By this time, even Wu can’t help but feel a sense of despair!

He burned JingXie Shou Yuan paid a great price, but even so, he was only able to compete with Du Hao and others for a moment. Losing and dying seemed inevitable!
The killing here in Wu is fierce, but the valley is peaceful several miles away.
More and more monks have known about the trading place here, and nearly a thousand monks have gathered here. The number is huge!
At this time, the horizon roared, but I saw four Tianzhu flying from a distance and violently hitting the virtual collapse. The power of the earth made many monks in the valley look askance!
In the trading market, these four powerful Tianzhu started a series of surprises and discussions.
"You friends don’t panic! There are many young masters of Extremely Demon Sect, Wuxing Sect, Shadow Gate and Monty Sect who trade here to protect Fiona Fang Yili. Absolutely no one dares to make moves! Please rest assured that your safety is absolutely guaranteed! "
Many discussions have made many monks in the valley panic, and they are going to leave here at once. Fortunately, at this time, a monk from Shadowgate came out and suspended in a big mouth to appease the people.
The young Junjie of the four major clans joined hands to protect Ann, which reassured many monks not to leave. However, there was a lot of discussion about the smashing of Xu Tianzhu just now, but there was no fear and anxiety.
Xia Qi also saw the shocking scene of four Tianzhu crashing into the sky. However, although Xia Qi was slightly curious about the display of these four Tianzhu monks, there was no movement, and he still sat cross-legged at the booth trading treasure maps.
It’s the exit in front of the shadows to appease all the monks, and then they immediately left in a hurry, and a bit of worry emerged in their eyes.
He is the shadow gate, counting the young masters, naturally knowing the source of this movement, which makes him secretly worried that if the movement continues to make big talk, I’m afraid this monk in the valley will really be unable to calm down.
Fortunately, at this time, Wu has been trapped by Du Haoji Tianzhu. Although there is a lot of noise and constant roar, it is no longer as powerful as before.
The roar continues, and many monks are frightened. At the same time, they don’t seem to be surprised to trade in the valley as usual.
"This Taoist friend, I will exchange these two broken gold ingot treasure maps for these copper coin treasure maps and gold ingot treasure maps in your booth."
Xia Qi booth suddenly came a young slightly shy very polite to Xia Qi mouth asked.
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Chapter one hundred and fifteen Kill with one knife
Chapter one hundred and fifteen Kill with one knife
Xia Qi looked up and looked at the young boy who spoke, but he saw that he was young and a little stiff, but he was very young, but he was already a nine-story genius in the then period.
At this time, the boy was holding two broken gold ingots in his hand, and the golden light was very dazzling.
"The gold ingot treasure map is more valuable than mine. Why do you want to exchange it with me?"
Xia qi slightly curious asked
A gold ingot is 5,000 points, which is much more valuable than copper coins and silver ingots. This teenager has already received two gold ingot treasure maps. Xia Qi really didn’t expect the other party to exchange them himself.
"In the limited strength, I know that I have received this gold ingot treasure map, and I am afraid it will also provoke a fatal disaster. It is better to exchange you for these copper and silver ingot treasure maps to gather enough points to successfully advance."
Young face slightly bitter mouth way
Scattered cultivation in this Yucang Mountain Range is the best prey for many sects. Obviously, this teenager doesn’t want to take the time to collect the gold ingot treasure map and eat a small loss directly in exchange for Xia Qi’s booth to collect 20,000 points and then leave Yucang Mountain Range directly.
"Okay, I’ll switch with you."
Xia qi nodded very readily agreed.
After staying in this valley for so long, he also wants to leave this teenager and change these, which is exactly what Xia Qi wants.
I hope the transaction will be completed soon.
Xia Qi didn’t stay much, turned around and left toward the outside of the valley.
"The devil Xia Qi is going to leave him. I’m afraid the value of gold and silver is less than 50 thousand points. Do you want to do it?"
Xia Qi is away from the valley in the dark, but there are four masters. Pay attention to the fact that at this time, a monk of the extremely evil Sect asked several people around him.
"Xia Qi this person’s strength is not weak. At this time, Yu Yu, Du Hao and others are not here. I’m afraid we will leave Xia Qi with a lot of movement and a lot of cost. Let him leave anyway. There are still two days to come and have a chance to meet Xia Qi and kill him then."
Hesitated for a while, and finally several people still didn’t decide to start work on Xia Qi.
Although Xia Qi is a devil’s name, but the strength is recognized as earth, there are no top experts such as Du Hao, and these monks have no courage to deal with Xia Qi.
Xia Qi was very leisurely and collected more than ten treasure maps of different grades in the valley. At this time, he briefly looked at it and immediately went to the nearest treasure place.
There are still rumblings in my ears, but they are getting weaker and weaker. It seems that some people are still struggling, and they are almost exhausted.
Xia Qi’s direction is just the roaring direction, frowning slightly, and Xia Qi has not changed its course and is still moving in a straight line.

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