Li Er couldn’t help secretly sighing at the sight of four women expecting eyes. "Chi Shaoyang has a letter of honor, let alone stop him on the ninth floor. Even on the first floor, I am also capable. Otherwise, I won’t let him pass the examination."

"How did that happen? Grandpa Li, aren’t you a heritage manager? " Zhou Qian asked
"Although I am a manager, there is a respect for the arrangement of assessment rules. I can’t change it at all. Now Xiaohai has entered the ninth floor and everything can be done by himself," Li Er said.
Hearing this, the four women couldn’t help sighing and revealing a dim face.
"Grandpa Li, please type the ninth picture." Tang Yu said.
"No," said Li Er, who kept sighing, "I haven’t been to the ninth floor since I was conscious, and I don’t know what’s in it at all. Perhaps the reason for doing this is that I am afraid that I have selfishness to tell the examiner what’s in it so as to prevent everything."
When this was said, all four women got up and kept pacing, with a worried face.
"This …"
Muhai gawk at his body is wrong, it should be said that god is scanning.
His mind was in a daze and his soul trembled.
This, this ninth rule is too abnormal
Muhai found himself not as a person but as a skeleton.
And his soul happens to be possessed by a skeleton soul flame. At this moment, he happens to be an undead creature.
And it is the lowest order undead.
"Shout …"
The black wind around me is pressing down, and there is a doomsday scene.
Sadness, death, darkness …
"Blare …"
The black wind blows and sends out bursts of sadness, adding a little more to the sad atmosphere.
Muhai looked like a rotten bone and shook his head secretly.
Then he struggled.
"Click …"
A fracture sounded, and his bones were scattered all over the floor and his roots broke.
"Ah …"
Muhai roared, the soul flame trembled rapidly, and the scattered skeleton was taken back to one place again
But Dharma supports its body.
Let alone walk.
"Shout …"
The black wind blew, which made Muhai’s soul flame vibrate and went out for a few minutes.
If you don’t go like this, other undead will be blown out of their wits by the black wind
"damn it"
Muhai dark scold an idea move immediately summoned the repair hammer.
Aim at your body and knock it hard.
"Bang …"
The sound kept ringing, instead of smashing his bones, his bones became more and more shiny, from gray to white, and then the white was green and moist like jasper, which looked terrible and strong.
Working hard in Muhai, the flame of his soul is already shaky, and it may go out at any time.
However, his bones are golden and his color is very verve.
If the repair hammer hadn’t consumed the soul flame, Mu Haiding would have knocked himself indestructible and turned himself into an enemy.
"Since there is no soul flame, I will devour the soul flames of other skeletons."
Such a thought of Muhai secretly nodded and made a decision in my heart.
"Shout …"
Muhai got up and swept the gods around.
This quick extinguishing soul flame can support him to scan five meters ahead.

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