"Forget it, don’t let the old monk know."

Think this PeiWenDe can’t help muttering, because he himself is very guilty.
Pei Wende doesn’t have any pedantic ideas, such as "it’s a disaster for his wife and children" and "an ant is still a life"
However, this means of destroying the opponent’s will is simply more horrible than killing people, and it is an extreme punishment than criminal law.
Compared with the "blood eagle punishment" before Li Tu-chen, it is simply worthless.
Pei Wende, who unconsciously crooned a Buddhist name, found that he seems to be getting used to the identity of "Buddhist brother" recently.
At the very least, the Buddha’s name reading is getting smoother and smoother, and it has almost become a kind of reaction of its own.
"Ah …"
Hearing Pei Wende’s name "vampire Lao", I finally noticed Pei Wende at hand.
However, it is no different from "stupid" now. It is fierce before, but immediately crouches like a frightened beast.
"Ow …"
See a vampire Lao with a height of three meters curled up like a child, and he was greatly frightened.
"Well, this avatar is really vicious."
Look at this exaggerated performance of vampire Lao, Pei Wende once again affirmed his thoughts.
He can’t imagine how that sly but courageous vampire Lao would look if he knew that he would run in front of the enemy one day.
Just as Pei Wende accepted this in the same way, one second he was bloodthirsty to kill demons, and the next he became a human and animal harm to children.
This is not only a punishment for the enemy, but also a test for Pei Wende himself.
In the face of a monster whose hands are covered with blood and whose soul is as pure as a child, there may be someone who can hurt the killer, but that person will definitely not be Pei Wende.
Pei Wende asked himself that he was not a bad guy, but there was no need to test his conscience and morality again and again.
Pei Wende is different from Xiaoqing. After seeing the miserable appearance of vampire Lao, she is somewhat moved by the six-wheel enchantment and shows great strength.
This direct attack on the mind can make up for Xiaoqing’s shortcomings in ability to the maximum extent.
It is Xiaoqing who knows better that she is not a pure Buddhist brother and has not opened the heart chakra, which makes it more likely that this ability will be swallowed up.
But this doesn’t prevent Xiaoqing from imagining the posture that God blocks the killing of God and Buddha blocks the killing of Buddha after he obtains this magical spell.
Xiaoqing’s original intention of practicing is to seek immortality. If she has this magical power, she feels that her road to immortality should be another enemy besides Armageddon.
From this point of view, this is simply the most in line with Xiaoqing’s concept of "protecting the magical power"
The only regret is that this is a "big killing trick", which was studied and practiced by Pei Wende.
Xiaoqing thinks that he has shown his character in the past, which may be that this magical power is only used to make enemies once.
Have the means of king kong but have the heart of a bodhisattva …
This is the reason why Xiaoqing made up her mind to stay with Pei Wende, but now she hates Pei Wende’s principled character.
Because this means that "weakness" means that Pei Wende’s road to longevity is doomed to be more difficult.
Thinking about Xiaoqing so much, I didn’t realize that it had already unconsciously changed its original attitude.
Pei Wende is no longer regarded as a "chance" as at the beginning, but really puts himself in other’s position to think about problems and nip in the bud.
Chapter 37 Lohan in Golden Body
After successfully solving the vampire Lao, Pei Wende turned his attention to the battlefield of monks and Taoists while thinking about how to deal with the current vampire Lao.
"Eh, bam!"
However, before Pei Wende hesitated whether to intervene in the "war", the majestic mantra rang out from the depths of the courtyard.
Then I saw a golden light coming out of the courtyard at the same time when the motionless king method was manifested, and the symbol of "swastika" falling from the sky like Wuzhishan
The huge "swastika" character suppressed the heart and was shocked. Pei Wende could vaguely hear some inhuman howling and growling.
This obviously belongs to some magical secret method of Buddhism, but its power is far from that of ordinary Buddhist spells
Pei Wende feels that even in his magical spells, it is estimated that there are still unfinished "fixed king methods" that can be more efficient.
Of course, it is the basis of establishing Peiwende’s single avatar.
The fact is relatively rare, and there are few practitioners who practice dharma and martial arts together.
Pei Wende’s real strength never lies in the magical solution of an avatar, but in his response to and timing of the avatar.
Even if Pei Wende’s magical powers are abolished, he is sure that he can hunt all kinds of monsters by personal force, just like Li Tuchen, a swordsman.
"Guanyin mantra? Is it a six-character mantra? "
Soon after recovering from the shock, Pei Wende quickly found the avatar corresponding to the mantra from his memory.
However, after repeated confirmation and recollection, Pei Wende really doubted whether the truth he heard was a true "six-character truth".
Because the power level difference between the two is too big to be the same mantra.
In Pei Wende’s impression, the six-character mantra is the mantra of Guanyin Bodhisattva, and only those who practice compassion can make the mantra.
Because most of the messengers are made by compassionate monks, the six-character mantra is more often used to exorcise evil spirits, pray and protect.
Even if a few maverick practitioners want to fight with the six-character mantra, their strength is naturally weaker than its Buddhist mantra.
[What the hell is going on? 】
With such doubts, Pei Wende did not consider keeping these "predecessors" and immediately ran towards the hospital with leg lifts.
Compared with monks and Taoist priests, Pei Wende doesn’t want outsiders to witness old friends falling into the magic road. It means the lives of these two predecessors who have been walking to kill demons and remove demons.
His intuition told him that this extraordinary six-character mantra was definitely not without cost.

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