Although Monaco has two away goals, Real Madrid has one.

But there’s still one half before Real Madrid can score three away goals.
Just when Real Madrid players were dreaming, they were abandoned by Real Madrid just three minutes before halftime. Don’t rent it to Monaco center Morientes. Monaco scored the second goal in the game, which also made the total score between the two sides 54. Monaco is only one goal away from Real Madrid!
Morientes didn’t celebrate after scoring, but florentino’s expression on the podium was definitely not good-looking.
Because Morientes is a player he has always disliked since he left the stage, he doesn’t need Morientes even more now that he has Ronaldo.
Morientes, who was abandoned by him, stabbed his old club in Monaco!
This goal completely ignited the Monaco players’ hope that the total score would be 55 if they scored another goal! Monaco will eliminate Real Madrid by scoring away from home!
This prospect makes Monaco players crazy.
Once again, thinking about how Valencia were not optimistic about their situation in yesterday’s game, AC Milan added more oil to Monaco.
In the next game, Monaco is full of momentum, so how can it be played?
What about Real Madrid?
I really want to fight Monaco, but I find myself exhausted.
In the sixty-sixth minute, Giuly gave Real Madrid a fatal blow, and he scored twice to make the total score 55!
Monaco has many advantages in scoring away goals!
There are still 24 minutes left, but the Real Madrid players can’t run anymore.
Real Madrid’s physical problems, which have been repeatedly emphasized by Changsheng, finally broke out at this time and became the last straw to crush Real Madrid.
Although they know that if they lose the game, they will be eliminated, and they are likely to face four major situations this season.
They can’t finish fighting Monaco.
Queiroz looked very anxious on the sidelines.
But what’s the point of being anxious at this time?
Physical collapse was the bane of the early season and not now.
In the end, Real Madrid lost 13 away games. Monaco scored away goals and eliminated Real Madrid to reach the semi-finals of the Champions League.
The same happened to Real Madrid after Valencia reversed and eliminated AC Milan the day before. Monaco reversed and eliminated them!
Real Madrid’s dream of the tenth Champions League trophy was shattered!
When Real Madrid was eliminated, the Madrid media mourned.
The Valencia media gloated.
"Now it’s Valencia’s turn to defend the dignity of Spanish football!" The provincial said bitterly.
Even so, florentino insisted that he believed Queiroz.
The whole European media are surprised by the strange phenomenon in this season’s Champions League.
With the exception of the elimination of the giant department.
For the first time in the Champions League semi-finals, four grass-roots teams were promoted, and these four teams came from four completely different countries. Perhaps the most famous of them was that Valencia and Ranieri led Chelsea in the Champions League finals twice.
European media don’t know what this phenomenon is after analysis.
In fact, Chang Sheng doesn’t know what it is, but he knows that 24 years is a particularly magical year in European football. This year, he played a grassroots counterattack in the Champions League and won the European Cup in Portugal in the summer. The Greek team also repeated this scene. They defeated the host Portugal and won the European Cup.
Maybe this year is a year of changing the dynasty in European football?
Although there was a league match against Zaragoza on the weekend, Changsheng gave the team a day off after the game. The team finished such a great game at home, and he should say something. He gave the team a day off and told them not to train and have a good rest at home.
The players naturally welcome this with both hands and feet.
They really need a rest after this fierce battle.
Although it seems that they won the game easily, AC Milan was able to fight back. In fact, Valencia players were in a very excited state all the time, but in fact, they consumed more physical energy and were more tired than usual. However, their true experience was concealed by extreme excitement and excitement at that time, and many players did not feel tired until after the game.
If you have to train the next day, maybe you will add new players to the list of winning injuries.
The team relaxed and rested all day before resuming training on Thursday.
Moreover, according to the plan, the training intensity will not be too great, and the group should resume training after the game.
But on this day, the first thing to do is not to lead the team to train, but to find trouble with Sohler
At 9: 30, Sohler came to the chairman’s office at the training base of Partner Stadium.
Unlike Oti, he stays in the sports city for four days a week and will follow the team to the scene to watch. He will show his influence as president of the club in every possible place.
He boasted that he was the chairman of the hardworking club, but he was completely different from Jaime Oti, who spent half his time in his own business without asking the former chairman of the club.
Therefore, Chang Sheng has the opportunity to find him before the team training.
When Changsheng came to the club administration building with the inspection report from the hospital, he was stared at by a woman just after entering the building.
That woman is the personal secret of the club president Sohler.
As if she had been instructed in advance, she took the initiative to meet Chang Sheng as soon as she saw him appear in the administrative building.
"Mr. Chang, what can I do for you?"
Beauty secret especially politely said to winning
"Oh, I’m here to see Mr. Chairman." Chang Sheng’s words are also polite, so people can’t find anything wrong
The female secret answer is also very professional. "Do you have an appointment?"
Changsheng was stunned. He heard wrong himself and asked, "What did you say?"
The female secretary continued to ask professionally, "Have you made an appointment with Mr. Sohler before?"
Changsheng smiled when he heard this. "Is this the New Deal after Mr. Chairman’s departure? The head coach of the team has to make an appointment when he sees the chairman of the club? "
With a professional smile, the female secret shook her head and said, "I’m sorry Mr. Chang can’t let you meet Mr. Sohler without an appointment … You know Mr. Sohler is very busy. He has a full schedule every day … He hates being out of the plan … I’m sorry, Mr. Chang. If you want to meet Mr. Sohler, please make an appointment before …"
Ever-victorious quietly listened to the secret arrangement, and his eyebrows gradually wrinkled up.
The other party is not joking but serious.
I am the head coach of the Valencia team and I have to make an appointment when I meet the president of my club!
This is something he had never heard of before when Oti was in power. Not only was Oti always in power, but he felt that as far as he knew the world football, no club had such wonderful rules that the team coach had to make an appointment when he met his club president!
So he ignored the chatter and strode to the stairs.
It’s not that he doesn’t know which room the president’s office is in.
The fourth room from the left on the third floor
Chapter two hundred Bow and throw in the towel

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