Chef eldest brother thought about it and thought that the word pots and pans was inappropriate. After all, their housewife didn’t like the kitchen very much, so she thought that it was around her children and relatives.

It seems that no matter how big things happen to others, she won’t move.
In fact, this is the female blessing, isn’t it?
Do you care whether other people’s lives are happy or sad?
Must listen to so many other people’s gossip?
After all, I can live my own life.
She also has her own ideals. She runs a kindergarten. She says she will run a primary school in the future, then a junior high school and a university. Maybe she will go to a foreign school in the future.
Then she smiled, but these ideals are all in the background of Teng Zong.
Thinking of her at that time made people feel happy and relaxed.
Gentle has an appetite tonight. Although she fainted at noon, she was weak, but seeing that she had eaten the meat in the soup, Manager Teng couldn’t help but frown and wonder if she was really hungry or whether she would show it to the chef.
Don’t try to be brave after I just said it in the hospital, and now it’s …
"I’m going to sleep later and eat less." Teng always couldn’t help but wake up kindly.
"Well, I know," replied the gentle nod, but I didn’t put the meat at all
Teng always looked up at the chef’s eldest brother, who had been around, and couldn’t help but say that you should get some vinegar.
"Good" chef, he also wants to drink.
Who knows that as soon as he left, manager Teng always put all the meat in the gentle bowl into his bowl and you drank soup.
"Ah what?"
"I am really hungry."
"Are you sure?"
"Of course I didn’t eat much at noon, and now it’s so late."
Mrs. Teng feels so sorry for her husband’s adult that she has lost all her letters.
Chef eldest brother came out with vinegar and looked at Mr. Teng, who was always giving Mrs. Teng meat. He couldn’t help laughing for two times.
"President, you want vinegar."
Gentleness can’t help but poof a vine and always twist his eyebrows slightly. He doesn’t like to drink vinegar.
"I’ll add it for you."
"ah? I don’t want you to add it for yourself, "said the gentle smile, and then drank your soup with a bowl."
She looks good when she drinks soup. She is a person who pays great attention to life. When the bowl touches the spoon, it won’t make a sound, and when she drinks soup, it won’t make a sound.
Anyway, it’s true that everyone has a good family, although she was down and out later
She was the first daughter of the Wen family. At that time, her parents still had time to cultivate her in the mood. Later, when there were more children, the family was a little chaotic, and the two big ladies behind her cultivated less. Moreover, they also preferred boys to practice everything, but they were not in the mood for a while.
Tenderness is a relatively warm sex, and she will be very serious about what she wants to learn.
Always get a high score.
But don’t. She doesn’t know how bad it is. She broke the edge of the nest.
For example, I didn’t like my brothers and sisters when they were too bad-tempered.
For example, now my husband wants to rob her butcher’s shop, and now he hates drinking vinegar, so she picks up the vinegar bottle and I’ll pour it for you myself.
Manager Teng …
The original taste of the white soup was very light, but suddenly it was spoiled by the sour taste.
"You must finish it, or the chef’s eldest brother will be sad. He has worked hard for hours and kept stirring." He said softly that he was very kind.
Teng always looked up and looked at her and poured so much vinegar into his bowl, then said that she was grandiose.
Section 41
"Manager Teng used to like vinegar. I thought you didn’t like it. Should I add more to the dish that day?" Chef eldest brother beside embellish.
Teng always looked up at the simple and honest chef’s eldest brother and then at the smug woman across the street.
"Then I’ll eat at home tomorrow."
"Ah?" Chef’s eldest brother is suddenly lonely
Gentle …
"Why did you really scare the chef?"

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