"Wow so much? Then can you say no? "

"I don’t know that. After all, I don’t have the conditions to speak English with anyone."
"Brother Chu, can you help Yangyang make up his English? His English is so bad that every exam is a single digit." Lou Xiaoe couldn’t help interrupting.
Li Chu said with a wry smile, "Xiaoe, it’s not that I don’t promise, but that this is self-study and school teaching, but it’s not the same at all. Their school study is an exam, and the exam for learning words with me is definitely still not good."
He didn’t want to take this job. For Xu Damao and Lou Xiaoe, he really treats them as friends, but their son Xu Yang is just playing truant. Li Chu can’t stand it.
Lou Xiaoe listened to Li Chu’s words and thought about it. He still agrees. After all, he is not a teacher. If he is not the same as the teacher, it will not pit the child instead.
"Xiao Chu, if we go to receive foreign workers and translators after that, can you help us if there are not enough?"
Li Chu stare big eyes looking at Wang Wen "brother-in-law, I didn’t listen to wrong? Let me help you as an interpreter? "
"Yes, there are too few foreign language talents now, and those translators sometimes have to wait in line for others."
"No, brother-in-law, are you kidding? I can’t take part in foreign affairs activities casually. If you go through formal procedures for approval, it will be slower than waiting for those translators."
"Uh …" Wang Wen paused to react. This little brother really can’t take part in those activities of receiving foreign guests without the approval of the level.
"Forget it, forget it."
"Small chu, I remember that you are not opposed to learning English or a foreign language? Why did you steal to learn? "
Li Chu was stunned by her sister’s question for a long time before she came to her senses and asked, "Sister, when did you say that I opposed learning a foreign language?"
"Uncle Wang said that when he came to chat, he said that after the Ministry of Health asked for advice, all doctors had to take the foreign language examination when they were assessed. As a result, you met a group of experts who couldn’t say anything about learning a foreign language. In the end, the foreign language examination was cancelled."
"Ha ha" Li Chu listened to laugh.
"How can it be so exaggerated? I finally canceled the foreign language test for Chinese medicine doctors."
"So it’s true. Are you really popular?"
Li Qin can know that this is also a joke when Uncle Tianwang tells her in private.
However, when Li Chu came back, she never said that Ding Qiunan also knew that her husband opposed the examination of foreign languages by Chinese medicine doctors, but she didn’t understand the personnel of the conference.
"I can’t talk about people!" Li Chu waved his hand. "At most, everyone disagreed, and finally the leader adopted my opinion. It’s not as serious as people."
When he said this, Li Chu sighed in his heart, and the outside world didn’t know what it was like.
This time, the experts were offended to death.
However, he doesn’t care that everyone is not in the same field, and it seems that no one is an expert.
Xu Damao looked at Li Chu sitting opposite, and his eyes were full of admiration to see who and what people were in contact with all day.
People are now attending an industry meeting, and their opinions are directly given to the border leaders.
Gee, that’s the pattern
He felt sad when he reported Li Chu Qinhuai Ru from the bottom of his heart. Although he didn’t know what she did, the two brothers and sisters didn’t take the report seriously and still chatted or continued to chat.
"Yo, why are these two kids asleep on the mat?"
Everyone sat here and listened intently, but they didn’t pay attention to the two children sitting in that piece of play and fell asleep.
LouXiaoE hurriedly picked up his old home Ding Qiunan also held Xiaoyu in her arms.
Li Qin came over and tried to pick it up. As a result, it was a little noisy. The big boy opened his eyes and looked at it. He was not willing to let his grandmother hold it in Ding Qiunan’s arms and arch it again.
Make Li Qin laugh and cry.
"I’m fine. Sit down and I’ll hold it."
Li Chu ran to one side with a kettle, took another pot of cold water and put it on the next honeycomb briquet stove.
After sitting back, I started making tea for everyone again.
The three families sat in the backyard pavilion, blowing a breeze, listening to the sound of leaves, watching the red carp in the small lake and chatting happily.
I didn’t go home until just before dinner.
Li Qin asked her brother and sister-in-law to go to her side for dinner, but Li Chu refused. You can’t really go to equip yourself every day, can you?
After everyone left, Li Chu stretched himself on the sofa and chatted with friends and family every day. He thought this was the best day.
Ding Qiunan came out of health and ran to lie down on him.
Her favorite thing is to lie in her husband’s arms.
"Dear, what shall we eat? Do you want to go to my mother’s to eat? "
"Don’t let me make things worse, but Chen Na’s family is really amazing. Her daughter didn’t even look at the baby."
Ding Qiunan’s face gave me a weak smile. Her sister-in-law is also from bad karma. They didn’t know much about it before. I didn’t know that boy’s family was a little too patriarchal this time.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-four Dislocation
"Isn’t Chen Na her own?" Li Chu stroked her hair and asked.
"How is it possible? I’ve seen her mother. It’s a model."
"That’s also their own children. What daughters have children? They can’t even look at them." Li Chu has always looked at these people who have a preference for sons.
Why does your family have a throne to inherit or does your family have Jinshan Yinshan?
The daughter is not her own flesh and blood? How can this mother be cruel to her daughter?
Ding Qiunan slowly shook his head on her husband’s chest. "I don’t know what her family thinks. After returning to the ward that night, you left Nana and cried secretly."
I didn’t know she didn’t see her family sad until she was unwell. "
"Alas, my parents are good to her, and the founding of the country is also rare, or she will be miserable."
What can Li Chu do if he touches such a family?
"Ding dong ding dong …"
A hurried doorbell came.
"Who is ringing the doorbell like this?" Ding Qiunan slowly got up from her husband and muttered dissatisfaction.
Li Chu patted his wife with a smile and then "go and have a look"
Come back to the living room and sleep on your stomach. Some dogs have gone to the front yard first with the doorbell.
Ding Qiunan put on slippers and pulled up her clothes before she walked out of the living room
Li Chu also sat up and picked up the vest that he had just taken off and put it back on.
"Li Chu Li Chu, come and see!"

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