The original gentle and lovely demon’ Yan’ has turned into a magic’ female’ at this moment. I want you to come over and look at it.’ Touch’ Come on, let me see if you dare to touch it.’ Touch’ A finished demon’ Yan’ herself put a hand on her chest and said.

This is a joke. Hehe, don’t mind being thin and dry. At this moment, I quickly shrink my neck and say that he has suffered a lot. For the demon’ Yan’, he just dares to’ spend’ and’ spend’ in his mouth. He still dares not do anything else. It turns out that he has learned a lot.
That is to say, unless you want that widowed woman to dump you, don’t flirt with the old Niang demon’ Yan’, and then despise it
After scolding, the demon’ Yan’ turned out to be gentle and smiling immediately and said to Xiang Ye, Xiang Ye’s brother, don’t be afraid that your sister is treating bad people like that, but she is very gentle with your sister.
The color change of the demon’s’ brilliant’ face is really quick. Where is the cute appearance of’ sex’ and the appearance of’ bitch’ just now? Xiang Ye didn’t know what to say at this moment, but he smiled two times to resolve his embarrassing color at this time.
Let’s go to the city and pretend that we don’t want others to see our injuries, or there should be some looters in trouble. Fan Tao wakes up at this moment.
After listening to Fan Tao’s words, several people immediately looked at each other and then laughed in succession. It’s really funny that this outfit is not injured. Everyone is trying to endure their injuries, and even walking is unnatural.
Looking at a few people at this time, Xiang Ye is looking forward to entering the wasteland city. After all, it seems that it is still good in the wasteland city. You can do whatever you want, so some things will be very convenient.
As a few people walked forward again, Xiang Ye had already seen a high wall in the distance, and there were many monks on the wall. I wanted to observe the situation outside the city. After all, it was next to the lost wasteland and many monster beasts would rush in. They wanted to destroy the monster beast at the first time.
As we get closer and closer to the wasteland city wall, Xiang Ye feels more and more generous and majestic at this time. I don’t know how many materials of different sizes are used to make the wall surface. The wind masonry is just connected together and there is no gap around it. At this time, Xiang Ye has to wear it and practice the wall craftsman. It is an art to create such a perfect wall.
Soon a group of people have come to the front of the big gate, but there is nothing remarkable about it. But at this time, Xiang Ye’s only feeling is that the big gate has been in that kind of explanation, which feels like it can block the monster beast’s attack. Even Xiang Ye feels that there are some faint spiritual forces on the face of the big gate. It should be that some high-powered and tough monks have dedicated the "gate" again.
The wall and the big’ door’ are not ordinary. It’s really big. Now I know what is behind the monster beast’s house. The wasteland city can be so safe and sick in Xiang Ye.
Hehe, it’s good that Xiang Ye brothers really have a good eye. This big’ door’ can actually be said to be a spiritual weapon. It is said that the order has reached six. Even if the monster beast at the top of level six wants to break it in a short time, it is difficult to add a tall and solid wall. Even if the beast’ tide’ comes, there is nothing. As far as we know, the wasteland city has resisted the beast’ tide’ several times. Fan Tao looked at Xiang Ye’s surprise and explained.
In the beast "tide" Xiang Ye still know some is probably a lot of monster beast rushed together, according to now he saw the wall and the city "door" sample no strength high strength monster beast, even to tens of thousands of strength general monster beast can’t break the wasteland city defense.
At this time, a few people have come to the big’ gate’. At this time, there are two teams of monks in the’ gate’. Xiang Ye almost cried out after a little exploration. It turns out that almost all of the two monks are five-level monks and some of them are not very old. That really surprised him.
Going into town? One of the leaders asked the friar.
It’s Feng Daoyou who is on duty today. Hehe, I’m sure there won’t be any problems here with you. Fan Tao went to say hello at this moment and said
Fan Daoyou seems to have had some trouble this time, but it seems that the harvest is also good. However, be careful after entering the city. Recently, I heard that your enemies have made a move. This name is Brother Feng. Fan Taodao seems to have some "sex" with Fan Tao at ordinary times, and now he is awake.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-three Three forces
"Thank you, Brother Feng, for telling me this. I will be careful. I will see who dares to give us trouble." Fan Tao said with a folded look at this moment.
"Well, I won’t keep you any longer. Hurry in and have a good rest. If you need help, don’t say anything. I’ll make them restrain themselves," Brother Feng said at this moment.
"Don’t bother Brother Feng, how can I get along in the wasteland city if I still can’t handle the bad words? Don’t worry, I’ll ask Brother Feng for help if the real solution is found. I hope I won’t bother you then."
After two people were polite, several people in Xiang Ye entered the city. After all, it is not good to stay outside for a long time.
"What’s the matter with the gang? I think they’re missing one person. It seems that Zhao Cheng came back alone some time ago. Is there any contradiction? And I just now have a stranger in Fan Tao’s hand." One of them asked in confusion.
"I’m not very clear about that little guy. It’s a little strange. I don’t feel breath, spirit and mana from him, but I just don’t know what it is. There is a feeling that this person is definitely not simple. I feel a little dangerous." Feng Zhen said doubtfully at this moment.
"How is it possible to feel dangerous? That person just feels that he is a mortal. How can he feel dangerous? You know, only a monk with strength can have this kind of dangerous feeling for us. Is this small person deliberately dressed up by an old monster?" The man at this time is more doubt said
Ye Xiang’s first impression of entering the wasteland city is that it is too shabby, not to mention that Xiang Ye has been to some big cities such as Luoyang in the west of Qingyang City. The buildings in the city are made of old khaki materials, but there are so many monks here. The streets are full of shouting and slapstick, and there is always something to do.
Xiang Ye shook his head and looked at several people with some doubts and asked, "The situation inside the city looks very different from the outside wall. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it."
Fan Tao several people looked at Xiang Ye’s face and laughed. They guessed that Xiang Ye should have such an expression. After all, when they first came, they also thought the same as Xiang Ye, and now they are slowly getting used to it.
A few people walked on to the front. Ye Xiang saw all kinds of monster beast materials and even sold monster beast eggs. But Ye Xiang didn’t know that the price of these monster beast eggs was almost sky-high. Besides, no one necessarily knew what monster beast the monster beast eggs were once hatched. He said that it was a dragon egg, which was likely to hatch into an ordinary lizard egg. Generally, it was uncertain that no one would buy such things and lose money. No one was willing to do it.
After walking for a while, Xiang Ye now has a very serious problem, that is, why didn’t he sell the elixir? He looked around a lot of booths, but there were no elixirs for sale, usually monster beast materials and demon cores.
Seeing this, Xiang Ye had a headache. What he wanted to do now was to restore his physical training. The most important thing to restore his training was to need an elixir. There was enough elixir for him to refine enough healing elixir and upgrade his elixir, thus speeding up the restoration. Otherwise, he didn’t know when he would be able to resume his training and return to the East Dragon Empire.
"Brother Fan, why do I have some strange things now? What wasteland city doesn’t sell medicinal materials? Isn’t there an elixir? You know, although the lost wasteland is not very rich in elixir production, it can’t be like this." Xiang Ye finally asked.
"Oh, it’s not that we didn’t sell the elixir, but that trading places is not here. After all, the elixir needs a soul refiner to refine the soul refiner’s profession if it wants to exert the best efficacy, but rarely even if we get the elixir, it’s not too big. Generally, monks don’t trade the elixir," Fan Tao explained.

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