"Well, that’s no good," Fei Song said softly. "Are you going home now?"

Green morning is unnatural and caught a glimpse of Chenchi. This time, he accidentally touched it red-handed. His eyes squinted at Qingchen’s flashing eyes.
"Back … what’s the matter we’ll talk about it" green morning inexplicably guilty dare not say too much with Fei Song.
Hang up, Qingchen, put away your mobile phone and sit tight
Chenchi casually asked, "Who is talking?"
"Oh, a friend" Qingchen casually revealed the past.
Chenchi looked dark for a few minutes, but it didn’t come back.
Back to the community, Qingchen didn’t wait for Chenchi, but excused herself from going upstairs first.
She always felt that if she wanted to stay with Chenchi for a while, she would take the initiative to tell him about her troubles, but Qingchen didn’t want Chenchi to worry about her own things again. She went upstairs and closed the door to prepare for this two days, so she must have less contact with Chenchi.
Chenchi noticed that Qingchen was wrong and his eyes were particularly dark. In his opinion, Qingchen’s abnormal behavior today must have happened.
Especially when he knocked at the door to let Qingchen out, Qingchen made an excuse to refuse him.
"Are you sure not to come out? I’ll prepare to eat … "
Qingchen heard Chenchi say in the door that she had a momentary crush and scolded Chenchi for seducing her with food, especially when he cooked food himself.
Finally, Qingchen resisted the temptation from Chenchi. "I’m very busy at work tonight, so just make something to eat at home."
Chenchi didn’t insist, but when he turned away, his expression became deeper and deeper.
I happened to meet Zheng Nuo at night to prepare to take Qingchen, but I expected Qingchen would not go to Chenchi today and didn’t call her again.
"So I think your family must be angry with you." Zheng Nuo made a serious analysis. "It must be because you didn’t spend the weekend with her yesterday that she was angry with you."
"Who told you to call her Chenchen?" Chenchi directly ignored the key points.
Zheng Nuo long and narrow phoenix’s eyes are full of injured look. "Ya is rude enough. With a woman, she is so indifferent to her brothers …"
Chenchi sipped tea and sneered, "When am I not rude to you?"
Zheng Nuo was speechless and angrily said, "Chenchi, you are really good!"
"At most, she won’t be angry and ignore me because of that thing." Chen Chi went back to the topic and said calmly, "It’s because of something else."
"What is that?" Zheng Nuo looked at Chenchi with malicious intent. "Is it because she sees how bad your personality is and is ready to get out of the misery as soon as possible?"
Chenchi ignored his provocation. "I can’t compete with you in this aspect of personality."
Section 142
"… I am a good man"
Chenchi raised his eyebrows. "What did you just say?"
Zheng Nuo put his glass on the table heavily. "Chen Chi Ya just deliberately took it out on me today, didn’t she?"
Smile on his lips and Chen Chi nodded. "You finally found it."
Zheng Nuo felt hurt.
"What’s the matter?" Chenchi muttered to herself playing with a small and exquisite purple sand teacup.
Zheng Nuo also put away the banter attitude and asked seriously, "If it’s not your reason, then something else is out of work?" Or what? "
Chen Chi’s eyes were slightly condensed. He had thought about whether there was something wrong with the work before, but today’s words in Qingchen were also very strange. Her evasive attitude was due to her presence.
While still slightly lost in thought, they sat on the second floor and suddenly heard the noise from the bottom.
There are several men beside the dance floor who are pandering to a girl and trying to pull her out with impudent words.
The girl is passive, Nuo Nuo cries low, but she doesn’t dare to resist the crowds around her, but few of them are willing to rush to help.
"Wow" Zheng Nuo arm support in the guardrail toward the face to look at a few eye "these people have a lot of guts, dare to bully men and women in my site"
This kind of thing is, of course, handled by Zheng Nuo, the boss. Chen Chi’s eyes are faint and he plans to take back his eyes, but his eyes stopped there after the harassed girl took a glance.
I recognized the harassed girl as his student through those colorful lights.
Or is Qingchen now carrying an intern Xia Xiaotian at the bottom of his hand?
Xia Xiaotian was not impressed in Chenchi’s mind, but he felt that the other person was quiet and professional to girls, but his talent was not high, but he prevailed in his efforts.
After all, Chen Chi, a student of his own, said to Zheng Nuo, "Thank you for handling it."
"Do you know?" Zheng Nuo is very curious. Chenchi never cares about business. What’s the matter today? He’s still awake with such a good luxury. Did he deal with it quickly?
"My student" Chen Chi said lightly.
"No wonder … well, since you are a student, let me personally solve this problem." Zheng Nuo usually gives it directly to his hands to do it today.
After Zheng Nuo went, he moved his finger outside the crowd, and then the security guard stepped in. "Excuse me, gentlemen, please let this lady go."
"Don’t mind your own business," said a rogue. "She collided with us today and we dealt with her."
"Guys, it’s a beehive here." Zheng Nuo threatened with a hand. "You must know the rules of beehive, and this lady is our boss’s instruction to save."
When those people heard that the owner of the hive was depressed immediately, they naturally knew how capable the owner of the hive was because they were not to be taunted.
"Come on, let’s give her to you. Let’s forget it …" A few people let go and run away immediately and don’t want to stay here. If they really annoy the hive boss, they are really prostrate.
Especially in the city of 49, everyone knows that there are many bars in the city of 49 that can’t wander around the hive casually. No matter which forces are entrenched in this block, they will never dare to provoke the beehive people, even if they are protected, they will walk around the beehive.

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