He is so familiar with this blue figure that he once gave him a big fish and saved himself by pressing the key many times today? Wilderness is also a quick change in indecision eyes and whispers, "It’s terrible to repair more unfathomable."

"Is he an emperor?"
Xiao Yu suddenly asked
"Ridiculous, how can he be the emperor’s magic statue? It’s one thing to live or not for all the years. He is the emperor’s magic statue, and his younger brother is called the old devil. The magic power is not inferior to the emperor’s magic statue."
The wild man suddenly shouted, "Please help us. An unimaginable monster is waking up."
The purple shirt man’s face is also more than surprised. Keep a close eye on the blue figure and reveal a trace of unutterable fear. My mind is in chaos.
"Still alive, how is he still alive? The god of destruction didn’t do it to him … How could it be that the god of destruction deceived us? "

At the moment, the blue figure suddenly accelerated the stroke of the palm of your hand and reached for the hand.
Papman demon Lord was struck by lightning, and his chest sagged, and a large piece of it flew out on the spot, vomiting blood in his mouth, and terrible cold light in his eyes.
It’s really hard for him to accept that he has a black flag bearer and he doesn’t even have a blue figure. It’s a huge blow.
Suddenly, the blue figure’s hands shook with a stroke, and a mysterious force emerged. The Xuantianqi in the hands of the Lord Papman jumped out of control and gave off a strange force to repel his body
He shouted in his heart, "Suppress it for me!"
In his arms, Yin qi was rolling and dark, like a magic fire burning and surging towards the sky flag.
The whole hall transient is even colder, and Xiao Yu and others have a cold feeling of blood.
"I haven’t seen your strength for so many years, but instead of increasing it, it has regressed."
Blue figure gave me a chuckle.
His body disappeared instantly and appeared directly in front of Papman’s demon Lord. It was faster than all common sense and took a slap in the face.
Papman Lord’s eye pupil shrank and waved XuanTianQi toward the palm of his hand.
The palm clap XuanTianQi a brazen force directly shock wave ten-day demon master body shaking arm numbness before he can react, the palm change clap grasp directly to the XuanTianQi from his hand.
Papman Lord’s cold body in his heart quickly falls back and his eyes are bright with magic light.
He’s been robbed of his banner!
It was thanks to it that The six great divisions in the wheel of karma fractured when the Xuantian Banner was controlled by that man.
He will be in a more passive position when Xuan Tianqi is taken away!
"shattered forever!"
Papman devil mouth roar loud.
An unpredictable breath of terror suddenly broke out from him, and the dark and ancient seal characters flashed against the sky. One after another, the ancient spirit of war emerged behind him, and the dark and dense shadow did not know how many ghosts appeared.
A great horror and strange breath instantly swept out, and the whole giant palace was in turmoil and turned upside down, and the smell of destruction was monstrous.
Papman devil mouth roar loud a magic gas smoked days behind several spirit of war roared out at this moment, dense avatar furious moment the whole palace seems to collapse.
Chapter one thousand nine hundred and twenty-six Black Ding
In the middle school, the mouth of the black ancient tripod quivered, and several black runes shone and burned. A dark black flame burst out directly at the mouth of the tripod, and a breathtaking terrorist force instantly filled the whole hall, like a statue of terror, which opened its eyes.
Papman’s demon Lord’s terror killing technique finally exploded, and thousands of magic shadows roared and screamed and turned upside down, which would destroy the world.
Boom! ? I can’t see anything for an instant. The whole giant palace is opaque in the dark.
Xiao Yu four people were shocked and tried their best to look ahead. Time seemed to be still at this moment.
Absolute darkness without any light!
I don’t know how long it took for the magic gas to suddenly dissipate quickly, like the tide retreating and rumbling and disappearing into this huge palace
Xiao Yu four people can finally see the giant palace.
The blue man looked up and quietly looked at the black tripod in the middle school.
Not far from him, Lord Papman knelt on the ground, his chest fluctuated, his mouth was bleeding, his hair was withered, his white hair was hanging freely, his body was shaking slightly.
"Yang Lan!"

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