Aoqing really lost the opportunity this time.

The three elders guarding the Jianlu are not in the Jianlu, because the cabinet owner recently received the divination of the secret cliff and invited the three elders to discuss it together, but the three elders did not neglect to take care of the kindling. Before leaving, they arranged those swords that still needed kindling to keep warm around the casting pool. These swords will always follow the kindling, so there must be something wrong with the kindling.
Aoqing didn’t know her escape direction at this time, but it was exposed. After she rushed out of Jianlu, she hid in the shadow barrier of Chuxing meteorite, and then the two girlfriends moved slowly under the cover of the shadow barrier.
It’s a pity that the two men were chased and surrounded less than ten feet away. The two men glances at Chuxing meteorite to make sure that there is no problem in their light and shadow enchantment, so the problem can be in Aoqing.
Aoqing came out of the light and shadow barrier without saying anything and smiled at the surrounding area, which was surrounded by three floors and three floors outside. It is not uncommon for this pair of strange brothers. Anyway, she has experienced several times in recent years, but she is still very careful. Even when she took the fire, she did not disturb the people around her. How can she be found?
The most strange thing is that even hidden in the light and shadow boundary, they can find the position accurately! This is incredible!
Aoqing four swept a circle and finally found something unusual-
The original swords suspended by the casting pool have followed here at this time, and the tip of each sword is pointing at her far away, but they have not taken the initiative to attack.
AoQing heart move Murphy … Are these swords exposed her whereabouts? !
At the thought of this possibility, this ice cube has an impulse to run away.
What a dump this strange pavilion is! Even some unformed swords can be guards! How can she continue to steal the fire after this?
Just as she roared in her heart, four swords flew from different directions, but it turned out that Aoqing’s retreat was completely blocked from four directions in the southeast and northwest, so that she could do it in addition to recklessly.
Aoqing’s eyes narrowed with cold light, and the oppressive frost gas instantly condensed around her body, and a snow storm fell in a hot place like inexplicable pavilion.
Just as she was about to shoot, a dazzling light flashed and lost everyone’s eyes. A huge corona covered Aoqing’s body. Brilliant and gorgeous is the most indestructible protection. Four swords fell on this corona and left a little starlight.
Chapter 333 Divination numbers (3)
"It’s you two again!"
A flustered voice came from the periphery of the crowd, and my brother gave up a passage. A woman dressed in cyan came along.
Aoqing calmly disappeared in the eyes of the center of the crowd. Just before she was violent, she rested her hands on her hips and looked at the woman walking slowly and sneered, "You inexplicable pavilion guards have only let me sneak into this place so many times. Can you blame me?"
Tsing Yi female face instantly sank, holding the sword in the palm of her right hand, and it was buzzing with potential.
Chuxing meteorite figure has been exposed at the moment of light and shadow enchantment. Anyway, both of them are regulars of inexplicable pavilion. Even if she doesn’t take the initiative to appear in each other, she will never believe that she is not nearby. It is not as good as her own appearance to be beaten by people’s sword array.
Tsing Yi female double eyebrow a twist cold way "you repeatedly broke into my inexplicable pavilion stealing fire unexpectedly still dare to brazenly say I inexplicable pavilion guards lax! Really shameless! "
AoQing right hand little finger to pay out the ear and then some nail stains fly while picking up the residue in the nail crevice and said, "I said Tan Lingxue! Although I have come to steal the kindling again and again, you really haven’t been able to keep me here once, and you can’t even break my small Chu light and shadow barrier. Who is talking big? I feel strange. It’s not easy for you to take such defensive measures as inexplicable pavilion, which has not been stolen for so many years. "
Yet a strange pavilion around brother outcry one by one with a sword tactic is going to hand by the woman called Tan Ling Xue tsing yi stretched out his hand and stopped.
Tan Lingxue coldly looking at AoQing way "you always hide behind the tortoise shell so coward! Don’t you dare to personally teach me the inexplicable pavilion sword array! "
AoQing this will finally remove the residue in the nail crevice and jilt the right hand pie mouth. "Just like you, Jian array … Ha ha! If Xie Suixin is still here, maybe there is still a 30% chance that you will leave me. Unfortunately, he is no longer in the inexplicable pavilion. It is really not enough for you young people to see. "
She looked around at the indignant expressions of her brothers and then smiled. "Since you want to ask for advice, I will reluctantly teach you. Don’t call me a big bully."
You know, your great-granduncle, Zuxie, can call me an aunt at will!
But AoQing didn’t intend to say this sentence. After all, it would not be so happy to suppress their generational play.
Just as she was talking to Tan Lingxue, three elders of Jianlu had already stepped into the crowd and walked beside Tan Lingxue. Tan Lingxue nodded to the three elders, and then four people dispersed into the crowd, and all the younger brothers disappeared into the crowd in the blink of an eye.
Aoqing is no longer just that smirked face at the moment, but she has written to Chu Xing Meteor to protect herself and be careful to be hurt by the sword array.
You know, in the whole human world, there is an inexplicable pavilion, which is devoted to practicing swordsmanship, and an inexplicable pavilion, Jianlu, is the strongest weapon in this world for your younger brother, but now you have a sword tactic before you have Jianlu, so Aoqing will be particularly interested in the fire in Jianlu. After all, it is extraordinary to be cast by the Jianxiu family!
Without further ado, Chu Xing meteorite will directly cover herself up with the light and shadow enchantment and quietly leave Aoqing’s side. If she stays where she is, let alone whether she will be accidentally injured by the inexplicable pavilion sword array, the most important thing is that it will affect Aoqing’s movement, so it is better to stay away. If she has the opportunity to go out from the encirclement of inexplicable pavilion brothers, she can also help Aoqing to leave together.
Years of tacit understanding have made this pair of girlfriends never question, just as now Chu Xing meteorite has quietly left Aoqinggen and won’t recognize that this is Xiao Chu running away alone.
Tan Ling Xueyin came out of the crowd and looked at Aoqing to the position, but she didn’t find Tan Ling Xueyin there. Then her heart sank.
Listening to the position is the most basic skill in practice, but now she has made a mistake. Either Tan Lingxue moves very fast and leaves in an instant, or there is something wrong with this sword array that can cover up the eye-catching atmosphere!
And neither of these two situations is a good thing for Aoqing, which makes her plan to take the initiative to attack!
At this moment, several sword lights came from three directions: from, Xun and Gen. Aoqing’s eyes narrowed slightly and his hands waved the sword lights from Xun and Gen, and the sword lights flew out of position, but she dodged them and went to the position.
Aoqing corners of the mouth a hook coldly smiled at her, this is to see whether Tan Lingxue is still in the position. After all, these three swords are from the hands of the three elders. She doesn’t believe that ordinary brothers can pick them up. If Tan Lingxue is really no longer in the position, it can be considered that these brothers are out of luck.
Suddenly, several firm but gentle waves rose to the sky in the position, smashing the flying sword light, and at the same time, several firm but gentle waves went straight at Aoqing.
AoQing sneer at a sarcastic way "originally inexplicable pavilion so-called sword array is just more bullying less! In that case, I will win much less! "
As she spoke, a frost spread all over her body, except for a pair of eyes, which were still vivid. Now she is like an iceman, but this iceman is free to move!
Ice crystal armor with Aoqing decided to attack the dry position.
The younger brother hurriedly retreated, and the two wings were protected by the exchange and the other positions on both sides.
Aoqing immediately turned white. It turned out that Tan Lingxue was no longer in the camp. I don’t know what secret method this person actually had, but he could escape her eyes and jump directly to the dry position.
At this time, she didn’t intend to kill anyone, so she flew back and turned to attack Kun, a younger brother who followed her closely. Just as she turned around, the younger brother directly offered dozens of flying swords to Aoqing in the middle of the back.
Aoqing is keenly aware that there is something different behind him and he doesn’t look back. His right foot has stepped on the ground and his figure has soared to the middle school. But … She suddenly appeared with the tip of the flying sword group pointing straight at her, threatening to force her to fall from it.
At this time, with the flying sword chasing her life and her figure staying in the middle, she finally flashed a golden ice white scale to climb the skin. The ice crystal armor collapsed in an instant and became several ice and snow floating around her body. As she drank the original ice crystals violently, it turned into an overwhelming snow field ice storm!
Chapter 334 inexplicable pavilion fire (a)
The ice storm swept through those flying swords and fell to the ground one by one, and the number of ice crystals beside Aoqing also dropped sharply with the decrease of flying swords.
A sword of light was hidden in several flying swords, and it flew rapidly towards Aoqing. The silvery white sword reflected the ice crystals, which made Aoqing not immediately aware of it. She was awakened by the biting murder until the sword of light had fallen half a foot in front of her, and a flash of rage flashed in her eyes for a moment. Her right hand was already covering up the shadow of the ice crystals, and the claw-shaped sword abruptly caught the sneak attack on the flying sword.
At that time, the fire was overflowing, giving off extra brilliance in the sword shadow ice storm.
At the same time, there are three sword lights from different directions to look at Aoqing.
Chu Xing meteorite has been outside the sword array. At this time, she also saw the danger around Aoqing. Although she believes that these sneak attacks on flying swords hurt Aoqing scales, at this time, she doesn’t want Aoqing to expose herself. After all, the whole cultivation world knows that the ice field in the Arctic ice field is sent by the celestial world to guard the ice field. If people know that Aoqing is the ice field, they are afraid that the ice flow will be turbulent.

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