in everyone’s face, and they just didn’t shout a "good".
After this change, it is not the best to pinch the persimmon. At that time, I regretted that I had attacked. I didn’t have the nine-headed demon dumpling to protect the Yutu clan. I didn’t want to play as I wanted. Who knows that the old deathlessly took over himself and the clan chiefs of the python clan jointly attacked, and then these elders used a defense array that they had never seen before to stubbornly resist, and now a mysterious figure appeared directly. They and their allies and elders were hit hard one after another without even seeing the enemy’s face.
Looking at their low morale, Cape Regent never hesitated to shout "Withdraw!" Then draw a spell and fly out.
Qin Suge was anxious for a while, but when the strength of the python clan came, it was not as strong as that of his clan. Can the python still stand on its own? Qiao face a change quickly blow out a whistle signal to retreat.
"Where are the animals going?" A thunder came down from the sky and everyone was dizzy for a while.
As they were about to escape, Lei Jinjiao and Qin Suge looked intently at a young man wearing a white coat, with flowing long hair and a long green bow, falling from the sky with a cheerful expression on his face and a blue sword clanking at his feet.
The instant Yuan God of the Regin Corner was released, but the discovery that the young man was in a white place without any mental pressure made him horrified. Regin Corner knew that the young man had not repaired it but had repaired it to a certain extent, and he couldn’t induce his roots. It was also because he had just struck three times that he did it. He thought that a cold sweat in Regin Corner quickly turned around and ran out, running fast and running slowly, even those elders who just stood there couldn’t care.
"Hum" Li Chengzhu looked at him with a sneer at the same place. Qin Suge smiled, and then the meteor sword directly put out the bow, and at the same time launched the "bundle demon to tie the magic array" that he secretly laid just now.
Trying to escape, Lei Jinjiao felt that he had experienced such a scene when he suddenly fell to the lion king of the Silver Lion clan. He hurriedly stepped up and walked, but before he could stabilize, a chilling attack came behind him.
Regin Angle want to also don’t want to directly throw his own clan guardian hallows, and then protective aura covered the body at the same time, "the lion king roar" cast out.
No pain. When Lei Jinjiao heard a "crack" behind him, his guardian hallows were cut off, and then the protective aura was run by a powerful attack. He tried his best to destroy his potential and could not resist that attack.
Regin Angle felt a burst of sadness in his heart before he had his thoughts. A blue light broke out of Regin Angle from his chest, and he looked at his chest with a big hole in disbelief. In it, he could see that he was still squirming his heart, but the lion roared and made his roots feel no pain. He flew straight ahead for a long distance before Regin Angle fell down and gasped for air.
Li Chengzhu took back the meteor sword with a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and then took a bow. All the enemies took a step back, with a fearful expression on their faces, but they were afraid to escape just visible. Even the lion king’s demon spirit could not bear the blow. What’s worse? Whoever is the first crab eater is the most unlucky.
Boss Li is also very satisfied with his expression just now, which not only increases the power of destroying the bow of God, but also nearly doubles the aim and speed. The man who was just shot dead threw a guardian magic weapon and was shot to pieces by a sword, which is really a surprise.
Qin Suge wanted a piece of the cake today with a dry smile, but she didn’t expect to be cooked by others. Until now, she couldn’t feel the young man’s spiritual pressure. Just now, when he shot the sword, the spiritual pressure came out for a moment, and it disappeared before he caught him.
"Who are you?" Qin Suge was horrified by his stare. Even with the naked eyes of the lion king, she couldn’t feel this aggression. His heart seemed to be exposed before him.
"Me?" Boss Li has a curl of "I’m just your enemy" in the face of a delicate beauty, and it’s really bad for him to bow his hand to the ground where he has fallen, and he dare not move the silver lion patriarch and shoot out.
The "Bundle of Demons Bound the Magic Array" made everyone feel the pressure all over, and even the imperial flight was no longer smooth, so they had to fall to the ground and wait for the trial of this god with a green bow.
The trial didn’t wait for a sword.
Although Li Chengzhu has no interest in these milli-resistance demon spirits, these people have just been struggling to force the elders of Yutu clan. These swords are going to be shot out, and these people are going to be killed.
The fighting spirit has been completely defeated, and the people have long since lost the idea of resistance. The mouth shouted "Don’t" as weak as a girl facing rape, and then it was killed by the green light.
Qin Suge looked at each other coldly. The young man was ruthless and took the lives of everyone. His face became more and more ugly. The elders of the Silver Lion clan were all dead, even his own elders were dead. Several young people continued to shoot like a tireless killing machine. All this made Qin Suge feel sad in his heart.
In a moment, all the enemies were wiped out except Qin Suge, who stood still.
Li Chengzhu will destroy the bow into the body and slowly come to her and stare at her for a long time. Don’t say that this demon spirit is really him. It’s amazing that it can grow into a bed with her as soon as I see her.
"What’s your name?" Boss Li has a wretched face.
"Qin Suge" Python gens elite destroyed her, leaving her a army of one. Even if you let yourself live in the dangerous jungle here, it must be difficult and abnormal. It is better to live with Yutu gens and somehow fix it yourself, so you can mix an elder class, right? Qin Suge has an abacus in his heart.
"Oh, are you a pythons?" Li Chengzhu said, staring at her like a water snake with a thin waist, tall and round hips.
Qin Suge nodded his head and looked at him unblinkingly, revealing a delicate and touching appearance, and his watery big eyes revealed the light of expectation.
"Why don’t you run?" Li Chengzhu stretched out his hand to stir up Qin Suge’s pointed Nenba’s obscene activities, and he took a rest next to the Jade Rabbit clan. The elders quickly closed their eyes and meditated.
Qin Suge’s face flashed a shy look and stared at him. "Can I run away?"
Boss Li smiled, "I’ll shoot whoever can’t run away."
Li Chengzhu’s heart was also happy with the cooperation of those enemies just now. If they fled in a rush just now, they really couldn’t kill them themselves. At most, they could leave a few people who were slightly advanced, such as the beautiful witch in front of them, but fear and luck made them lose their escape mentality. It seems that their mysterious work is in place. Amethyst bracelets hide their spiritual pressure and make them unable to see through themselves. This mysterious sense of crisis is enough to shock people.
Qin Suge lowered his head. "Why should I run if I can’t run away?" As he spoke, he secretly urged his body aroma, which had aphrodisiac effect, and then he was tempted by his own beauty, and everything came naturally.
Li Chengzhu smiled coldly and stirred up his nose for a few times. He looked at Qin Suge and said, "Don’t play tricks with me. Believe it or not, I gave you an aphrodisiac and threw it in the elder’s nest over there?" How can this kind of pediatric aphrodisiac fragrance enter the eyes of Boss Li?
Qin Suge one leng how also didn’t want to understand what his trick was so quickly see through, pursed mouth mercilessly stared his one eye, this don’t understand amorous feelings dead man.
"Do you think I should let you go or kill you?" Li Chengzhu threw the problem in his heart to Qin Suge
Qin Suge smiled sadly. "If you want to let me go, you might as well kill me." There are red tigers in the south. Speaking of them, their vision was so far away that they didn’t come to attack the Yutu clan. Otherwise, they would definitely be wiped out. This man is really terrible.
Li Chengzhu carefully looked at the woman’s face in front of her and found that her expression was not the same. She asked in astonishment, "What?"
"Ha ha" Qin Suge raised his face with a few strands of long hair. This natural movement made Li Chengzhu look like a beautiful creature. Qin Suge seemed very proud that he could be appreciated by the man in front of him and glanced at him. He continued, "The python clan is ruined. With a master like you as a monster, we have the elders in the eyeball clan to fold here. I think his people are also seriously injured. What can I do if I go back? Is it not swallowed up by his family? I don’t think you don’t know what will happen if a woman like me is caught? "
Li Chengzhu secretly swallowed water. This woman’s lips are red. It’s tempting to be caught with such a good figure … Cough!
Li Chengzhu conveniently lifted the meteor kendo "then I’ll kill you"
Looking at the man in front of him, there was a smile on his mouth. Qin Suge’s heart was set slightly and his lips looked sad. "Now that you have it, come on."
"All right, all right." Boss Li is not good at psychological warfare, especially with women. "Let me discuss this with you. If you are a demon slave, I will let you live."
Hearing Li Chengzhu’s expression on Qin Suge’s face, I have long heard that the Jade Rabbit clan has a secret method to collect demon slaves. I didn’t expect myself to be reduced to such a day, but is it still up to you to choose? I had to kneel down when I looked dark. "Su Ge met the master!"
"Don’t" Boss Li is holding up the beauty in front of her while her hand is fierce. "Your master is not me but someone else."
"who?" Qin Suge slightly one leng didn’t expect this man to leave himself as a gift.
Boss Li, hey, hey, smile, this person is naturally Yuanmu. I think of his envious expression when he learned that he had a demon slave, and this time he was tricked into "Immortal Forbidden Area" by himself. What do you have to do? A jade rabbit saint is too weak to repair the immortal level Yuanmu. It’s not as good as Qin Suge, a python family, to make this woman repair and convert it into an immortal level. There should be a Mahayana period when she becomes immortal. That should be a great help to Yuanmu, right?
It’s not that I haven’t thought about taking her as a demon slave, but it’s strange that Xiaoying and Gu Linglong don’t twist his ears when they go home with this wave hoof.
Oh, by the way, since I gave it to Yuanmu as a demon slave, it’s hard to say that it will be a bit charming with Yuanmu. Isn’t it a bit bad to eat tofu like this? Li Chengzhu thought while kneading the beauty tender hands.

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