Although Yuantong is the sixth in line of succession, after all, there are five people who brag on weekdays. To be fair, he also consciously looks forward to the abbot’s position. But does the Royal Guards want to make himself the abbot and head of South Shaolin? If you can get to that position for a year, it’s also a thousand dollars. Then the tenant’s daughter-in-law can ride whoever she wants. There is no need to go to the Qing building to save the lost daughter. At the thought of this, even his dissatisfaction vanished. He kowtowed and said, "Cultivate by my uncle!"

Zheng Guobao ordered people to prepare dozens of broken silver roads and several dog legs for Yuantong as dry food and a lux waist tag to tell him that Yu Canghai had left Hengshan and let him go to find Qufei Smoke Road. "Brother-in-law, why do you want that bald head to do something to scare him?"
Zheng Guobao laughed. "If I say nice things and give money, the monk will still want compensation after taking the road, and he will also want to honor the people. If you want to deal with this kind of person, you have to clean him up first and then give him a sweet jujube. He will have to work with you. Now you don’t look at this person, but at least he is also a disciple of the South Shaolin abbot."
Qu Feiyan clapped his hands when he saw his air. "Brother-in-law is really smart and really deserves to be a scholar. Do you know if your sister’s family is a rice promotion or a rice fight?"
Zheng Guobao was suddenly asked by this question, and he didn’t have a word. During this period, the Liu family played the role of a land father-in-law, and everything was responsive. This week, Mrs. Zheng seems to have a growing appetite. Is this farmer goldfish story going to play? Qu Fei-Yan knocked on the nail in the coffin. "My dad said that Aunt Zhou was not like Uncle Liu. That’s not a lamp saver. You feel better this time."
Guo-bao zheng see her proud appearance nu way "smelly wenches don’t give you some severe brother-in-law good humiliate! Come and see the elephants with me! " Qu Feiyan was not afraid that he made a face and ran away.
Liu Zhai Liu Jing’s face flushed, and her mother quarreled, "This can’t be done! I treat you with non-smoking as my own sister … How do you say let her make a room for the national treasure? She is only that old and still a child. "
Mrs. Zhou is full of words, "What child? She is 14 years old and can have a baby. At first, I wanted to raise her as a child bride and then make a concubine room for Qiner. But now I can’t do this. Quyang’s son of a bitch kidnapped your father and made our family unable to reunite. Why should I raise his daughter for nothing? God, is this reasonable? "
Liu Jingdao: "Mom, don’t follow me and National Treasure. It’s very difficult for you to stir it up again today …"
Mrs. Zhou said, "Girl, you are my own. Don’t I love you? But now you can count on my uncle and your father. I don’t know if your two brothers can talk. You are a concubine, not a wife. If you don’t want more in the future, you can’t come. Do we have to go to the capital to ask him for something? Anyway, you two brothers, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one fame, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person, one person
Liu Jing urgent way "niang you say is what? If I didn’t want to beat him up earlier, it would have been my wish. I was grateful that he was rich and didn’t forget his old feelings. I didn’t take it to heart because he was a prince’s uncle or a common man. I was not happy when you acted like you were selling your daughter. "
Mrs. Zhou saw her daughter turn against her and cried softly, "My good aunt, you have to understand your mother’s difficulties. What can you do if your father leaves and throws away this heavy burden?" After leaving your dad, our family is understaffed. It’s not easy to put this printed money before putting it out. I don’t know if I can get it back. Besides, I didn’t let the national treasure suffer. Didn’t I also make him accept the house without cigarettes? You are not young, even if you can’t pin his heart in the future, you still have to find a young girl to stabilize your position and find an outsider. I don’t trust my family and I don’t look picky. This girl is the most congenial to you and she is not afraid of being usurped by her. "
Liu Jing shook his head. "Niang, what are you talking about? National treasure and I both took non-smoking as sisters and didn’t move any crooked brains. You said something, and I went back to National Treasure and said yes, but we didn’t want anything again. "
Mrs. Zhou walked and said, "Have you ever seen a cat?" That Zheng Guobao I see flirting with that little girl carefully. If you don’t accommodate yourself now, you will have to hold your nose and admit it in the future. "
Chapter 21 aftermath
After all, Ying Ying, the daughter of our bank, the former leader of the Magic Sect, was called a national treasure of the leftover aunt because she couldn’t get married this year. Now she is also a contemporary prince’s uncle and wife, and her family is bound to be hard-rooted. I don’t know how many crimes she will suffer in the future. Do you really want to form an alliance with non-smoking girls?
Just as she was thinking, she heard a burst of footsteps, music and smoke, running in like a gust of wind and jumping into Liu Jing’s arms, saying, "Sister, help my brother-in-law to kill me."
Behind Zheng Guobao shouted, "Don’t run and see if I don’t pinch your face into a pie!" Seeing the two men in a mess, Liu Jing smiled and thought how good it would be if he were an ordinary citizen, so we would live like this and have a lot less trouble.
Liu Jing doesn’t agree with her mother from the bottom of her heart about Zheng Guobao’s mutual affection for his identity. There is nothing in her heart. The other party is still that. Let her family live a better life and dare to sell salt. She has never been exposed to miscellaneous studies. She dares to knock on the window and jump into the room to sleep with her hard-working scholar while Dad is drunk.
However, marriage has never been a matter of two people, but the fact that the interests of two families are combined. If Zheng Guobao hadn’t beat her to it, she would have been married and used as a family marriage tool.
Therefore, Rao is no matter how dissatisfied she is in her heart, she can tell her mother’s request when Zheng Guobao is happy. As a result, it is difficult to see Zheng Guobao’s face instantly. Although the horse is back to normal, the instantaneous change also makes Liu Jing feel uncomfortable.
"National treasure, if it’s difficult, forget it. I’ll talk to Niang later. Don’t be angry. It’s good for Niang to be so sincere."
Zheng Guobao wry smile way "Jing elder sister, I am also a prince’s maternal uncle, not a fairy. Say slowly that my sister is an imperial concubine, not a queen, or that Wang Xi elder sister is a queen. Her family also dare not say that they can arrange a juren casually. The imperial court has an imperial court system, but how can I deal with Bai Siwen in Hengshan County? But that’s a clean figure. I’ll ask him? Then your two brothers are waiting to be changed by him even for the scholar’s fame! Besides, it’s not very successful for the imperial court to regularly examine your two brothers. I can’t watch their generation wait until they get their fame, so it’s better not to do it at all. "
Liu Jing was bowed his head by his training. "I knew it would be such a result sooner or later. It’s a pity that Niang still can’t see through it. It’s still your status as a uncle that made Niang spend her eyes. If you were still the ordinary people, she wouldn’t have so many thoughts and so much trouble."
Zheng Guobao said, "If I were the ordinary people, would your mother let you marry me? Don’t say it’s impossible to be a concubine or a wife, but Lao Taishui said it makes sense, that is, I have to pay for buying a concubine, and I can’t just marry you away. "
The next day, Guo-Bao Zheng invited Mrs. Zhou to make a gift and said, "The old Thai water husband left home for a long time thinking that he should also take Sister Ching back to Daxing, but before that, some things should also be taken care of properly. I guarantee that the identity of the two brothers, one of them, is enough. Moreover, if someone wants to make trouble, the identity of the general flag also has its place."
Mrs. Zhou heard that her two sons got a total flag status, which was worse than the master’s. She was somewhat dissatisfied, but before she said anything, Zheng Guobao added, "I have also toured our industry these days. I think there are two satin villages in the town with 500 acres of good land, and a restaurant business is good. In addition, the group of jade courts also said that if these places were given to Jing Jie as a dowry, Jing Jie would surely be glad to praise Jing Jie for her understanding manners and water?"
When Mrs. Zhou heard this, she suddenly flew into a rage, which not only greatly reduced the benefits, but also began to think about our Liu family industry. Although this dowry belongs to Liu Jing in name, if she remarries one day, she can go with others, but the question is, how can she remarry casually when she marries a concubine in the uncle’s house? He, uncle Zheng, was so kind-hearted as to come out to help, but it was Jinger who had the vision to find a rich husband. I didn’t expect it to be a man who ate people and didn’t spit bones.
Her face sank. "The prince’s maternal uncle said that my daughter was sent to marry your family, and it was you who gave the dowry to the Zheng family. Why did you think of my Liu family industry? This small property in my family is shared by her two brothers, but it has nothing to do with her. "
Zheng Guobao shook his head and said, "Old Tai Shui is so bad. I inquired about the dowry you brought when you got married in the old Mount Tai. It was four hundred mu of good land and two pharmacies in the county. Did I say it right? Later, the old Mount Tai took a concubine and Fang got four hundred kilograms of mercury; Concubine Li got a rich house. These are all accounts that can be checked and confused. I can’t blame my family. At any rate, it’s also a royal family. Sister Jing is from a big family. Why don’t you take him with you? In the division of property, if Laotaishui or the two brothers have anything to think about, it is good to hand it over to the county Bai Daling for adjudication. "
Mrs. Zhou knows very well that if this matter is really attributed to Bai Sven, the dog official decided that it must be that her own side lost in a big mess, so she had to say that she was unwell and left first, and then she brought her daughter to scold her severely, saying that she had eyes and led a cruel robber to her home to seize her ancestral inheritance.
Liu Jing listened to the in the mind and went back to the house to find Zheng Guobao, only to know that he was invited by the head of Huashan Yue to drink tea and went to the hand washing meeting that day. Heroes from all walks of life left in succession, and Huashan Sect refused to leave. Zheng Guobao, the head of the Yue Dynasty, seemed to come to invite the prince’s maternal uncle to drink tea and play chess at once.
By the time Zheng Guobao came back late, Liu Jingqi had dissipated most of it. Zheng Guobao explained, "When will I really see your little industry?" This is an attitude. My uncle Zheng is not paying you back. It’s better to hate me in Liu Laotai’s heart than to take me as a land god and make me start out as a te and generous, otherwise it will be difficult to get away. "
Liu Jingbai understood his heart and knew that he said it wasn’t unreasonable, so he stopped saying anything. She was caught in the middle of something, and it was hard to be scolded by her mother for a few times. Qu Fei-yan chanted the phrase "promoting rice and fighting rice" when no one was around, and she was relieved. She also knew that although everyone was unhappy now, they hadn’t scratched their faces yet, and those industries didn’t really want to come over. If they really got what big demands from their mother in the future, it would be really bad to be a person then.
Jing Shi Dong Hua Men Dong Ji Shi Factory yamen Today, the official eunuch Zhang Whale, who is the director of the ceremony and an imperial envoy to the East Factory Official School, is losing his temper towards several cronies in front of him. "No slave! You can’t even do such a small thing. What do you want? It’ s hard to catch the devil’ s remnants and catch the anti-thief’ s disorderly party. It’ s hard to say that the ticket will be put on the ground in Huguang! "
Aside from the punishment, Bai Cui Shaobai accompanied the careful way, "Du Gongying is now long live favoring the one who says whatever we want. Let’s just do it with irrefutable evidence and can’t stand this pillow. When the wind blows, the one who says that the egg is Fang Tiangu will also tell us to find Fang Egg. This is the feeling."
Zhang whale said angrily, "I can’t eat this loss if I talk about it! This time, we lost money. Instead of scaring the one, we let the one who cares about the town Song Jun. I think Zuo Lengchan, Wang Tianzong and Liu Zhenhua can’t jump for a few days, so let them finally do their best in our house. You send someone to send those three heads to Zuo Lengchan. Say that my uncle cut them and gave his father-in-law Songshan thirteen a discount of three. I think Zuo Lengchan can still sit still? Didn’t he claim to be 3 thousand guests? See if there are any Yu Rang and Nie Zheng among these thousands of disciples, and then send someone to send our mouth to Huguang to press Zhang Sihai’s hand for a copy. That person seems to be a friend of Gu Xiancheng, who is also named Gu. When he sees that mouth, he will probably bite the gong in the net street, and we can’t cure him. Let’s see if Jianghu people and Qingliu can cure him!
Chapter 22 Jingshi visitors
Zheng Guobao intentionally took Liu Jing back to the capital Sun and woke up. Liu Ruguo and others entered the capital Songshan School. There was a pen and ink lawsuit, and it was still inconclusive. It was better to wait and say again. After twenty days, suddenly someone came to report to the capital.
When I went out to meet him, I saw Zheng Guobao, the first embroidered eunuch in the people, but his sister’s close confidant named Liu Cheng was busy. "I know that it was Mr. Liu. I really don’t know which fragrant wind brought you here face to face."
Liu Cheng didn’t neglect it. First, he read out the imperial edict and praised Zheng Guobao’s handling in a timely manner. When he handled it properly, he inspected and destroyed the demons and bandits. From the second capital, he commanded the system to investigate and investigate the sun, the moon and the demons, and rewarded the gold medal. When the local government saw the gold medal, it had to give assistance.
The former uncle Zheng was the third grade, and now Xu Du is directing the system, that is, the third grade enjoys the treatment of the second grade. However, it has no practical significance for Xungui, but the gold medal is a little bit. After all, the Royal Guards are limited in local manpower, and it is not true that the army really meets a large group of demons and demons, but it still needs to be trained by officers and men. Then it will be promoted to Wu Tiande, a guerrilla in Baoding, Hebei Province, and awarded four titles. It will still lead the old staff to step up to Japan, and then be rewarded if there is great merit.
Wu Tiande also met the noble Baoding, which belongs to the jurisdiction of Ji Liao Governor, but it is a border area. At the beginning, Wu Tiande followed Qi Shaobao and was stationed in Ji Town. Now it is also a visit to the old place. That 500-year-old son is still well-paid and well-paid, and now the frontier is unstable and there are many opportunities to brush the meritorious military service, which is much better than Hengzhou.
Because Yu Bai Sven is a civilian, it is not appropriate for him to be promoted through the imperial edict, but it is much more convenient for him to be promoted and transferred in the future with this great achievement, so it is also a happy situation
After the announcement, Liu Cheng quickly went over and saluted, "Little congratulations to my uncle and grandfather. I heard that my uncle and grandfather Hengshan were so beautiful that the old slave had to ask for a gratuity as soon as possible."
Zheng Guobao laughed and pulled Liu Cheng into the mansion and said, "It’s good to say that we must set up a banquet to entertain the old man today."
When everyone entered Liu Fu’s Yue Buqun Chao’s team, he saluted, "I don’t know if the teacher’s presence in Yuemou is far from welcoming pardon."
An old nun in the team replied in a hurry, "Brother Yue is polite to the poor nun, and the Empress Dowager Cisheng, the capital of Beijing, gave a lecture and followed Father Liu to meet a younger brother here. Thanks to the riots in Hengshan some time ago, Brother Yue’s attendance on the younger brother, the poor nun is even more grateful."
Yue Buqun smiled and said, "Is it necessary for the Five Mountains Sword Sect to be so polite to help each other with the same spirit?"
Zheng Guobao asked, "Is this teacher Fang Gaoren?"
The nun saluted and said, "I am poor, but I am sure that I will come here today to congratulate my uncle on his wedding and to take Liu Jing to Hengshan."
Zheng Guobao has heard of Hengshan Ding’s idle name and knows that she is the head of Hengshan Sect in Wuyue Sword Sect. After listening to her Queen Mother’s lecture, she will know that this person has an official status outside the Jianghu status, which is not easy to provoke. But if she wants to take away her beloved concubine, can this be done? But before he could send a message to accompany him there, Yue Buqun carefully studied a doddering eunuch behind Liu Cheng, kneeling in front of him and saying, "The unworthy Yue Buqun has seen a teacher."
The old eunuch saw Yue Buqun’s heart is also very excited, but dare not speak at will. His hands are empty and he motioned for Yue Buqun to get up and spare. So Liu Cheng still turned his face and thundered, "You are so rude as you get older! This place is also an occasion for you to know each other? "
The old eunuch named Song Qinghan frighten hurriedly knelt to kowtow, "handmaiden know sin! It’s a lover who knows how to be impolite, but he still hopes that Mr. Liu will forgive him. "
Liu Cheng see Yue Buqun’s prince’s maternal uncle seems a little friendship is not good too hard a motioning with his hand said, "you river’s lake broken things roll outside! Zhang Qingzhou, you have to go out for a while. This person has to worship Martial Uncle. "
After driving away the two men, Liu Cheng said to Zheng Guobao, "My uncle just said that you should take your wife to Hengshan. Don’t be annoyed. It’s not that we dare to make decisions privately. It means empress."
The empress in Liu Cheng’s mouth naturally refers to the imperial concubine Zheng Guobao’s cousin Zheng Guobao, and it is this backer that can run amok, so his cousin’s opinion can’t help but be ignored.
Liu Cheng waved his hand and left Zheng Guobao, Ding Xian and Liu Cheng in the left and right halls. He just said, "Uncle Guo, you can make trouble this time, but you really don’t have less strength."
After the gang was arrested, they tortured their mouths and sent them to the capital. There were both cases of magic rebellion and selling officials, and Zheng Guobao even combined the two, insisting that Zhang’s adult was talking about climbing mountains and Liu Ruguo’s accomplices were conspiring with each other for ulterior motives.
In his report, Liu Zhengfeng was a pure and kind squire, but he didn’t have enough brains to want to donate an official. Therefore, Zhang’s adult thought it was nothing to blame. After all, Uncle Zhang Siwei, the official records of the public, also spent money to buy an official position. You can’t say that local squires are not allowed to pursue this aspect. It is even more difficult to get rid of this rebellion.
The offender was also tampered with by Zheng Guobao, the governor of Huguang, who wanted to leave the offender for a second trial. As a result, the person just came out and was doomed within half a day. Not only did he not ask, but he left a hot potato in his own hands.
If Liu Zhengfeng didn’t play this trick, he really had a great hope of getting off the crime and making Songshan Sect feel hurt. However, he followed Quyang to be a corps commander and gave others an excuse. Zhang Whale in the East Factory was not a vegetarian. After seeing these mouths, he also concocted several pieces of evidence to describe Liu Zhengfeng as the leader who colluded with the devil to seek rebellion.
Songshan Santaibao left Hengshan on the same day, but later, thinking about the great loss, it was difficult to explain when he returned to Songshan, so he went to the capital together to find a whale crying in the Qin court. These three people also became a strong evidence. Zhang whale was a eunuch, and the scholar-bureaucrat welcomed Zheng Guobao, a consort, but he was even more hated. At that time, many scholars and scholars read the net street gong, and Zheng Guobao, a gentle scum, wanted to get rid of it quickly.
Gu Xiancheng, the director of the Central Committee, Ye Maocai, the director of the Ministry of Punishment, Qian Yisan, the imperial envoy of Fujian Road, is the most active. They drive the officials of science and technology to memorialize the memorial like snowflakes, and trample on the discipline. It is unnecessary to attract everyone to work so hard to say a Zheng Guobao. The main reason here is to deal with the imperial concubine in the palace. Now, the minister has made a fuss in the ruling and opposition circles. Several times, he asked Taitai to get a share in the future. However, because Zheng’s power is too uncertain, some ministers suspect that Zheng wants to find an opportunity to kill the emperor and support her own fat son to ascend to the throne, so this time he is desperately attacking Zheng. It’s also the end of her arm. It’s hard to restrict foreign collusion in the future

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