Hearing Red Xuan say that the rest of the immortals are surprised to see Red Xuan. It’s not that they look dignified when they finish. They are not stupid people. They can accept the thunder attack through Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian and see that these two people are not weak people. I’m afraid it’s also difficult to deal with them.

When they watched the theatre and cultivated immortals around, they couldn’t help but exclaim when they saw that the immortals were in the array. They really couldn’t understand who Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian was and what offended the immortals, and let the famous immortals jointly deal with them and returned the law.
I’m even more horrified to dabble in the cultivation of immortals. I’m told that this is the Zhu Xian array. There are more than one person in the Zhu Xian array, and many sect leaders have hidden books on this subject in their doors. Even if they haven’t seen how pigs run, they have seen pork.
Among them, Xiao Datian’s face is very dignified and ugly. When Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian figure is now in the ancient ruins, he already recognized these two people as Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian.
What should I do? Xiao Datian asked silently. His eyes were full of complexity.
Chapter five hundred and one The whole fairy array
Chapter five hundred and one The whole fairy array
Xiao Datian is very confused. Personally speaking, he must save Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian. But from the demon gate point of view, he can’t save it. Not only can he not save it, but he must also kill it. Because a single demon gate root can’t be taunted by the celestial world, it’s just a password from the celestial world. If you say that you want to destroy the demon gate, the spiritual sects will unite and then strangle it, so that it will not be covered in the spiritual world.
In addition to Xiao Da, his younger brother Xu Guang came. Because the immortal suddenly left the human world and cultivated immortality in the human world, he also returned to the spiritual world one after another, and he had long wanted to stay in the human world. Xu Guang was the first to lead the team to leave the human world and return to the spiritual world, but before his ass was hot, he got something from Xiao Da’s mouth to ask the demon door for his younger brother.
Before Xiao Datian finished, there came a majestic breath from the eastern mountains, and then the two men ran to the incident and met the immortal. Then Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian appeared in BLACKPINK.
Brother, what are you thinking? Xu Guang silently looked at Guo Xiaosi, looked at Tang Xiaoqian, looked at the fairy in the disposal, and asked if she seemed to be absent-minded.
Teacher younger brother, what should I do? Xiao Datian said with a wry smile that his words are much more decadent and vicissitudes of life seem to be aging in this instant. Many Xiao Da are naive and don’t know what to do. He also makes choices. The palm of his hand and the back of his hand are all meat, and the younger brother is the most important one. He really doesn’t know what to do.
Brother Xu Guangbai Xiao Datian is actually not difficult to choose. Now he thinks of meeting Xiao Datian with a surprised look. In fact, our demon gate has become a target. Because they are our demon brothers, that is, the immortals don’t care much or will not blame us. I’m afraid that they have long been eyeing the demon gate, and the Immortal Sect will stir up trouble and then force the immortals to start work on it.
Facing Xiao Datian’s shocked face, Xu Guang did not give way and stared at Xiao Datian’s Taoist Sect. Do you want to think clearly whether it will help or not?
Hehe, Xiao Datian Nai smiled and looked at Xu Guangdao’s younger brother. In fact, you have already made a choice. Then Xiao Datian continued without waiting for Xu Guang’s reply. Yes, everything is dead. Why not fight together? Thank you, younger brother.
Xiao Datian is also a leader or a hegemon. It is very difficult to make a choice, but once a choice is made, it will be carried out without moving.
It was the door of the elders who appeared. Hehe, Xiao Datian, hehe, said that there was a flash of cold light in his eyes, and his mouth was full of disdainful conduits. I didn’t expect to be forced by you to demon the door. Hehe, then Xiao Datian secretly crushed a piece of Yu Pei and quietly returned to the letter-puffed-up expression beside Xu Guang, whose previous decadent vicissitudes had long since disappeared.
Seeing this, Xu Guang smiled coldly and stared at the immortals in front of him. At the same time, he also guessed which sects would jump to the demon gate when it was necessary to take the lead. This was also a snake pit.
Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian didn’t know these things. They were resisting the robbery of thunder one by one. They used various means to resist one robbery after another in the horrified faces of cultivating immortals around them. At the same time, they didn’t know that the famous immortals were ready, waiting for the red Xuan to make further attacks.
Red Xuan is waiting, waiting for the best opportunity to attack. Red Xuan is white. They are not facing immortals, but the man of God. Although it is not a formula, he has entered the realm of the man of God. We must be careful. Although Red Xuan is not afraid, it is the best success and the hope of Red Xuan to kill these two people at the least cost.
I believe that I can kill Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian, complete what the Lord gave them, and nip this dangerous celestial scourge in the cradle.
Just when Guo Xiao’s four gods’ spiritual strength did not attack and the speed was slow, Chi Xuan smiled smugly. He knew that his opportunity had come to kill Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian.
Kill light a kill word from red xuan mouth spit.
With the order of Red Xuan, more than seven immortals launched an attack one after another, only to see that each immortal shot seven immortals in his hand, and the other seven immortals docked, including Red Xuan’s famous immortals in a circular column at the top of Tang Xiaoqian in Guo Xiaosi, and two immortals around him.
The fairy hand shoot fairy spirit force are connected to form a by fairy spirit.
As the red xuan voice down fairy spirit force slowly toward Guo Xiaosi wrapped up.
When Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian was in Du Jie, he found that something was wrong with this immortal. It was not as simple as watching. When they arranged the array and launched the spiritual power of the immortal, Guo Xiaosi immediately judged that these spiritual powers were different.
In an instant, Guo Xiaosi judged that the immortal was an immortal, and Guo Xiaosi also guessed that it was just to slay Tang Xiaoqian. Guo Xiaosi had long been prepared for this, but Guo Xiaosi didn’t expect that the immortal’s attack method should be compared with his Tang Xiaoqian’s attack method.
But if you look at Guo Xiaosi, you still have to react. At this moment, his body and mind are not supplemented, and Tang Xiaoqian is also the same. Maybe this can be resisted by Xuanque, but I don’t know what happened. When I was repairing the gods, Xuanque disappeared and I don’t know where it went. Tang Xiaoqian also said that it was not what happened, but she could feel Xuanque’s presence.
Xiaoqian, you block the thunder and I’ll deal with them. At present, the most dangerous thing in Guo Xiaosi Bai is not the robbery of God, but the immortal, especially the immortal, who is determined to kill. It also makes Guo Xiaosi feel that the danger is approaching and Guo Xiaosi has to choose to face the immortal. Although he really doesn’t want to do this, he has no choice.
Good Tang Xiaoqian is not melodramatic at the moment. It’s not so great to wave against the robbery. But as soon as Guo Xiaosi gave up resisting the robbery, Tang Xiaoqian suddenly felt heavy oppression and dared to rob the deterrent, making her feel as slow as breathing. But Tang Xiaoqian knew that she had to resist not only herself, but also Guo Xiaosi. Tang Xiaoqian was more white and Guo Xiaosi was more dangerous than the crisis she was facing.
Whether it is immortal means or disposal means, it is very difficult for Guo Xiaosi to cope with it. Just in front of him, it is difficult for him, but even if it is difficult.
The sapphire sword in Guo Xiaosi’s hand suddenly changed, and the rotating sword awn rushed around and wheezed, and the wind pulled up the surrounding rupture to reach the realm of true breaking.

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