At the same time, Bai Qiao looked at the prince in the coffin. Bai Sushen naturally had mixed feelings. He had just celebrated his father’s birthday. I didn’t think that this farewell was actually separated from heaven forever.

Looking at his father’s peaceful face, he could no longer control his feelings, and tears kept falling like a river.
I cried for a while and wiped my tears in a hurry.
"Clean it up quickly or my father will be angry. What my father hates most since childhood is watching me cry," Bai Qiao said to himself.
"Father, when I was a child, you taught me marksmanship. I don’t learn anyway. You slapped me angrily. I’ll tell my mother princess later. As a result, you opened the prince who was trained by her mother to dare not move. Who would have thought that the majestic Prince’s Palace was afraid of his wife! !” Recalling things when I was a child, a few smiles appeared on my lips.
"It’s all your fault that you sent me to the abnormal condition of Zhanyunyi for fear of your mother’s princess bothering you again, and I almost died there, but it’s also thanks to the war leader that my marksmanship is so exquisite."
"I can’t believe that my father is old after all, and I can’t even pick up my gun. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have hurt my arm in the training room that day." Say that finish, Bai Qiao slowly got up and picked up the steel gun
"Let my father finally comment on my marksmanship today! !” The long steel gun in his hand stabbed like a poisonous snake, and he seriously demonstrated the big talk about the birthday marksmanship from beginning to end, as if he heard his father’s praise in the process of his demonstration; "Small marksmanship is good, quick to catch the father! !”
The last trick, "Sunset in the Western Hills", is full of strength. The pike is sold out and nailed into the front column of the hall for more than half a foot. It is deep white and panting and slowly sits down.
"Eldest brother’s marksmanship is really exquisite, younger brother’s shame is inferior to mine." It must be Muqingfeng if you don’t ask.
"Brother, you’re here, so come in and talk to your brother. It’s a long night. It’s just that you and my brother talked by candlelight and said what happened this year. You should have a good talk with your brother." I found that the bearer was Mu Qingfeng and greeted him to come in.
"I experienced eldest brother, but I didn’t expect eldest brother to know what happened in Nanling City some time ago?" Mu Qingfeng sat on the floor.
"The whole summer in South Lincheng, I don’t know who doesn’t know who doesn’t know. Wang Shi, Ling, took a group of old and weak down archers to defend South Lincheng, and waited until Ling Wang came to help the foreign aid to attack the green wolf clan, which made the barbarians fail. It’s simply said that Ying Jie, a young man, heard that the court wanted to praise him. Brother, you have been compared to Kazakhstan this time. You know that Wang Shi, Ling, is also said to be injured in his left hand. I really want to see it." Before Bai Qiao finished, I saw
"Wait a minute, Mu Chongshan seems to be the bodyguard of Ling Wangfu." Bai Qiao suddenly came over in vain. "Don’t say that Ling Wangshi is a brother and you pretend to be."
"Otherwise, eldest brother, why should I disappear in the grassland for a year?" Mu Qingfeng asks.
"Brother, it’s really you. Is there anything else in the world that you dare not do? I think if necessary, you even dare to pretend to be the emperor. Fortunately, you don’t have a family, otherwise you will have to drag people to death." It is simply acceptable for Mu Qingfeng’s audacity.
Mu Qingfeng couldn’t help but touch the precious hair in his chest when he heard Bai Qiao’s heart. Even after so long, he still seems to smell the faint fragrance from Xuelian’s body.
"Yo anthomaniac? What do you mean, are you thinking about your heart? " See MuQingFeng’s spaced out sample Bai Qiao quipped.
"An old friend, eldest brother, don’t joke" MuQingFeng some embarrassed.
"Then pretend to be a brother don’t know? When my father took me out hunting when I was a child, I would sit by the fire in a daze and look exactly like you now, "Bai Qiao added, seeing through everything."
His father Bai Qiao’s face is a little dim, but he seems to recover soon. "Brother, I have never known your life story for so long. Anyway, nothing is better than you and your brother." I know that you have a younger brother named Dog Egg and an unreliable master named Li Daoling. "
Do you want to keep Bai Qiao from knowing his life? Mu Qingfeng hesitated for a long time. According to Li Daoling’s meaning, this secret is not convenient for others to know. After all, Ling Wang has a special identity. However, after these days, it is estimated that he and Yan Wangfu know everything, and it is better to tell him the truth.
"Actually, I’m an ordinary villager in the mountains." After careful consideration, Mu Qingfeng decided to come clean. Sometimes it’s easy to crush himself by fighting a secret for too long.
After listening to Mu Qingfeng’s silent words about Bai Qiao for a long time, he looked up and said firmly, "Brother’s life is saved by his brother. Finally, he can find evidence that the thing is that Ling Wang Ganxiong will definitely get justice for his brother even if this life is lost!" !”
"Thank you for your support. If you want to bring down the mausoleum palace, the key is to find Mr. Zhan, who once advised the Green Wolf clan. If you can catch him, the truth will come out." Mu Qingfeng said slowly.
"People in the summer are in cahoots with prairie people, so people had better not fall into my hands or hum! !” Bai Qiao glanced at his steel gun.
Mu Qingfeng and Bai Qiao talked a lot that night, perhaps because they both went to their father, so there were many topics to talk about.
In the following days, it was relatively stable. After Bai Sushen, the prince of Yan, was buried, Bai Qiao regained his world identity. Because the imperial edict has not yet come, Bai Qiao can’t ascend to the throne yet. It seems that everything is orderly handled by Princess Yan and Bai Qiao.
"I’m exhausted. Now my brother is assisting the mother princess. If I take over these things by myself, I’m afraid my brother is not going to die young."
A month later, it was just worth seeing Muqingfeng complaining.
"Eldest brother where words now Beiyan so safe is not thanks to you and aunt Xue or brother accompany you to drink and relax today? Let’s ask Brother Mu to see who will fall first? " As soon as Bai Qiao complained about Mu Qingfeng, he knew what he wanted to do.
"No, you still have to take Xiao Langzhong with you." Bai focused on what was missing.
"Eldest brother, it’s not like you haven’t seen Xiao Langzhong’s poor capacity for liquor, so why don’t you lie down and ask him to come here?" Muqingfeng didn’t really want to bring this bad wine person with him.
"He won’t come, but my brother needs his hangover cure. If the mother princess knows, it is estimated that she will be whipped again. If I don’t know the truth, I will return you as her own son. It’s such a big deal. I got a dozen lashes and you were scolded." Bai Qiao muttered.
I drank too much when I was drinking, and I ended up drunk in the hotel directly. The next day, I knew what happened. Princess Yan came to the white face angrily, and she was just a slap in the face and then she didn’t dare to look up.
"Farewell, I didn’t know that Aunt Xue was so powerful. I had known that she was so powerful. I said I would never do anything." I thought of the day when Princess Yan was holding a sword and was angry. Mu Qingfeng trembled all over or called Xiao Langzhong.
A few people dressed up and left for the biggest pub in the city.
"What are we doing with this old man when we drink?" Mu Chongshan seems dissatisfied with Xiao Langzhong’s presence here.
"Hum!" Xiao Langzhong knew that ten of them could not drink but longed for the mountains, so he didn’t want to take a reason.
Just when Bai Qiao wanted to make fun, there was an unpleasant sound in front of him
"Beauty don’t run with big ye I play! !”
"You go don’t touch me! ! !”
It is obvious that the girl has been violated.
"Hey, the skin is really white. Don’t look for any relatives. Let’s go with the big ye. I promise you will be very popular and spicy. You can wait on the big ye! !” This bad voice is particularly annoying.
"Eldest brother, it seems that the public security in Yecheng still needs to be high. This is broad daylight." Muqingfeng saw Bai Qiao.
Bai Qiao’s face is as ugly as it is ugly. Just when he came from the road, he and Mu Qingfeng boasted that they were leading Yecheng in their own Britain. It was simply a road that didn’t pick up the pieces at night. It was estimated that he hadn’t landed yet. It was a slap in the face
Bai Qiao and his party crowded into the crowd, and people around them found that it was time for the world to let the road go one after another. Although Bai Qiao went out in disguise today, everyone in the world knew it.
Into the crowd, the scene in front of me made Bai Qiao almost cry. A weak female paralysis sat on the ground and grabbed her neckline with both hands. It seemed that the girl had been torn. She tried her best not to let her spring scenery leak out.
Although the girl’s face is covered with dust, the exquisite facial features, rounded face and graceful figure prove that this is a beautiful and charming beauty, and perhaps this is also the reason why the rogue moves.
The schoolyard bullies are not dressed like Yecheng people. Although people are more handsome, their faces always reveal a frivolous color. I’m afraid there are women and money in his eyes.
"Little beauty, why are you crying? It’s so cold here. Go with the young master and I’ll get warm in the car so as not to freeze you. I still have to feel sorry for you. Look at your clothes." Then I took her hand without hesitation.
"Don’t come here, don’t come here." The girl retreated repeatedly, but after all, she was a woman and was caught by the schoolyard bullies after resisting.
"Beauty, your hands are so slippery. Master, don’t want to see how the scenery is in your clothes. Come with me." The delicate hands make the girl’s arms like sheep fat Wenyu don’t know how to hide the amorous feelings.
The rogue wanted to pick up the girl and put it in the carriage, but he didn’t expect that a big foot would be powerful enough to kick him in the face.
The strong impact made him roll several times before he stopped rolling with him, and there were several white teeth.
"The long-eyed son of a bitch dare to touch grandpa know who grandpa is? !” Get up and swear, but now it seems more appropriate to call it Master Pig.
"There is no law of robbing bitter in broad daylight! !” Don’t ask, this kick must have been for nothing. Look at the swollen cheeks of that hooligan and you will know how cruel his hands are.
Master Pig knew that he was a foreigner and was afraid of offending the big family, but he carefully watched a group of people dressed in ordinary clothes and found that they were not official brothers.
"You are all for nothing? ! ! I can’t see the young master. I’ve been beaten. Give me the break of these kings’ hands and feet and let them know that the devil is not easy to mess with! !” Master Pig commanded his servant regardless of wiping his face and footprints.
"We didn’t make moves. This account is not our head, is it?" Muqingfeng quipped, staring at the pig’s death and not knowing how to repent.
"Hum! ! Who told you to be with this king’s egg? Maybe you’re a group. It’s your bad luck! ! What are you waiting for, young master? I’ll pay you. If there is another person here today, you all go to drink northwest wind at night! !” Master pig’s head is still bared his teeth
Several big men rushed at Bai Qiao and some of them. It seems that it’s really what the master is looking for and what servants these people are doing to bully men and women.
"Dare to play master me! ! Grandpa, I make you regret coming out of the womb! !” Before the pig’s head was finished, a servant flew over
It is said that this servant has the highest martial arts in the crowd. Although he is a three-legged cat, he has given himself a long face. He rushed over to Mu Chongshan, who has the highest martial arts among these people, and wanted to make a difference first. I didn’t know that Mu Chongshan was vigorously bumped into the past. As a result, I didn’t say that this evil servant was not flying as high as usual
"Oh, my old man’s house is too old to stand up to it. Don’t hit me. Go and hit those teenagers." Xiao Langzhong shouted in fear when he saw someone rushing towards him.
"Old things who let you go to hell in the way of our young master’s eyes" That who seems to have found his own merit point.
Before his fist hit Xiao Langzhong, the evil servant tilted his eyes outside his mouth.
Xiao Langzhong withdrew his point-cutting life ruler and said lightly, "This statue is just right for your virtue to dare to start work on the old man’s house! !”

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