With a "rumbling" dull sound, the stone wall really shows a secret door leading to the underground.

Daisy called excitedly without taking the disc that opened the secret door from her backpack and took out a bright light tube to go to the andao.
Zong drifted to the area next to her in front of her.
The scene that made Tess frightened happened.
"Swish swish …"
Several sharp arrows were "shot" out of the back tunnel. One fruit was not Zong Ming. Now she must have been "shot" into a human hedgehog with Daisy!
Blood spirit and mo evil again by flashing two people scrambling to andao.
"I can’t find and there is a hidden machine here. Mo Tianxie is very exciting. No matter if there are other machines in the andao, they are afraid of being first entered by the blood spirit, thus taking away his labor.
"I knew you two guys didn’t go far away." You didn’t disturb those two treasure hunters, did you? Wrong novel network many words "
Blood spirit see mo day evil first step went in, he was happy to sell old evil side at the gate of the andao ZongMing said "how can! I know the boss just wants them to come in. Maybe we can find valuable clues from them.
"Linger, do you think the evocator will be inside?" The wrong novel network does not jump, Zong Ming asked
"Not necessarily, but’ definitely, even if there is no evocator, there must be some clues to track it down," replied Blood Spirit.
"Well, I don’t feel there is energy fluctuation, but since I’m here, I can’t miss the door _ the road ahead of the second child.
"Is the boss I chase old evil to also _ blood spirit say that finish flicker’ I lost in the tunnel.
"Do you want Daisy to go in with you?"
Daisy’s action answer horse haunted Zong Ming like a beautiful snake.
Zong Ming looked back after stepping into the andao and didn’t put a playful smile on the door face. He hugged Daisy and passed toward the channel.
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Iron Ride to the West ˉ
Iron-blooded soldiers swept Europe like Mongolian fighters!
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The second volume The first chapter The toilet mirror
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I’m finally out of the hospital. I’m so touched by everyone’s concern for me. But everyone warmly asked me not to write something and give you an explanation. Then I’d like to thank you for your strength.’
Ten points’,
Samiras was the first to appear at the entrance of the andao.
Looking like a dark mouth of Warcraft andao entrance Sami Lars insidious smile said, "Daisy really has the black sun key in her hand, which will save me a lot of gnome male-".
Ashikaga’s righteousness and law drew a black "color" from the bosom, and the bronze mirror kept mumbling about the seven bad incantations. In a short time, Daisy’s image appeared on the mirror. It is strange that this mirror did not show the ghost, blood spirit and Mo Tian evil figure.
Asked a "Ashikaga righteousness law". It’s hard for you Japanese people to get into Daya Gallery. No wonder your style god was destroyed by others. This celestial mirror seems to have limited mana.
Ashikaga’s Law of Justice saw that there was no silk in the bronze mirror, and the man was quite surprised. I felt strange in my heart that there was no reason to see the magic of the celestial mirror. I knew that no matter where this person was in the earth, the mirror could show the other person, but I couldn’t show the man. Unless the other party has the absolute power of toilet mirror, at least the divine power is stronger to the level of the celestial god, otherwise it will not be invisible.
According to Yuange’s investigation, the other party is just a drop-in tour, so China people’s fists and fists are OK, and how can they not show their mana? It seems that Daisy was afraid that he would rob herself and look for a magical foreign body to support or kill the other party (he thought Zongming couldn’t be mana, but he heard that Koizumi said that he saw the other party’s fist and fist skills were very powerful and ran away. That person could stand watching himself escape, so he decided Zongming couldn’t be mana, and another thought was that it was a conceit, and the law never believed that the other party had stronger mana than the God of Heaven _]
I am very confident and satisfied with my own analysis of the righteous law. I heard Salas sneering at him coldly and said, "Salas’ big sacrifice is not worthy of ridiculing our great god. Although our god is destroyed for others, if you fight with our heavenly god, I think you can escape like a lost dog with its tail between its legs."
Sami, is also to compare their own strength i_ listen to the law of justice so insult yourself nose hum two look at the dark and gloomy with this mysterious "color" color andao smack way "don’t take you as a great god said this great if your great god didn’t give people out, I now promise to fight with your celestial god a father method to show you who is like a SangGuQuan.
"A? I think you are also confident. Don’t make yourself taller than the sky. I admit that you are very powerful, but you are far from being combined with the celestial gods. You are full of righteousness and contempt for insidious smile. "Bumu let me prove that your mana is weaker than that of our celestial gods."
Holding a show _ _ mourning mirror, Li Yi Law jabbered in his mouth and continued to read those seven bad spells that I didn’t know about "chaos". A pale yellow light flashed across the bronze "color" mirror. The original picture of Daisy was changed _ Milas’s picture. Next to Samiras, there were Ashikaga Yi Law and the statue. The face of Ashikaga Yi Law was smiling.
Ashikaga sent the dressing mirror to Samilas, and he was extremely disdainful. He said to Samilas, "The dressing mirror of the God of Heaven can show lower mana than him, but people with higher mana cannot show it."
Samilas saw that the dressing mirror showed himself, and his face suddenly showed a trace of shame and death. "Color" _ In this day, the dressing mirror Samilas still heard a little about the truth of Ashikaga.
Shamefully, God’s "color" is a fleeting horse that returns to its normal state. Samilas deserves to be physically and mentally sophisticated.
Although the change of the color of Samilas God is repeated, the Ashikaga’s justice of scorning others has not missed the change of Samilas God’s color, but the eyes of Samilas God’s Ashikaga’s justice are shining with pride.
The toilet mirror fully demonstrates the principle that "Don’t let the toilet mirror fail to show that the man with Daisy has a ring. It just didn’t show that Daisy supported each other or killed the pig brain. Everyone knows that a powerful method to measure the magic weapon _ mourning will never let an unknown person know.
"Ashikaga Kama is arrogant and ashamed enough to dare to scold me more than a pig’s brain. It seems that you are too impatient to live. Then let me send you and your celestial god to meet. Samilas is furious and stretched out his hand and a black cane appeared in his skinny and mummified hand.
Looking at Samilas’ five fingers that have lost their flesh and blood, they quickly raised their mouths and chanted that the whole death was shrouded by a gloomy and gloomy yin. Ashikaga’s righteousness was a thrill, and it was overwhelmed by the cold breath. The cold sweat broke out on his forehead and his face was as pale as death!
Ashikaga Yilu didn’t expect Salas to start work on himself after a few words. He knew that he was not Samilas’ opponent. His legs trembled and his legs were almost unstable. At times, Ashikaga Yilu immediately showed that he was despised. I didn’t look at Samilas’ big sacrifice to the villain. I scolded you. I didn’t say that I was better than you, and I didn’t say that I was better than you. I admire you very much for your magic. Let the villain go! I apologize to you, villain! "
Seeing Ashikaga, Yilu, flattering his disgusting face, Samuras stopped with a contemptuous smile. He just wanted to scare him. He didn’t intend to kill each other before he got the magic weapon. He also benefited from each other. I didn’t expect to be so timid this small day. I laughed.
Ashikaga’s righteousness and law naturally made his face unhappy, but he couldn’t help it. He had to bow his head and flash a mean light in his eyes, and I thought that when he got the magic weapon, he would surprise and kill the other party.
The toilet mirror reappears Tess’s picture. In the mirror, Tess is carefully passing through a dark and mysterious passage.
"Sacrifice to adults we.
After ten years of mourning, what happened to Daisy when she got the magic weapon was frightened by Samiras, and the law of justice changed her address to him. She regarded herself as Samiras’ hand:: A guy with thicker skin than the earth who didn’t know how to be ashamed. In fact, it’s not surprising that these days have always been like this in front of powerful forces.
The passage is full of dead people’s skulls. Mo Tianxie and Xue Ling are so-called indifferent to these horrible scenes. Although they are competing for quick exploration, they don’t feel the energy fluctuation of the dark evocation, but they both want to find the evocation early so that they can take credit from Zongming, mainly to show off their strength.
"Second, let’s see who finds the dark evocation and who finds I, and then we will be the submissive attendants of the other party for three days. Do you dare to bet that Mo Tianru is a ghost evil demon in the secret passage? He sends out spiritual exploration power and quickly goes to the front end of the secret passage.
Blood spirit behind him sneered, "Old four, I saw that you didn’t want me to let you beat you when you were young. Telling now is really a despicable guy."
Mo Tian-xie turned back and said wryly, shameless is not as good as others, but it’s not so good to find such a high-sounding person who respects the elderly and loves the young. "
Blood spirit angrily laughed, "who is afraid of losing? Just your two unjust opponents. Since you are so eager to be my footman, I can’t shirk it. Don’t regret that I didn’t wake you up! "
If you win, just wait to be my sidekick! Ha ha … eldest brother, second child … ha ha … "Mo Tian evil will flirt with the blood spirit by relying on his present advantage.
I caught my sore feet and my eyes were burning, but my eyes almost didn’t fly out. Ma Wa Wa cursed Mo Tian Xie Lao Bu and Wang … to speed up catching up with Mo Tian Xie.
The secret passage bends without knowing that something strange will happen at any time, and they can’t miss the suspicious places. They can’t move forward, and they can compete with flying speed and skills and their mental strength.

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