In the afternoon, he gave a message to Changsheng and agreed to the winning conditions.

They helped Changsheng buy a South American striker named cavani in exchange for renting De Silvestre for one year and giving priority to buying him out. Of course, Lazio paid for cavani.
So Changsheng gave cavani’s club Danubio United to Naples.
But this does not mean that Lazio will give up this transfer.
They will send people to participate in the project, on the one hand, to show their feelings, on the other hand, to monitor what Naples is doing.
Of course, in this transfer, cavani will know where he will eventually go, not Naples to buy him but Lazio to want him.
He must know this. Lazio will communicate with him privately and say that this is Italy’s national condition and they want to "save the country by curve"
The contact with Villarreal, cazorla’s club, has always been before the World Cup.
Now Changsheng has received good news. Villarreal has agreed to sell cazorla!
Chang Shengma dialed Villarreal Club to negotiate and communicate with them about the transfer of cazorla.
Villarreal’s offer to cazorla was 600,000 euros, which was the same as the winning memory.
But at the same time, they hope to enjoy the repurchase qualification of 1.2 million euros.
That is to say, they can buy back cazorla for 1.2 million in the next season.
"I can’t accept the buyback clause." Changsheng shook his head and refused the request of Sese Lasse, general manager of Villarreal Club.
"What? This will minimize the risk for both of us, and you know that this is the Spanish football system … "said Sai Lhasa.
"I don’t care so much. I am now the coach of Lazio. This is an Italian team. They have never heard of any repurchase terms."
"But all Spanish players will have this …"
"Italy still has half of it, otherwise we will pay 300 thousand to buy half of cazorla?"
"What the hell is that!" Lhasa can’t help but vomit a way
"So let’s meet each other halfway. We will offer 1.2 million euros to buy out cazorla, but there is no repurchase clause and nothing is bought out at one time. We can give you cash in one lump sum and no installment payment. What do you think?"
Changsheng actually still doesn’t know what the Villarreal club wants to sell cazorla. He doesn’t know what happened in the club department.
However, since Villarreal suddenly sold cazorla at a low price, it is said that the yellow submarine does not pay much attention to cazorla now, although cazorla has played well in the first two seasons.
Lhasa was silent for a moment and then said, "I need to think about this …"
Changsheng clenched his fist at the other end of the words.
Lhasa said that without directly refusing, it said that things were possible.
So Chang Sheng decided to add to the fire. "Then you must hurry. You know I have many choices now, but I think I once decided to take care of an old acquaintance in Spain. If you want to sell him, this is the best chance!"
Constant victory is betting that Villarreal really wants to abandon cazorla so that Villarreal will agree to his terms.
Just hung up and spoke to Sese Lassa. Miss Lucia sounded "Mr. corvino is on line three!"
So Changsheng picked up the yellow telephone on the right hand side again.
"Hey, how did you talk to the players, Pantaleo?" Changsheng picked up the words casually, from the movement to the tone. It seems that he doesn’t care about corvino’s order, but in fact he has been waiting for the words of the Serie A gold medal manager.
Because he believes in corvino’s vision, he will see how excellent Pandev is and he will firmly buy Pandev’s idea.
"It’s very smooth, but I’m not calling you to talk about zauri. Let’s talk about Pandev," said Pantaleo corvino.
Changsheng grinned at the other end of the words.
"As I said, Pantaleo Pandev prefers to go to Inter Milan. We should respect his personal wishes …"
"Yes, yes, but as far as I know, Inter Milan are still interested in the Swede Ibrahimovic. Maybe they won’t buy Pandev …"
Changsheng was not surprised, because everyone knew that the media reported that Ibrahimovic had an "affair" with Inter Milan
"It’s hard to say, Pantaleo. In fact, I have received a message from Inter Milan, in which Blanca expressed great interest in Pandev and we are about to enter the stage of discussing the specific transfer."
Actually, Blancagan didn’t call Changsheng.
He’s just misrepresenting corvino.
Corvino is naturally not so gullible, but Inter Milan are really interested in Pandev, as everyone knows. Blanca declared that Pandev was a member of Inter Milan’s youth academy. To put it bluntly, he was playing emotional cards, just like AC Milan’s trick of seducing Oddo. It really deserves to be a city team …
Corvino is an Italian gold medal manager. He made his debut at Casarano Club, experienced Lecce and Florence, and has a good eye for people. He is always good at buying at low prices and selling at high prices.
Miccoli, Vucinic, Bojinov and later jovetic were all written by him.
However, such a discerning person sometimes sees things wrong. For example, he once missed Cassano, Vidic, Nzobia and Brazilian striker Diego. Of course, he regretted missing Berbatov most.
At that time, Berbatov even went to Lecce for a medical examination, but corvino left to complete another contract. When he came back, he could go to Berbatov to replace Berbatov. His father and I were unable to give him a car and an apartment since Lecce. Later, when I saw him playing in Leverkusen Premier League, I regretted it at corvino Stadium.
It is because there are so many mistakes that corvino seems so hesitant.
He was afraid that he would miss another genius.
Pandev was wearing a "genius boy" hat when he joined Inter Milan, and then his star was dim. I didn’t expect him to play again in Lazio!
Now Pandev has just turned 23, which is the prime of life.
It would be great if he could be Tony’s partner …
When corvino hesitated, the names of players who passed him by, such as Cassano, Vidic, Diego and Berbatov, came to his mind in turn.
This helped her make a decision.
"How often do you give Pandev to us for 10 million euros?"
Corvino finally made an offer
Always wins and smiles, and the old fox will get the trick one day!
"Different Chimata cheap UEFA Cup top scorer worth ten million? Don’t be ridiculous, Pantaleo, and he is also the top scorer in Lazio’s league. There are 13 league goals in a season, and a total of 23 goals are scored. The scorer is worth 10 million? It’s not a few years ago now. Pantaleo couldn’t play in Verona four years ago. Gilardino was able to transfer to Parma for 12 million. What happened to Pandev that Gilardino was not as good as four years ago? Gilardino has proved his value in Parma and AC Milan, and I think Pandev will continue to rise … "
"Then how much do you want?" Corvino interrupted winning gushing directly asked.
Changsheng did not hesitate to quote "15 million euros"

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