Chapter 71 War three-eyed fox (2)

Orochimaru don’t know what see tree mau that very excited "what do you mean it badly? This trick is simply good? "
"orochimaru, what did you learn from your brother? What do you mean,’ this is simply’? "
"This is simply that this is simply wonderful. You should know that it is very difficult to change direction from Shu Mao, right?"
Jiraiya stupid "difficult? A storm! "
Gang Shou also stupid "difficult? Just summon the psychic directly! "
Orochimaru heard them two words a face of black line "who told you ninja? Ninja naturally has many ways to change direction. I said samurai! Samurai! Understand? The samurai has no ability to change direction in the middle, even if it is borrowed from the middle, it is not a simple matter. If there is a high warrior, you will know that this move is simply! "
Orochimaru dialect makes Jiraiya and Gang Shou look stupid. They don’t understand why orochimaru is so excited.
"What are you excited about? You are not a samurai! "
"Ahem, I’ve been studying samurai moves recently. I haven’t learned this trick!"
"You? Learn samurai moves? You orochimaru will also learn these things that are not forbidden? Haha, I am really laughing! " Gang Shou laughed impudently and Jiraiya kept twitching, obviously frightened by orochimaru.
"You, you, if I can’t reach you now, I will definitely shoot you to death!" Orochimaru spluttered at the slug.
However, everyone still understands that Shu Mao’s swordsmanship just now is very powerful.
"Yes, when did my brother practice fencing?"
"Ahem, you forget? Shu Mao, but he has the most abnormal place in sharingan, sharingan. Isn’t it the ability to copy? Didn’t Shu Mao meet Lord White Tooth when he went to Konoha to do business? Didn’t Lord White Tooth teach Kakashi swordsmanship? Then you know that he copied all the knives of Uncle White Tooth, and even went to Mifune to copy the tricks of Mifune’s adult. Mifune was also happy to say that he would not worry about Mifune’s knife skills! " Watergate finally spoke.
"How do you know?"
"Because I also went to the white teeth adults! At least Kakashi is my student, okay? Really. "
"All right, shut up and see if it’s important for Shu Mao to play or for you to discuss swordsmanship? You people really have nothing to do and can’t even knife! " Jiu Xinnai’s anger seems to be preventing her from watching Shu Mao’s performance!
Hearing Jiu Sinai’s roar, this group of people finally stopped and continued to watch Shu Mao’s battle.
At this moment, Shu Mao has laid the three-eyed fox dry, and the huge beard directly rode the three-eyed fox, and the three-eyed fox kept skipping to throw Shu Mao from his back.
"What did the younger brother do?"
"It was the one who changed direction just now, and then Shu Mao came close to the abdomen of the three-eyed fox and punched him in the head. He climbed his back and rode directly when the three-eyed fox was dizzy!" I have been watching the battle carefully. Jiu Xinnai immediately explained the battle to a group of "fake fans"!
The three-eyed fox was unwilling to be ridden for a while, then jerked his back and then turned into a picture of his tree Mao. The tree Mao was directly thrown down, and the three-eyed fox kicked a tree Mao belly and jumped directly to one side. He was still Japanese and opened his mouth in the direction of the tree Mao, and released four wind-escaping practice bombs!
Shu Mao’s eyes shrank and rolled, and the knife waved two times. One knife hit the first two practice bombs and one knife hit the back two practice bombs. At this time, Shu Mao also squatted up and rushed directly. The three-eyed fox waved his front paws at Shu Mao twice. At the same time, two practice bombs were released again in his mouth and his third eye shot a sharp pink light!
In the charge, Shu Mao’s nerves were tense to the extreme. When he saw the light coming, he wanted to play a side-rolling gourd again and then moved on. No matter how many players practiced playing, the pink light flew over Shu Mao’s body and turned around again. Shu Mao felt that his head was bright and he didn’t want to directly lower his head. The pink light almost rubbed his beard and scalp and flew to Shu Mao’s eyes. Only then did he find that it was just that light!
"Would track? What is this ninja? Or is it his gift? "
The situation of Shu Mao, everyone wants to help him in their eyes, but they don’t understand the three-eyed fox attack.
There was a voice in Shu Mao’s heart telling him not to touch this trick, so Shu Mao tried "fire escape, fire phoenix magic!" "
The huge fire phoenix bumped into the pink light, but the eyes of Shu Mao suddenly locked. That light actually pierced Shu Mao’s fire escape directly.
"What? Endure to him? Damn it, the three-eyed fox robbed the fire! "
Shu Mao’s pink light has not been solved yet, so the three-eyed fox leaned over and directly bit Susuo’s waist claws and patted Shu Mao’s chest and younger generation respectively! Obviously, I want to smash the tree!
"Since nothing, then I will give you some real! Psychic triple rashomon! "
"Hey? Shu Mao, can he also psychic Rashomon? "
"bang!" "bang!" "bang!"
Three times in a row, almost in the blink of an eye, three Rashomon doors were broken, and the pink light was indeed dim, and many trees were happy! And at this time, the three-eyed fox attack also arrived.
"It’s really annoying, wooden clothes!" A large number of wooden shelters emerged on the surface of Susuo to make ready-made clothes. The three-eyed fox bit these wooden shelters and also slapped them. Shumao was hardly hurt.
Susuke didn’t hold a knife with one hand, and a large number of wooden shields appeared. As soon as he appeared, he directly entangled the three-eyed fox. Shumao pulled the three-eyed fox from his own body, and the three-eyed fox also tore the tree’s wooden shield and bit a big piece! Shu Mao threw the three-eyed fox in his hand at the pink light again, regardless of the damage of the wooden clothes!
"Ah? How can my brother come up with such a method? This wave is stable! "
Shu Mao’s reaction not only surprised Gang Shou and them, but even the psychic beast was amazed by Shu Mao Cao.
Chapter 719 Three-Eye Fox (3)
"bang!" Three-eyed fox finally gets what goes around comes around and is directly shot by his pink light!
"ah! Hey ~! " The three-eyed fox was furious and gave off bloody light, and the blood fog once again surrounded him and became bigger again!
"Huh?" Susuke Zhongshu Mao looked in the direction of the three-eyed fox. He seemed to find something. He had to help Tatsu Yamashiro wave the three-eyed fox and drop a lot of thunder. "Thunder Dun Eleven Heavy Thunder Robbery!"
Every bombardment, the ground vibrates, even in the four sacred places, they have a feeling that the ground vibrates.
"This is what thunder dun? What do I feel that his power is constantly increasing? "
"Hey? Watergate, do you feel the same way? I feel the same way! " Orochimaru also saw this thunderbolt extraordinary place!
The virtual image of the huge three-eyed fox is constantly increasing, but the speed and power of the lightning robbery are also increasing. The three-eyed fox issued a piercing cry, which made the psychic beasts who watched the battle feel uneasy. Some psychic beasts raised their heads and stared at the virtual as if defending against the lightning robbery for one second and it would fall on their heads.
"What on earth is this? Why do I always have a palpitation feeling? "
It’s not only that he, the psychic beasts, feel uneasy, but even the immortal of Zhima, the deep immortal, is scared by this thunder robbery, and they feel that the sky has become depressed.
Buried staring at the picture, Shu Mao was in a trance for a moment, and she didn’t understand what this was …
[in a palace]
"Positions less Lord he will call out god punish ray! Do you want to interrupt those thunderbolts behind you? Otherwise, it will be too much for the young master to maintain God’s punishment and robbery, and the psychic world will become unstable! "
"Yeah, it’s all wrapped in causal fox. It’s estimated that even the 2-fold LeiJie can’t survive. You see the situation. This fox and BM have a big grudge, and the dead tree is not wronged. Then LeiJie will stop! But those guys should be scared when the thunder is born? "
"It is inevitable that the young master is the law enforcer in charge of the law enforcement thunder-God has punished them for doing something immoral all these years, and naturally they are afraid that the young master will find them trouble!"
"Well, he’s only alive now, so naturally he can’t make enemies everywhere. Just send him away when this happens!"
[somewhere in the psychic world]
Two lights suddenly appeared in the dark abyss and looked at the distant punishment place "God’s punishment? He’s here? Are you looking for me? Damn, I finally found a reincarnation. What celestial law enforcers will be here? "
In another place, the guy who has been planning this day saw that his face was as black as black when he was born. "No, I want to speed up. He should activate God’s punishment by accident. I want him to pocket all the world before he wakes up completely so that even if I fight him then, I won’t lose!
But damn this guy, he messed up all my plans! "
If Watergate sees this guy, it will be a big surprise because this guy is impressively …
Many psychic beasts in the Four Holy Places are lying on the ground. Now they don’t even have the strength to raise their heads. Even Gang Shou and others feel very hard. If they fail, they will lie on the ground directly. It seems that gravity here has soared hundreds of times and thousands of times!
In fact, gravity has not increased here, but these pressures directly affect their souls! God punishes God. More punishment is the soul! A person’s physical death is not a real death, but a soul death is a complete death! This is the terrible thing about God’s punishment! It is also a terrible place for the Shenjie law enforcement team.

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