Seeing that the astrolabe shows several light blue spots and a red spot, the red spot is the magic fairy fruit mark, while the blue spot is the astrolabe. Another function is to leave mana marks on each other’s astrolabes, so it can be shown in a hundred miles.

And Meng Qi counted a total of light spots one by one, so it should be a master of Gu Jian. Although it is not a black emperor, Meng Qi is also happy to burst into tears. Finally, he found the organization
Meng Qi quickly flew to those light spots …
"Hand over the magic fairy fruit or don’t blame us for being impolite." A group of less than twenty monks surrounded a group of seven monks.
And the seven monks tightly surrounded one of their female monks for a while, and the female monk said, "We have a magic fairy fruit here. How do you divide it between the two sides?"
The female monk burst into laughter as soon as she spoke, and then one person said, "Little Niang, you still don’t have the strength to make anything go wrong." Then there was a burst of laughter.
This line of people is Meng Qinan handsome lost black emperor zong and others are surrounded by people. Naturally, it is Cheng Rewei, but after the mid-term repair, it is one of the standouts to walk in the magic fairyland.
As soon as they found the magic fairy fruit in their hands, they injured two brothers when they killed the spirit beast transformed by the magic fairy fruit, and one of them was Fang Chen.
In fact, if it weren’t for Fang Chen, one of his brothers would have fallen.
And less than a day after they got the magic fairy fruit, they were stared at by a wave of people, and the number of people on their side was similar to that of Cheng Rewei, who was not afraid.
But just when the two sides couldn’t fight, another wave of people came.
If Cheng Re-wei still has some secrets to form a three-legged confrontation, she can play something she is good at, such as killing three scholars with two peaches, which is what Meng Qi said to herself.
However, after a face-to-face meeting, two people found that the other party was actually an ally, so they aimed their guns at Cheng Rewei and others.
In fact, if it weren’t for seeing if Cheng Rewei and others were not weak, there would be nothing cheap to pick up and fight hard, and our own side would suffer a lot, so I’m afraid we wouldn’t be deadlocked like this.
Cheng ruowei thought hard about what to do, but now this situation is really a problem.
Just as she was about to hand over the magic fairy fruit, a voice came from all directions. "Isn’t this Cheng Shimei?" What’s going on? "
Everyone looked up at Cheng Ruowei, and when he saw the man, he was a little excited and shouted, "Brother Du!"
And the people who surrounded the Black Emperor Sect turned black, whether it was Cheng Re-wei’s smile or that Brother Du’s confident and indifferent expression, it was never simple.
Du Sheng slowly fell from the middle and smiled and said, "What happened to Cheng Shimei? These people surrounded you?"
Cheng Rewei calmed down a little bit and said, "We found a magic fairy fruit, but they want to take it away."
Du Sheng nodded and said, "Well, it’s okay to come here, but since I met them, I can’t take them away." The tone was very light but I didn’t believe it, as if twenty people around were just native tile dogs.
Seeing this new guy look down on himself so badly, those people suddenly got annoyed. How many fights can you make by yourself?
And everyone knows that they can’t talk properly. The leaders on both sides look at each other, and then they sacrifice the multiplier and attack.
Small-scale fighting is obviously different from large-scale fighting. Small-scale fighting can also be moved and dodged, but large-scale fighting will be accidentally injured by people next to it.
Du Sheng really deserves to be a Nan Jun-like figure in Haoran Zongli. It is severe for a person to contain the other five monks and not fall into the wind.
But even so, Cheng Rewei’s side is a few people less than the other side, and Cheng Rewei is also a middle-term monk. Although there are reinforcements, Black Emperor Zong’s side is still in the wind.
And just then a purple light flashed, and the original siege Du Sheng fell from it with a scream.
This is the first time that casualties occurred on both sides, and everyone’s attention was slightly attracted. There was a purple and gold unicorn floating steadily in the middle, which was the murderer who killed the monk.
When the Black Emperor clan saw the one-horned man, his morale was greatly boosted, and he struggled to support the people. As soon as he became fierce, he launched a counterattack against the monks who besieged his own side.
This purple-gold unicorn is naturally a purple-gold cone of Meng Qi. He was originally a master of Gu Jian, but he didn’t expect Nan Jun to be like himself.
I didn’t expect to meet Du Sheng here. After discovering this situation, Meng Qi roughly estimated it, and then he decided to keep these people.
So he didn’t show up directly, but put a ban around him to prevent these people from escaping.
And then to besiege Du Sheng, because Du Sheng was liberated and he suddenly appeared, he would surely kill the other party by surprise.
It really happened. Du Sheng was slow and sharp after finding someone to help him, and there was a flaw in the encirclement of the other side. He issued dozens of firm but gentle words in a row.
Four people did not consider the fall of the same door and hurriedly defended, but this was just Du Sheng’s containment. When the people defended, he offered a fan, then aimed at one person, waved the fire all over the sky, and then set a simple sword at the man.
And then straight through the man’s defense, lotus flower floating all over the sky.
Sure enough, if you don’t sing, it will be a blockbuster …
Chapter one hundred and ten Pull the net to collect the rope
Due to the fact that all the people of the Black Emperor Sect fought back and pinned down all the people who besieged them, they couldn’t spare any manpower to support several people who were killed by Du Sheng and Meng Qi.
And Meng Qi and Du Sheng, of course, seized this opportunity to strangle several people quickly, and then there was no suspense. To Meng Qi and Du Sheng was like a tiger in the flock, and soon the other party was killed. Just when they wanted to escape, they found that it was already forbidden to escape, and it was impossible.
Lost the hope of life, a few people left naturally want to throw caution to the wind and put up resistance, but at this moment, of course, the black emperor zong people will not pay attention to their trapped animals fighting, and they can’t escape anyway. They are releasing the multiplier and they are dealing with it.
It wasn’t long before several people left were beaten to death.
"Thanks for Brother Du’s help" packed up the battlefield and Cheng Rewei leaned in front of Du Sheng who was chatting with Meng Qi and said.
Du Sheng turned to smile and said, "Cheng Shimei is welcome. In fact, this teacher younger brother Meng is the key to slay these people this time."
Meng Qi shook his head. He knew that if it weren’t for Du Sheng, even if he came this time, it wouldn’t help. "Brother Du is welcome. If it weren’t for your support, even if I came here, I would hand over the magic fairy fruit."
"Ah" Du Sheng smiled and was no longer polite and modest.
"Brother Du is also separated from the noble clan? Why don’t you come with us for a while? "Meet Du Sheng, such a big force. Cheng Rewei wants to stay, of course.
Du Sheng is ready to come and join them. After all, although they are not the same clan, they are alliance clansmen, and he also has Meng Qi’s distress that he can’t rob the magic fairy fruit by himself.

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