Wu Tianya handed over and said, "The commander-in-chief can rest assured that the Long Jun warship is cruising in the Jiuqu Tianhe all the time, and every card will be exposed if someone tries to detect it."

After the war in Tenga Hajime, the Great Swallows in the Southern Jin Dynasty reorganized their troops from the border to guard the entrances to prevent the other side from raiding.
Those cards have been carefully built and laid out for hundreds of years. If you attack them forcibly, you will suffer heavy losses.
Duguyi’s strategy is to enter from Jiangzhou to disrupt the defense deployment of the Southern Jin Dynasty, and then divide his forces to form a gluttonous situation.
The southern expedition consumes a lot, and even the great Yan national strength can’t last long, so we must fight and support the war.
The site and the people all say that one thousand-year-old family is the key, just like nails, all of them have to be pulled out.
Wang Xuan eyes move "Haizhou there can be abnormal?"
Wu Tianya shook his head and said, "At this time, it is the rainy season when the Tianhe estuary is full of waves and waves, stirring the wind and cloud like a boat root in the forbidden area of South Jin Sea can’t bypass it."
Du Guyi was relieved after listening to it. "It’s so convenient. We are afraid that the other side will attack around the sea if the troops along the virtual Tianhe River are not in phase."
Said the twist a head to look at the officer agent "officer general Jiangzhou disaster country Shinto destroyed Kun Long Jun can suppress, and you are good at politics will calm people’s hearts."
The officer smiled and handed over, "Don’t worry, guard."
Du Guyi then looked at the map and narrowed his eyes slightly. "There are heavy troops defending Cao Yuan in the river. It’s amazing. Do you have any good strategies to break the enemy?"
Yet a public suddenly lost in thought.
Jiang Lincheng gathers many family details, just like a nailed road to the south.
If you storm, you will lose a lot.
However, if you ignore the raiders, it is convenient to attack and harass along the way.
Besides, this place is the main waterway. If you don’t attack this place, it will be difficult for Dayan warships to take advantage of the water network in the southern Jin Dynasty to attack the four directions
If you go to other States by land, you have to cross mountains and waves, and you have to prevent the other side from sneaking up.
"There’s a plan."
Wang Xuan glanced at the map and got up and handed it to him. "My gluttonous army is three times as strong as the riverside. It’s just that the other side borrowed a snob."
"There are many families in the riverside city, and their mountain cities will inevitably defend themselves at this time. It is inevitable that people will panic when they sweep through the city one by one."
"If you can’t retreat, you will destroy all your nests. If you go out to fight, it depends on your means."
"This plan is wonderful!"
Tarshish curse eyes a bright smile "fine returns in the city these guys have taken the opportunity to bewitch wealthy businessmen into the mountain city to plunder the resources, and the means are more cruel than one."
"I’m waiting for them to make a fortune. If the mountain city is attacked, see who can still sit still!"
Du Guyi hesitated. "The South Jin family is profound but a little risky."
He had already thought of the plan, but he didn’t want to say it.
Wang Xuan’s tour army will be established in the future. If it weren’t for the southern expedition, Dayan’s luck would not be lost. He would rather hide in Yongan.
"Your Majesty, rest assured"
Wang Xuan got up and handed over. "It’s not difficult for Zhang Fu and other masters to join forces with the army, birds, ships and soldiers."
Du Guyi frowned and decided to refuse.
He is a little strange that Wang Xuanbing is step by step without leaving a flaw, but now he seems a little impatient.
At this moment, Zhang Fu suddenly nodded, "This plan is feasible. You can rest assured that there is an old guard accompanying you."
Du Guyi was silent for a while. "Let’s just say that Zhang Fu is proficient in Yin and Yang. If the family mountain city is difficult to attack, he will harass the Lord and must not be in danger."
Say and draw out a military order and sink a way, "Dry Long Jun Wang Xuan ordered you to harass the mountain cities around the country."

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