In a flash, the two men have reappeared in the front line. The local square is still deserted, and few people walk into the front hall with Xia Dongdong.

When I entered the hall, I saw a middle-aged man sitting cross-legged in front of a statue. There was no one else in this hall who changed jobs. It should be him!
Nine heavy drive step came near polite way "excuse me, is the boxer here to change his job? !”
Middle-aged people smell the words, open their eyes, get up and look at the heavy costumes, especially pay attention to the heavy feet, wearing a pair of golden tiger boots can not help but shine at the moment!
Jiuzhong noticed the change of middle-aged people’s look, especially when the thief’s eyes sparkled and his heart thumped, and he felt a bad feeling!
Zhan Yan, a middle-aged man, laughed. "Ha ha, yes, I am a boxing saint. I am here to change my job! So are you going to change your job? !”
"Of course, otherwise what am I doing here!"
"that’s good!" Boxing saint snapped his fingers and said, "First of all, before you change your job, you have to pay a transfer fee. I will give you a discount for five gold coins because of your good qualifications! And after changing jobs, I will teach you two boxer skills, and each skill will be charged. I will also give you a discount, and each skill will cost a gold coin! In this way, there are a total of seven gold coins. Pay! "
Chapter 11 fanning the flames
"I have so much grass!" Nine heavy staggering way "you rob? !”
Boxing face a collapse "pay attention to your words carefully I tell you slander! I asked you if you want to change your job. !”
"Then pay the money!"
"If I don’t pay? !”
The boxing saint waved his hand. "Then get out!"
"… you are malicious!" This boxing saint is sure that he really wants to change his job as a boxer, and now he has to bow his head in the eaves, even if he knows that he has been ripped off, he can bear it at this time!
Mom, you wait for me and I’ll come back sooner or later and kill you! Jiuzhong hates to take out all the savings he has worked so hard to accumulate from his backpack!
Jiuzhong took out the gold coin and was about to give it to Boxing Saint when suddenly he heard a thunder outside the temple and shouted, "Boxing Saint, old son, get out of here! !”
"… this old crazy again!" When I heard this, the expression of the boxing saint changed greatly, and I hung Jiuzhong aside and rushed out of the hall to the square outside!
Summer and winter don’t ask nine heavy "boss what’s going on? !”
"Hey hey …!" Jiuzhong put the gold coin back into his backpack. "Presumably, this boxing holy adversary came to find the door. I’m afraid it will be interesting this time! Go out and see! !”
Say nine heavy and Xia Dongdong trotted to the door of the hall and hid behind a stone pillar to watch!
I saw a bronze giant tripod floating in the square at this time. Although he was dressed as a monk, he didn’t smell like dust. His face was as dark as Zhang Fei’s, and his face was as dark as a raven. I knew at first glance that he was not a good person!
Boxing holy point, pointing to the bronze tripod, this man angrily said, "What do you want from the devil?" !”
Ghost refining "hey hey" a smile "I don’t want to be how I built the abode of fairies and immortals and have no money, so I came to ask you for some more. I think you won’t mind subsidizing me again with deep pockets? !”
Boxing saint smell speech the veins stood out looming on his forehead. "What the hell do you want to be shameless? I’ve funded you twice. Don’t you think it’s white again and again?" I cann’t believe you’re licking your face and coming to me for money. Are you and I getting money from the wind? !”
After the stone pillar, Jiuzhong couldn’t help but feel dark when he heard the dialogue between the devil and the boxing saint. The wicked have their own grinding. Mom told you to rip off the old man!
"Hey hey!" After listening to the holy words of boxing, the devil didn’t feel embarrassed at all. He still smirked and said, "I don’t care if your money is blowing in the wind. Do you want to stay here and ruin your business?" Hey, two kids behind the pillar, are you here to change jobs? Did this old guy black you a lot of money? ! I’m telling you that you’ve been cheated. In fact, it’s less than a gold coin to transfer to a boxer’s career, and the money left is pocketed by this old guy! "
"Shit …!" Nine heavy punches in the stone pillar "This old guy is so fucking dark that he almost ruined him!" "
Boxing saint face a rain or shine uncertain gnashing way "ghost refined you don’t insult you really I’m afraid of you? !”
"Hey hey you are not afraid of me? Why don’t you fight with me? !” Ghost refining seems to have put boxing saint in the eye!
"You … you …!" Boxing saint "you" for a long time and finally stamped his foot hard. "… I’ll make an exception and fund your death, but remember that this is the last time, otherwise I will never give you a dime even if I fight with you for a larger foe this time! !”
"Hey, hey, good, good, last time ~!"
"By this can endure? This boxing saint must be a ninja! " Jiuzhong looked at the atmosphere that was about to ease outside, and his eyes turned round and round, and suddenly he seemed to think of something, and there was a sly smile on his mouth!
A moment and nine times offered the skill of "fanning the flames" and shouted at Boxing Saint, "Boxing Saint, you can really stand it. I think you are probably the reincarnation of a tortoise! This ghost is riding on your neck and shit. If I were you, I wouldn’t have fucking done it earlier! "

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