Meng Xin wiped her tears and looked at the moment when she rushed in. She remembered to take the initiative to jump at him for a week. She felt that the day had been so long.

It seems to be longer than the five-year separation. In fact, this is just a personal feeling.
"… I can’t live without shoes." Meng Xin smiled awkwardly. She is barefoot now.
"…" Liziyu looked next to the maid of honor and hid Meng Xin’s shoes. This is the meaning.
"In the last link, the king found the glass slipper for the princess and let you take it away when you found the bride. Don’t worry, it’s really the last link." Lin Mei came to explain and wiped away the tears that had just been moved.
"Come" Li Ziyu shouted after listening to the explanation. Then, besides the best man, more than a dozen black suits Meng Xin and the bridesmaids were startled. This battle is really scary, isn’t it?
Li Ziyu took the lead in finding shoes after the word "listen to the order" was explained.
Li Ziyu is also a wise man. No matter who hides shoes in the room, Meng Xin should know that Meng Xin is willing to show his roots, so it won’t take much effort to pick up the bride.
However, Meng Xin can give him an indication that she knows where one of the shoes goes and where the other shoe goes, but she really doesn’t know.
Li Ziyu just looked at Meng Xin with a round of eyes. He was the first shoe root of a high IQ person, so he let Li Ziyu find it without blowing off dust.
Lele, Lin Mei and Ellie all gave Meng Xin a contemptuous look when they found their first shoes. This girl is just too spineless to know that she would betray her country. Fortunately, they still kept a chip.
"Shirley Meng Xin defected, you can steal to laugh, but there is still a refueling. Don’t blame our head if it is delayed." Gu Lele looked at Liziyu with his chest in his hands and his face was gloomy. It was cool to know that they wanted to see the wedding dress before, but they didn’t see it as their heart was also very depressed.
The three bridesmaids had a tacit understanding. They found a chair and sat down, just waiting to see the result of this group of people.
To tell the truth, Meng Xin’s room is really small, so a dozen people suddenly poured in, and they felt that the room was thin.
Liziyu also rummaged through everything for Meng Xin, which means that Meng Xin, the other shoe, really didn’t know and he absolutely believed her.
It’s amazing to say that these three bridesmaids have so many strange ideas that even the bride hides them, and they can guess that the bride will defect.
Five minutes later, everyone reported, and the unified answer was "no"
Did you hear the word Liziyu once again shoot his confused eyes at Lin Mei Lin Mei’s hands? "That’s a good one. Anyway, this other shoe is definitely in this room and won’t leave this room."
Liziyu+Everyone "…"
What kind of sign is this? Is it a sign?
"Find again" Li Ziyu has to make it again.
Another five minutes later, everyone came to report, but still no.
Liziyu’s face grew darker and he felt played. Lin Mei and the three of them sat there, hey hey, smiled, and then high-fived each other. Liziyu’s face was even more smelly.
"Don’t be angry, groom. Shoes can’t be found in this room. Can you say that your helpers are too poor? Do you want to think about it first and then find it?" Gu Lele couldn’t hold back and laughed hysterically.
Lin Mei and Ellie nodded desperately over there.
Li Ziyu looked at the people around him. This room is really small. When so many people are crowded in it, people are crowded. Now this time, we can’t delay it. Although the road has been arranged, we don’t worry about traffic jams, but there are still many links behind it.
So when he must grasp it.
"All right, you all go out in Gaoxiang, Zhao Xing and A Liang, and you three stay and keep looking." Liziyu made a decision.
The four men once again searched every corner of the room carefully, and every corner was spared Meng Xin’s bedroom. Li Ziyu rummaged through all the bedrooms and found the hygiene.
"I didn’t go to Ayu Health, and I searched everywhere." Gaoxiang stopped Liziyu from looking everywhere except for a garbage basket and a towel box with a big period.
Gaoxiang felt that no one should be abnormal enough to hide the bride’s shoes in the garbage basket or the towel for her period. He ruled out these two places directly without thinking.
"Have you looked everywhere? Have you also turned over the garbage basket? " Liziyu looked at the menstruation towel box behind the garbage basket door.
It’s not his nerves, but everywhere. If it’s not in the hygiene department, then he’s sure that the three women must be playing with him.
Is this to kill him? Women’s revenge is really not strong.
"You are also turning over the garbage basket. Who will hide in it?" Gaoxiang couldn’t believe Liziyu’s broken logic.
Normal people would never think of hiding things here unless they were perverts.
But when Gaoxiang noticed Liziyu’s serious and serious expression, he felt that the three women outside the door were probably really abnormal.
Section 197
Liziyu pursed her lips and walked towards her aunt’s towel box. Then she didn’t stop Liziyu from hitting the box when she was still in Gaoxiang. Suddenly, her eyes widened, and the other shoe was really special. She was lying inside.
"Wocao" Gao Xiang couldn’t help cursing exports.
This has caused them to trip up and really be hidden in it. Who do Meng Xin know? This thinking is really abnormal, isn’t it
"Go out and tell them to get the department in place."
Liziyu didn’t respond to the instruction to take out the shoes from the inside and then didn’t look at Lin Mei. They directly came to Meng Xin and knelt in front of Meng Xin with a pair of crystal high-heeled shoes, then carefully and gently prepared to wear them for her.
Meng Xin wants to get up after wearing it. She has been sitting for so long that her ass hurts.
But someone didn’t let a princess hug her and held her in her arms. She walked outside the house and walked to the door. Li Ziyu shouted a "red envelope rain"
So I don’t know who remotely controlled a small helicopter to the middle of the living room, and it rained all over the sky.
Liziyu held Meng Xin and came to Qixinglin and Meng Haidong’s room. Both of them knelt in front of the old man to offer tea and then bowed three times.
Meng Haidong and Qi Xinglin prepared four big red envelopes and handed them to one person and two to wish them yes man.
Say goodbye to the bride’s family and the groom will pick up the bride’s float.
The others followed, and then took their car. Meng Haidong and Qi Xinglin also had a special car to pick them up at the wedding scene.
The salute sounded, and more than 20 cars started together and headed straight for the church. All the way, there were red ribbon lanes and traffic police escorted them.
Meng Xin felt that there were too many troublesome people in this wedding, and the situation was too big for tahoe.
But these are all pediatrics. When Meng Xin arrived at the church, she found that everything she saw on the road was really nothing. The church was decorated magnificently, and many people came to attend the wedding. Meng Xin felt her head jump and was taken to the place where she should go and prepared to go.
It was almost an hour after a simple rest after a makeup repair. This hour was also Lele, and the three of them continued to accompany her, but the three people did not come to accompany her but looked forward to looking outside.
"This rich man is just not the same. I really want to see the outside. If I had known earlier, I would not have been a bridesmaid. If I had been a guest, I could have taken a lot of photos." Gu Lele watched the willow outside with Hengheng and KINOMOTO SAKURA playing happily on the green lawn.
She also wants to go out and play like that. I really feel that Li Ziyu’s revenge is too strong. They just played a normal trick on a groom and now they are locked in the room by Li Ziyu.
"Well, it’s a blessing for a generation to attend such a wedding, not to mention Meng Xin, or the hostess of this wedding is so happy." Ellie also yearned for her dream wedding, and now Meng Xin has awakened from her dream and helped her realize this dream, which is considered to have fulfilled her wish.
Good. That’s really good.

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