It’s as if some if-if spirituality is deeply loved by Xiaoqing and several women.

Perhaps, as Ji Ruxue said, Xiaoqing Nengli pear tree realized that the two sword meanings may also have some mysteries.
But everyone didn’t figure out where the mystery was.
Gently rubbed a few pear trees, Xiaoqing’s wrist shook the agarwood sword and flew to Sun Hao’s mouth and said, "Hill, this sword has been wiped clean for you."
Sun Hao caught the agarwood sword and smiled brightly. "Well, Xiaoqing, you’ve helped me a lot. By the way, Xiaoqing, when I come back, you remember that you need to pour out the love sword for the first time, which will help me recover quickly."
Xiaoqing nodded and said, "Well, I am white."
Sun Hao looked at Ji Ruxue again and said softly, "As snow, I can feel your moonlight sword can also calm my mind. If Xiaoqing can’t suppress my murderous look as snow one day, you have to do something."
Ji Ruxue nodded. "Well, as white as a hill, you need to be careful yourself. Don’t kill the rise and entangle with the golden shortage for too long."
Sun Hao smiled and said, "I will come back when you can’t resist it."
Say that finish finger gently play aloes sword.
A light sound of agarwood sword Sun Hao strode across to Taniguchi and rushed out.
The heroic whistling once again raised high from Sun Haozhong. "Men are as bold as bears and as bold as wolves; Men fight swords and travel thousands of miles to cut wild. "
The Ranglin Island War broke out again.
This time Sun Hao changed his direction and went into the wild animal community in Ranglin Island.
The whole island is covered with dark clouds again, killing the sky.
Four women watched while packing up the resources that were constantly being thrown at them.
One by one, Sun Hao’s momentum in the blood group is like a rainbow, and the fighting is getting more and more fierce. It’s really "a strong man’s blood is like paint and gas, and the nine sides of the earth blow yellow sand and white bones …"
Sun Hao is courageous and strong
Sun Hao is murderous.
Sun Haohao’s majestic momentum makes them feel uneasy from time to time.
The war broke out for more than ten days in a row, and I don’t know how many wild animals died, Sun Hao’s agarwood sword.
Looking at lotus flower foaming at the mouth combative Sun Hao Ji Ruxue said to Xiaoqing around him, "Qing Er Hill is uniting but killing momentum. This murderous look is now condensed. Don’t let it dominate the hill will subject if necessary. Otherwise …"
Xiaoqing was slightly surprised and asked, "What else would happen?"
Ji Ruxue said with awe, "If killing dominates the will of the hill, then the hill will be completely destroyed. In addition to killing, it will be something else in the heart of the killing machine. This is also the reason why ordinary monks dare not practice the killing momentum. Once they fall into the killing will, they will come out again unless they can break through the limit and understand the meaning of killing at a higher level, otherwise they will not be able to get out for a generation."
Xiaoqing was shocked and said quickly, "Qing Er is white with snow. What should I do to really help the hill in this situation?"
Ji Ruxue said softly, "Every time the hill comes back, you urge the sword of love to the maximum, and your love wraps him to eliminate his thoughts. If necessary, you can do this and this …"
Xiaoqing turned reddish and said, "Qing Er is white, but Qing Er hopes that Xiaoxue will come to help me then."
Ji Ruxue nodded affirmatively. "It’s natural to help the hill, and it’s our greatest wish and pursuit. I will perform better than you when necessary, just like when I just cultivated immortal blood."
Xiaoqing face a slight red was about to speak.
Far, far ahead, a mass of red plasma flew in.
Ji Ruxue said softly, "Xiaoqing is careful that the hill is back."
Xiaoqing was surges milky Guanghua should be to Corleone.
Corleone laughed and picked up Xiaoqing and kicked the door of abode of fairies and immortals directly into the digestion of murder.
Holding Xiaoqing to rest for two days, Corleone gradually calmed down.
Xiaoqing came to the pear tree again and gently wiped her sword.
Half a day’s kung fu, agarwood and Xiaoqing returned to normal in white light.
Sun Hao appeared again and rushed out with aloes and swords.
Without Xiaoqing’s help, Sun Hao could not have cultivated the killing sword so smoothly, especially after practicing once.
But even with Xiaoqing’s help, it is still not easy to cultivate Sun Hao’s killing sword in front of him.
For three years, Sun Hao rushed out of the valley from time to time and went further and further.
The level of killing sword is still murderous, but the persistence is getting longer and longer after this leap, and it is more and more difficult to neutralize Xiaoqing.
In the fourth year, when pear blossoms were released again.
Xiaoqing did her best and finally had to show her the last trick as snow, which stabilized Sun Hao who almost broke away.
Actually, Sun Haozhen’s outburst is just another way.
When Sun Hao woke up, he was distressed to find that the pear flower was overwhelmed with rain, and Xiaoqing was born with all kinds of love in his heart.
Xiaoqing finally understood that the meaning of what Ji Yukou said that day really hurt!
However, after the pain, Xiaoqing has a new understanding. With the big girl who belongs to the whole room, she needs a new understanding. Once again, she looks at the pear tree and Ji Ruxue smiles. Xiaoqing actually realizes her third kind of love sword.
After a long time, she was able to stabilize the hill again, although it was more difficult.
Fairy pear trees will still hum songs and gently wipe their swords. Xiaoqing rolled up a high bun.
And every night when the two moons rise, Ji Ruxue always practices sword all night and is ready to help.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-four The Lakers division Bi
For ten years, Sun Hao kept rushing out and singing, and the larger wild animal community in Ranglin Island was finally unbearable, and Sun Hao was almost wiped out by continuous killing.
The end result has become that Sun Hao will dare to rush out of Ranglin Island, or Takushima’s fourth five-year plan and army of one’s gold shortage will be pursued on the lookout
The island has not expanded.
If it weren’t for the fierce dusk snake to help Sun Hao guard the lake, it is estimated that these army of one gold shortages would have come in and unloaded Sun Hao.
Sun Hao’s killing sword still stays in a more and more vigorous and murderous stage.
There is still progress, but progress is getting slower and slower.
There are not many wild animals on the island, but the wild animals in Gehu haven’t touched them yet.
In the past ten years, Ji Yikou and Ji Yuliu have also made progress, and they are blessed to understand the sword in the pear tree, and they have really gained something.
Ji Yukou understood the second kind of water sword, which means spray water sword; Ji Yuliu also understood the second kind of wind sword meaning, strong wind sword meaning.
The water sword means a great success. She went into the lake to explore intelligence. In the past ten years, she explored many sea areas near Ranglin Island, and Sun Hao took over the action and laid the foundation.
Sun Hao synthesized the information of Ji Yikou and went to check and probe the information of Gehu Lake in a longer distance, then shifted his killing focus from Ranglin Island to Gehu Lake.
Fighting in Gehu Lake is slightly different from that in Ranglin Island.
Sun Hao of Ranglin Island often plays the sword and sings generously, but his fighting spirit is high, and the general trend of the sea is relatively less.
Entering the Gehu Lake, Sun Hao’s war of murder turned into another way.
Wherever Sun Hao killed, he set off huge waves, thunder and fury.
Wild beasts were forced to pour out of their nests to fight Sun Hao.
The clear lake was completely dyed red, and a large number of fish and shrimp floated to the surface.
The blood waves of Bailiping Lake are rolling.
Murderous sword still rises slowly, while Xiaoqing dzogchen loves sword and can neutralize Sun Haoteng’s murder, so that Sun Hao can finally recover quickly.
Sun Hao and Ji Ruxue also came in vain after analysis.
Love sword is not weak in mind and body.
Xiaoqing Xiu is weak, but Sun Hao’s killing sword means that Dacheng will be loved by dzogchen and it is unexpected.
Sun Hao in Gehu is as powerful as Sun Hao on a desert island, killing all sides.
However, after Sun Hao entered Gehu Lake, the harvest of the four women was much less, because every time Sun Hao fought in the lake for a while, it would attract huge crowds of wild animals in the water and the four women had to retreat from time to time and were accidentally injured.
Sun Hao Lake is more hidden in the water than in a desert island. Even if there are huge wild animals making trouble, you can keep practicing your murderous behavior.
It’s a good thing that wisdom is not very strong, huge wild beasts.

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