After all, no one has sent E-Hugh to be the first one yet. Everyone wants to see what he sent to estimate the value and compare it with what he sent himself. If his value is not enough, he will have to change it and lose face. When E-Hugh spoke just now, Fiona Fang’s voice was very loud and far because there was more than a mile in this pit.

When I heard him say this, not only other people around the pit came around, but also dozens of Xianbin flew down in the fairy halls around the cliff. Everyone should see what gift he sent. After all, Xie Jia and his two women have never been out of the mountain. The guests here don’t even know Xie Lin. Seeing that Ye Bin and Yang Jin are far away, they seem to be discussing something. With a turn of their eyes, they winked at their sister Xie Ying.
Two people were holding the arms of female Kunlun Shi Yuzhu and Zhao Danbi Zhang Jinwen next to them, begging them to help them point out who these people are so that they can know the female Kunlun Shi Yuzhu and Zhao Danbi Zhang Jinwen, and they like their innocence and delicacy. When they beg for nature, they can’t refuse to pick those famous people and point them out one by one.
After listening to the introduction of Xie’s sisters, I realized that these were the overseas immortals Yi Zhoujia, Ling Xu Cui Haike, Dianchi Xianglan Qingningyi, Suzhou Tianpingshan Fairy Gong Shuang Huan, Nanhai Moqiu Island from Zhugong Shaoyang Shenjun Mentor, Tianshi School’s ancestor Tian Ling and brother Xiong Xueer. Except for these people, all of them were scattered during their infancy.
At this time, they flew down again. They didn’t even know the female Kunlun Shi Yuzhu and Zhao Dan Bi Zhang Jinwen. They were dressed in the same yellow linen jacket. It seemed that they were all middle-aged and had three yellow whiskers. They were as elegant as paper, but they gave people a strange feeling. It seemed that there was something wrong.
The strangest thing is that the two of them are twin brothers like the two women, not only in appearance but also in behavior. According to the female Kunlun Shi Yuzhu, it seems that both of them are around the yuan baby period. After all, the female Kunlun Shi Yuzhu is also in the golden elixir period, and she doesn’t feel very accurate. She also asked her sisters around her, but they didn’t recognize the twins.
Just when everyone wants to skip it, Mo Yunyi’s hole is suddenly light! When I saw several sisters watching her, Kong Lingxiao turned red and said, "I remember that I saw these two people in a lonely mountain village when I passed Dayuling more than ten years ago, and seven Shan Ye villagers were weaving fishing nets."
At that time, I paid special attention to seeing these two twins with special looks. At that time, I also remembered that they were two ordinary villagers who went back and forth to the mountains to sort out their travels and harvest. They had a pair of golden eyes and a dark net, which was not finished for several acres. I’m afraid it wasn’t ordinary people. Although I thought it was strange at that time, I lost it and didn’t care.
I didn’t expect to see them here today, and they didn’t hide their strength like the second time. I didn’t expect that both of them were masters of Yuan Ying. I don’t think they should be celebrities. Let’s ask the master later. "
All the women nodded because now half of Lao Ni is talking to Han Xian, and these disciples naturally can’t bother casually. Although the female Kunlun Shi Yuzhu and Zhao Dan Bi Zhang Jinwen continue to introduce Xie Gu sisters to other people, several girls have turned their attention to these two yellow-clad people to see what they are doing.
These two people are flying from a small pavilion diagonally opposite, and there are not many confluents. They stand by and watch the Tianshi Sect’s ancestor Tianling as if paying attention to them. The female Kunlun Shi Yuzhu’s sister, the ethereal Shi Zhu, is most curious about the happy event. Seeing that these two people in yellow are flying flat and falling with them, they don’t see the light and don’t have evil spirits. You can’t see the way.
When she saw that the master and Han Xian had stopped talking, they all looked at the pit. She was just about to go to the master. Excuse me, I suddenly listened. Lei Zhen quickly looked back and saw that Yi Xiu manipulated a topaz seal ling with a distance of more than 100 meters to smash it into the pit. When he recovered the seal, he saw a flat ground with a width of 100 meters in the center of the pit.
When I saw that the red light flashed across the flat land, I saw a ruby archway about 36 meters high and more than 10 meters long. It was divided into five gatehouses. Please be bright and clear in scarlet. It was like a piece of natural jade, and I didn’t see the slightest trace of carving. It seemed that it was born like this.
In the middle of the gatehouse, there is a banner engraved with "Mysterious Wonderland", and four ancient seal characters are written in gold, as if they were born in the jade archway. The archway emits a red halo, and at one time, Zhu Xiali’s golden light in the pit makes the whole pit look solemn. Everyone can’t help but admire that the archway is so beautiful, but is this one available?
Beautiful things are put in the pit, which seems to be in the wrong position, and this seems to be not a magic weapon, because everyone didn’t feel the mana fluctuation of the Redjade archway. At this time, I saw that Hugh took out a slap on the small gourd of the earth and dumped it at the pit. A stream of seawater poured out of the gourd and a few breaths filled the pit in Fiona Fang for more than a mile.
At this time, it was only white that the archway saw that the seawater filled with the pit could not enter within a hundred meters near the archway, leaving a water. This ruby archway turned out to be a treasure that can be turned into water. This pit is more than a mile in diameter and more than a hundred meters deep. Now it has been injected with light blue seawater like a sapphire.
In the center of this sapphire, there seems to be a piece as beautiful and blurred as a ruby, which makes people like it. At this time, Bai Guyi wondered, "This ruby archway seems to be a real treasure of the water palace in the East China Sea. It is said that it is an ancient treasure, but it is a narcissus in the sea. I don’t know how much effort it took to cast this treasure like the Emei Sect’s Lingcui Peak."
B Hugh took a look at this completed gift and laughed. "Speaking of which, my master and Changmei’s real master are also friends. Although there are not many of us left in the world, since Emei sent a house to send a gift, I am not rich, and it is even more difficult to take out my hand. It is not bad for Long Dan and his friends to change such a water-dividing archway?"
Short Zhu Mei beside coldly tunnel "defeated!" It is said that everyone present was silent, although everyone knows that this is a failure. This water-breaking archway is in the water, but what is here? It’s a decoration. The trapped Long Dan is a Gucci medicine, which is specially used to deal with the dragon creatures. The fragrance released by Baodan can make the dragon creatures weak.
Trapped in Long Dan, which is so rare and has treasures, there is nothing to look at for a land practitioner. This line can be said to be a loser, but everyone knows that it seems a bit that Zhu Mei said this.
Chasing the clouds, Bai Guyi smiled awkwardly. This old friend is humorous and eccentric in character, but he has become even more eccentric since he was destroyed by Song Chang-geng’s physical possession, which makes him sometimes feel unbearable. There are people with status here. Although he is leng, he automatically ignores it and ignores it.
Xie Gu’s two women have seen many new things about all the immortals, and they have seen the Shuibi archway and experienced it with everyone. After they turned it over, they got tired of playing. When they came, they saw Song Changgeng meditating there, and they were very curious about this man. They saw that he was a fairy, worse than his father and aunt, and had a good friendship with his aunt.
Now, seeing him alone here, the second yuan God, Xie Lin went over and asked, "What did you get from the Song predecessors? Why didn’t you see your demon apprentice? "
Song Changgeng smiled when he was about to speak. He heard the loud voice of Hua Linghun from a dozen paces away. When everyone turned to look at it, it was normal to call Hua Linghun and Nanhai Grinding Ball Island away from Zhugong Shaoyang Shenjun Mentor, Tianshi Sect’s godfather Tianling and his younger brother Xiong Xueer, etc. You could hear Hua Linghun talking like a broken gong.
Listen to him, and say to Tianshi Sect’s ancestor Tianling, "Heaven is short. Just now, Daoyou B has been the first to shine a treasure. The newly-built place here has few big scenery. Since we are here, it is natural to add something to our host. From here, the whole dozen pits in Xianfu are all for us to see what is less and what is added."
You see, friend B showed up in front of many people. You have been a godfather for many years, unlike me, a poor flower who has only been a flower head for three and a half days. Don’t say that people can’t even take care of their own food and clothing. What are you going to give? Come on, it’s not like the world’s new house is completed and the banquet guests have to wait for the host to say hello. Don’t you have to meet the host to offer it? "
His loud voice immediately attracted other people’s attention, and everyone was still watching and admiring it. However, as soon as this memorial arch came out, some people felt that their things were a little out of hand. They were wondering what to send. When they heard the noise here, they all looked at it. Many people were holding it and looking at their minds again. This was the case with Song Changgeng.
Volume 37 The proposed alliance Chapter three hundred and sixty-six Spirit’s mind
Being short, Tianling can’t help but frown. He is a master. Although he acts a little by hook or by crook, he has no bad karma. He is also a leader in the sideline. He is disgusted with Ling Hun’s yelling, but the other person’s skill is not the same as his own, and both of them are the same. Although there are many people, it is really annoying for him to teach by himself.
But in front of so many people being run on by this guy, I have to say a few words, so I said coldly, "Ling Hun, your husband and wife have founded the Pope. How do you say they are all masters or can’t change your loquacious problem? I don’t have any tolerance and status as a monk. It can be said that I am willing to live in spite of others’ cold teeth
It’s strange that Emei Sect can spread the light. What do you think of Qi Daoyou’s comments on weekdays that are not admirable at present? Are you so tired of talking? Since I’m here, how can I not send a gift? But what gift should I give? Do I need you to run me here when I change my mind? If you want to hug Emei’s thigh, don’t take my knife, don’t make me afraid of your husband and wife. "
Ling Hun hasn’t retaliated from them. The short Zhu Mei suddenly said, "What do you mean by short days? If I don’t spend time with Ling, I won’t care. You say he doesn’t care, but now that I’m here, why do you want to add words to your speech? Do you want to bring me in? I don’t seem to have recruited you? "
Day spirit eyes flashed a fierce face but with a smile, "I’m still cheap. You are Linghua, but I hate talking. I really want to be honest with others. I don’t like you and Bai Short. I hate it and it’s bad. You know that B Daoyou was suppressed after being hunted down, but it’s a magic weapon, but it’s good chess, but usually there is no opponent. Bai Short disciple is ok."
You incredibly white dwarf disciple Yue Wen went with him, and then words goaded him to force him to send a gift to tempt him to leave his master to him for self-defense. Long Dan sent himself away, but he didn’t want to be a good person on three sides. You don’t want to be trapped in Long Dan. Hey hey, how can his master leave him something for no reason? How can you be worthy of friends? "
Zhu Mei suddenly glared at him. "What nonsense are you talking about? When did we let Yue Wen do this? It’s that friend B himself is going to change something for us, and it’s that friend B really has something to do in the future. It’s not that you’re too paranoid. His husband and wife can’t eat it. Is it you? Hum, the green robe ruined his apprentice, and he didn’t even dare to put it here to pretend to be a big-tailed wolf! "
Ling muddy beside a smile fan fan ignition way "you said you two! They’re both short, so don’t bicker. Do you have anything good for your master? Who can’t come up with something new and lend him my dog stick? Hey, hey, so many people are watching. It’s a shame not to come up with something good. "
Tianling sneers, "You’re not here. You’ll talk to me. I know this white dwarf got a lot of sand in Ziyun Palace. He wants to collect all the sand from Ziyun. He doesn’t want Ziyun Palace to change his master’s family. Who is Song Changgeng? You, Zhu Dwarf and Bai Dwarf, are disciples of Fentuo. Together, you let him destroy Zhu Dwarf’s body by himself.
I just heard what you said. I want to take these sands as gifts. They are other people’s things. You have to steal them and give them away. It’s really cheeky. What’s so rare about some sands? Emei Paifu is a grand gesture through the ages, and it is also a courtesy invitation from others. I have prepared a small gift and brought three holy spring mothers from Peacock River.
It’s not a good thing, but it’s a treasure of my family. Isn’t it a little more sincere than you who are generous with others? Linda, any bird is too lazy to tell you. "
When he said this, all the people around him were whispering one leng. Just after seven women in Wudang watched the water-digging archway from the water, Xie Gu and two women grabbed a person and asked what the three sacred spring jellyfish in Peacock River were, but they all knew that the important spirit of the sacred spring jellyfish was very important at ordinary times. I didn’t want to take it out and give it away.
Everyone knows that he and the Emei Sect are close friends, and it seems that each other’s younger brothers are still a little dirty. Although this time, the government has invited a real person and other people to extend their gifts, how can people be so proud of their nature? In addition to have been able to guess its meaning to a limited number of people, others are surprised.
Ling muddy beside a round of the eyes smiled a smile to answer b Hugh suddenly said, "what’s the point of you guys being loquacious? Still not quick to see the magic method of Lingjiao’s immortals. "
Everyone is watching the fun and listening to what B said. They all turned to look and see the three women in the palace with colorful clouds flying low. It is a surprise. You know, although this flying method by clouds is beautiful and natural, it has gradually been replaced by the royal sword since the gods were sealed, but I don’t want to be able to see it today.
Fly up to three girls Song Chang Gung and others all know that Ling Jiao Gong Dingchang’s disciples, Chen Wenwen, Guan Qingyi and Zhao Hui, turned around and cast spells after receiving the teacher’s orders. At the same time, three of them flew up with their flower baskets shouldered and held in their hands, and went to a nearby pit. Everyone was curious and flew up to follow.
Three girls came to a same pit in Fiona Fang, flying slowly while flying, and the flower seeds in the flower basket were like light rain and dust. From time to time, they scattered like a fairy in the middle of the story, and everyone couldn’t help but be enchanted. Although all the three girls were in their infancy, it may be because of the long-term reason of Xiaolantian Yuguo, which turned out to be like an ethereal fairy.
Although this sowing is beautiful for a long time, it is also interesting. At this time, Yan Ying Heng and her apprentice Xuejun Jiang flew to see Shenni Youtan. After talking with her brother Yi Zhou, they walked over and saw the ceremony. Yan Ying Heng smiled at Shenni Youtan. "At that time, when the government melted the mountains and rivers, except for the immortal Su Ding, there were Taoist friends who protected the flames and never collapsed. All other places had been melted.
The fairy laiding was closed by a wonderful human charm because the fairy kitchen cave was used to entertain the fairy guests. After the cave was closed, even the whole fairy laiding rose to the ground, and the land was slightly condensed and restored to its original state, it moved to the east of the old site of Xiuyunjian. Those incarnate immortal flowers and trees spirits brought by the little disciple Xue Jun on that day could not help hiding in the quiet after death because of the shallow climate.
Now the fairy house has been turned into a place to do things. My master and disciples want to find a place to replant these elves, but I’m afraid they can’t adapt because they were brought here from Dongting and it’s a new place. I heard that Taoist friends have rain water refined by Buddhism, which is just right for a special place to get one or two roots for them. "
Shenni Youtan laughed. "I can’t believe that Master and Apprentice are so fun. I’ve also seen these flowers, trees and fruit trees that have become a climate. They are all deeply rooted, and each plant can be transformed into thousands. This time, the government’s handyman is hard-earned. Here, the original fairy house is too big and hasty to decorate.
If you transplant it from other places, and now you can’t come to Lingjiao Palace, you will donate many different flowers such as Tianfu Fairy Flowers and then transplant it elsewhere. If you give these many exotic psychic flowers and fruit trees, it will really add more flowers and ten beauties. If you are poor, you can give it to Emei House. Let’s just be one place and I will send a little nectar to chat as a flower messenger. "
Tianling and others flew over to see Ling Jiao’s imperial secretary sowing seeds, and they were not far from each other. Just when they heard their conversation, he came along. He was about to answer Xuejun Jiang’s question. After turning his eyes, he saluted him and Master Youtan respectively and laughed. "Those flower and tree spirits took root in Dongting. At first, they took pity on them. It was not easy to adopt the essence of the sun, the moon and the dew to avoid harming people."
At the beginning of the ceremony of Emei Sect House, they are all planted with a kind of aura, which can not only decorate the fairy mountain as a small gift, but also make them kill two birds with one stone. There are many thousands of plants because it is expected that there will be more flowers and trees in Emei Fairy House, and Nat chose to bring a small part. It is just right to see that there are quite a lot of gaps in the vast fairy land after the opening, which is actually different from what I thought.
My tutor and Mrs. Miao Yi once talked about their little plants and spirits, but they were also diligent and competent. However, if they were rewarded afterwards, they would be rewarded if they heard that the master jade bottle contained the nectar syrup of Dharma refining and asked for some.
Seeing such a big place here, the younger generation was greedy for a moment and wanted to make all the spiritual trees incarnate by their own skills, so as to give birth to cultivation quickly. But this matter will surely lose its vitality. Although the fairy house is easy to grow and recover, it is a temporary injury and a great benefit, but after all, they don’t want to harm the younger generation. Master Yuan Jing said that Master Tianshi and his ancestors will bring jellyfish from the holy spring of Linghe.
I thought it would be just right to combine the whole fairy mansion vegetation with gift cream to get instant recovery. When I was in the mansion, I would like to invite the master and the godfather to do it. I don’t know if you care. "
Master Youtan knows that Xuejun Jiang said this method is very good. It is difficult to spread the flowers and trees in these Dharma refining nectar syrup many times. If all of them are poured into these spiritual trees, these vegetation elves will benefit greatly. However, this nectar syrup also has the function of promoting flowers. If it promotes flowers, the trees will be much more moistened. After all, that’s all.
Now everyone is watching those fairy flowers that are so nourishing and hard to spend all the year round. It happens that they all know that there will be a great disaster in the soul, and it is difficult to get rid of the help of Emei elders such as Xuanzhen and Miaoyi, but he is usually proud and ashamed to pull his face and ask for help. He is suffering from different ways to ask for help in the future.
Unexpectedly, a wonderful real person ordered his master to send an invitation to invite him to visit the ceremony house, which was even more modest. He felt humble, admired, and pleased. He guarded the three pulse springs for many years and tried his best to bring them together to think about the Emei Sect and prepare for the disaster in another year. Speaking of it, he was also pitiful in his mind and just became him.
Volume 37 The proposed alliance Chapter three hundred and sixty Flowers and trees reborn
Gan Biwu’s face turned a little shy or surprised at his words. Before she could speak, tian hu Bao Xiang, Qin sisters, Shuangying, Shen Relan, Zheng Gu, Ling Yunfeng, Dai Xiangying, Mi Niang and other Qingcheng brothers and Princess Changping led their female brothers Zi Xuanfeng and their male brothers to fly in one after another. They walked the other way without Song Changgeng and them.
Seeing his little girl Jade Butterfly immediately jumped up and chirped about what she had seen all the way. After holding her in her arms and telling her to shut up, Song Chang-geng said to tian hu Baoxiang, "I just saw several other people giving gifts. I’m afraid I can’t get my own things back. I’ll discuss with her before I leave. I don’t know what the Qingcheng School is sending?"
Since the robbery, Song Chang-geng has hardly been to Guihua Mountain and Qingcheng School, and he is getting farther and farther away. He knows in his heart that Bai Jile’s attitude in the East China Sea is not to take care of his own control over Qingcheng School. Since the other party has suspicions, Song Chang-geng doesn’t need to find himself uncomfortable, so he can either take his male brother back or send him to Beihai.
While the younger brother was sent to Yebin Admiralty Island on the pretext that she was at arm’s length with the Qin sisters. She was also the closest to Shuangying, the registered younger brother of Qingcheng School. He wanted to give a radical salary to the Blissful Reality. Don’t you mind my influence on these people? If I leave, I’m the only brother left. You can find it yourself. I’ll let go.
Tian hu is a master of the Qingcheng School because she also spent the robbery. Not only is her daughter here, but the blissful real person also promised to let her husband Qin Yu join the double-study house with her after her metempsychosis. She became the leader of the Qingcheng School after Song Chang-geng. When she heard Song Chang-geng’s question, she smiled and said, "This is the teacher Fu’s decision. We all don’t know what you decided to send?"
Song Chang Gung frowned and said, "I think after the re-opening of this place, although the scenery is extremely beautiful and many exotic flowers and plants have been presented by everyone, there are almost no exotic birds and animals. I want to send some rare exotic birds and animals as gifts, but you will come back before the final decision is made. Just help me pick and see what is most suitable."
After taking it out of the waist treasure Ruyi jade belt, Jiu Ning Ding released those Gucci beasts that he received in the Arctic, because they had been refined by his Jiu Ning Ding. These Gucci beasts were all five or six inches in size, floating and roaring from time to time, but because they were too small, they became soft as cubs.
Shuangying and others immediately cheered and looked up one by one for a while. Li Yingqiong grabbed a golden-winged bird and spoiled Song Changgeng, asking him to give this to himself. Song Changgeng explained to her that these creatures were all refined and refined by him. If she wanted, she could let the bird give birth to an egg that was out of her control and raise it for her.
Hearing this, Li Yingqiong nodded at once, but other girls and boys and girls gathered around to want a tian hu. Seeing Shen Relan and his two daughters, they picked up their hearts and laughed. "This is good, but these are Gucci beasts. If it is not in the Arctic, I am afraid it is not ordinary and tough."
One of the biggest characteristics of these lives is that their infancy is too long. I’m afraid they may not hatch after you practice to soar. In this case, I’m afraid your ideas will fall. If there is a good way to make them grow up quickly, it will be not only fun but also a great help. "

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