See Li Yan son gradually condensed body Yang Xiao pleasantly surprised.

"Zhang Dage! Thank you so much! " Yang Xiao to a face of sincerely said
Zhang Dianfei smiled and shook his head but didn’t say much.
Yang Xiaodi is in a surprise. Zhang Xiaotian has a face of meditation and no one speaks.
After a while, Zhang Dianfei said slowly, "Let’s go!"
"Zhang wang! You haven’t explained the black ban to our ancestors yet! " Without the weight in his hand, Li Tie showed a lack of confidence. He didn’t dare to urge the three people to be silent just now, but now he can’t help being anxious when he sees them leaving. I don’t know if Zhang Xiaotian forgot or deliberately he can bite the bullet and say it.
"Oh!" Zhang Xiaotian glanced back at him, and the light should be a mind move, so that the slightly fat old ghost lost the bondage of black matter. The old ghost shook his body and saw his body flash and disappeared in situ. The Li family had such a thing this time, and he must have no face to stay here again. The previous ghost will be repaired and disappeared as early as when he was kicked by Zhang Dianfei.
"Zhang wang and me! I haven’t solved the problem yet! " See Zhang Xiaotian, they are leaving. They have been staying in the temple. The Five Elders couldn’t help being anxious. They quickly manipulated the surrounding soul force and flew out from the inside. Li Yaner’s thing is that he contributed to this kind of thing. The Five Elders have an unshirkable responsibility. Four ghosts of the Li family will die, and the strength of the whole family has also dropped by more than half. This is something that the Five Elders didn’t expect before. At this time, he quite regrets. Although he has lost some face now, what can the Li family say at this step? It doesn’t matter if he loses this face anymore. He won’t care about this face when he is free.
"You?" Zhang Xiaotian glanced at the five elders look a little surprised.
"well! Yes! " Seeing the tone of Zhang Xiao’s heaven and earth, the five elders sank in their hearts, but they still nodded their heads with excitement.
"Hum! Naturally, we people from heaven and earth will not believe in meanness like your Li family, but I remember that we didn’t seem to promise you to lift the ban just now, did we? " Zhang Xiaotian glanced back next to Li Tie light said.
Li Tie was still there at this time, with no emotion on his face, and you couldn’t see that he didn’t ask the five elders to lift the ban on purpose or meaning just now.
"Just … just now …" Just now, when Li Tie made that request, he didn’t have him now, but he banned him and his ancestors Zhang Xiaotian at the same time, and he was afraid that he would come out in a shameful place. He stayed in the temple and didn’t come out, but he didn’t expect Zhang Xiaotian to say so at this time.
"Hum! Five elders! Don’t tell me that we don’t know everything you have done. We know it clearly! Do you think I’ll lift the ban on you for doing those things? You’re already cheap without killing you! Be good to yourself! " Zhang Xiaotian cold hum a coldly say.
"I … I …" The five elders tried to say something with their mouths open, but now he started talking.
Zhang Xiaotian is no longer ignore son toward Yang Xiao and Zhang Dianfei nodded three people fly away together.
Stunned, the five elders and the Li family were defeated. It is really rare for a happy event to be done like this!
The leaders of the three families have also said goodbye to Li Tie. Just now, they have reported this matter to the ancestors in their respective families. Now they have to go back and talk about it in detail! At this time, their attitude towards Heaven and Earth Help has been completely changed, regardless of Zhang Dianfei, the ghost king. The strange posture of the two Zhang Xiaotian brothers is enough to make them raise Heaven and Earth Help to their level. What’s worse, they can hear that this posture of Heaven and Earth Help can be more than two Zhang Xiaotian brothers and three old ghosts!
Seeing such an epic war, many ghosts have left with satisfaction. When they go back this time, they can show off the ghosts. Two pairs of six ghosts will kill four ghosts and kill hundreds of ghosts! The secular ghost world has never had anything from ancient times to modern times.
"Zhang Dage! Thank you so much just now! If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid Yan Er would really leave me! " Back to the road Yang Xiao a face of gratitude to Zhang Dianfei said.
"Nothing! This is what I should do. If it weren’t for me, I’m afraid this Yaner girl wouldn’t be like this! " Zhang Dianfei shook his head and looked a little dim.
"This can’t blame you! You also acted according to the agreement. No one thought that the Lee family would be so mean that our safety threatened Yan Er to get married! " Yang Xiao to look a little bleak and said
Zhang Dianfei is no longer speak is still a face of dim color.
"Zhang Dage! Why did that old ghost just say that and you suddenly left? " Has been silent Zhang Xiaotian mouth suddenly asked.
"Of course, if Zhang Dage doesn’t want to say it, then don’t say it!" See Zhang Dianfei has been silent no longer speak Zhang Xiaotian quickly said.
Zhang Dianfei is slightly sighed "coerce forced kiss? Oh! I have done it before! " Zhang Dianfei self-deprecating smile tone some low.
"What?" Zhang Xiaotian surprised to shout out the mood is low Yang Xiaodi also couldn’t help some surprise coerce kiss? Zhang Dianfei doesn’t want to be that one to do such a thing!
"That thing although I don’t know in advance but it is because of me! When I was twenty-three years old, martial arts became a Sect! At that time, it was also a big force in the rivers and lakes! But it was for this reason that it happened. At that time, my career was successful, so I told the girl Liner, who I had always secretly liked, that her family had agreed. I was very happy at that time! A few days later, I happily held a wedding, but I didn’t expect Liner to commit suicide when she was in the bridal chamber! It turned out that Liner had a long-cherished wish, and what she married me was forced by her family! When her family asked her to marry me, they arrested the man she liked and forced her to get married. When she got married, she put the man in the bridal chamber and committed suicide to keep her innocence! Said that if it weren’t for my powerful family, she wouldn’t have persecuted her, and she wouldn’t have died … "Zhang Dianfei said dryly.
Hearing Zhang Dianfei tell such a story, Zhang Xiaotian and Yang Xiao were amazed. No wonder Zhang Dianfei made such a strange request! No wonder the old ghost said that Zhang Dianfei turned around and left. It turned out that he had such a past. He didn’t want to let the old things reappear again. He didn’t want to oppress people! Forced marriage again
But fortunately, it is better that people like Zhang Dianfei have become like this. If you change your psychopath, what will happen if you are stimulated by such a thing?
"Brother Zhang, thank you very much!" Silent for a Yang Xiao suddenly said tone is very sincere.
Zhang Xiaotian and Zhang Dianfei looked Yang Xiao puzzled at the same time.
Yang Xiao shook his head and said nothing, remembering his kindness this time! If it wasn’t for Zhang Dianfei! He and Zhang Xiaotian wouldn’t have decided on the Four Elephants, and they wouldn’t have decided on the Four Elephants, and they wouldn’t have been so powerful! The posture is not bad. Even if they and Sanying come together to fight against six ghosts at the same time, there is not much chance for them to repair ghosts. You know, the growth of the figure is not multiplied, just like Zhang Xiaotian can easily defeat seven ghosts at the same level with only seven stars. This is not one plus one equals two things. Zhang Xiaotian’s illusion has increased by four times, but it is calculated by ten times. If Zhang Xiaotian practices this figure to perfection, this strength will increase again. Then, it is very likely that they will not only fail to put Li Yan. And if they don’t rob Li Yaner, I’m sure Li Yaner won’t commit suicide in the bridal chamber like that Lin’s children and children. At that time, no one went to save her with the living creature Dan. Even if she didn’t commit suicide, she became a Sutai woman. That Yang Xiaodi must be uncomfortable. How much better than now!
But this list of ideas Yang Xiao went back to tell Zhang Xiaotian about it, but it was impossible to tell Zhang Dianfei that Yang Xiao was really grateful to Zhang Dianfei this time! There is no longer the mentality of taking it for granted before.
"Thanks to the Li Tie is like! Otherwise, if it really takes a quarter of an hour, Yan Yan will be in danger! " See Zhang Xiaotian two people look at their wondering eyes Yang Xiaoxi smiled and said.
"It’s really nothing after a quarter of an hour!" Zhang Dianfei light smiled and said
"Huh?" Zhang Tianhe and Yang Xiao looked at Zhang Dianfei with some doubts.
"When I say a quarter of an hour, I want that Li Tiexun to make a decision, and then he asks too much! The real time is actually half an hour! " Zhang Dianfei blinked and said with a smile
After Zhang Dianfei said so, Zhang Xiaotian was a little embarrassed. They didn’t dare to let Zhang Dianfei know about the seven-star maze step and the two-meter step, but this time it was completely exposed to his eyes. But let Zhang Xiaotian rest assured that Zhang Dianfei didn’t export to ask them for that kind of posture secret.
"So you were lying in that hall just now?" Yang Xiaodi is a face of surprise.
"Er … that’s true!" Hear Yang Xiao so straightforward words is such a tone Zhang Dianfei some depressed and said.
"That means you made up the ice grass and the flame grass, too?" Yang Xiao surprise asked again.
"This is not my freely! But true! If you can’t find these two kinds of grass fruits in a hundred days, then the life of this Yaner girl is really dangerous! " Zhang Dianfei shook his head and said.
"is it true?" Yang Xiao face instantly becomes ugly.
"The north sea coast is extremely cold! Dongshan Dianhuo Enzan Ijuin! No one in the secular world has seen these two kinds of grass from other places except these two places! " Zhang Dianfei nodded and said.
"Is it true that the Millennium took a hundred years and the ten-year maturity was also true?" Yang Xiao to face some pale.
"well! This is also true! " Zhang Dianfei nodded and said.
"So … how many of these two kinds of grass are there in those two places?" It was a while before Yang Xiaodi regained a glimmer of hope and asked, "It is even more incredible to get two kinds of fruits together in one month because the growth cycle is so harsh. It might be better if there are a lot of this kind of grass."
"I don’t know!" Zhang Dianfei shook his head and said.
"You don’t know?" Zhang Xiaotian asked with some surprise.
"well! No one in those two places has ever entered the depths! There is an extremely powerful monster beast in it! " Zhang Dianfei said with a sigh
"Extremely powerful? Is it stronger than ordinary monks or stronger than you? " Zhang Xiaotian looks a little weird. You know Zhang Dianfei, but the ghost king level is also extremely strong in hell. If it is stronger than him, it will be terrible.
It’s dangerous to have two or three thousand words left in the first chapter! Something happened again! Sweat! But Jinsha will try its best! )
Chapter one hundred and seventy-one Fix true Fang City
"I also heard that I haven’t been there, but I should be stronger than me! Extremely cold and extremely heavy ice energy is also extremely strong, which is one hundred times stronger than the concentration of this soul force in the secular world! There should be a lot of powerful ice monsters in it, and so should fire Enzan Ijuin, where the fire energy is extremely rich and there should be no shortage of powerful fire monsters, "said Zhang Dianfei Shen."
"Hissing-"After hearing Zhang Dianfei’s words, Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help but take a deep breath. The energy concentration of air conditioning is 100 times stronger than that of soul force in the secular world. He has been to hell, that is, it is ten times stronger than that of soul force in the secular world. It is said that there are many kinds of energy in the secular world, and the single energy concentration is thin, but I didn’t expect that there is such a strong energy in the secular world, which is much better than that in the general place of hell. Although it still can’t be compared with those ghost practices in hell, it is already amazing. At least
"Then how do we go in and find ice grass and flame grass?" A listen to Zhang Dianfei said Yang Xiao face suddenly turned pale repair is stronger than Zhang Dianfei the prince of the devils? What kind of repair should it be? They can’t even deal with Zhang Dianfei, let alone those powerful monsters.
"If you want to find ice grass and flame grass, you don’t have to go deep into the extremely cold and fire Enzan Ijuin, where Fiona Fang is nearly 100 thousand miles away. Maybe we can find it in the periphery!" Zhang Dianfei shook his head and said.
"Extremely cold and fire, nearly 100,000 miles in Fiona Fang, Enzan Ijuin?" Zhang Xiaotian face some surprise didn’t know where there is this place in China?
"well! Fiona Fang is nearly 100,000 miles wide! The closer we get to the depths, the stronger the energy of ice and fire. It is said that if we look around, we may not meet those powerful monsters! And the general monster beast believes that we can still deal with the ground! " Zhang Dianfei nodded and said that although he promised Zhang Xiaotian that the three conditions did not allow him to accompany them to these two places, he blamed Li Yaner’s death on himself and resurrected Li Yaner. He naturally wanted to contribute.
"Fiona Fang nearly miles! I haven’t heard that there is such a big place in China? " Zhang Xiaotian doubts slowly say out in my heart.
"Extremely cold and fire Enzan Ijuin is not in China, but two islands on the high seas! Fortunately, the two islands are not too far apart! We can reach those two places soon! " Zhang Dianfei light smiled a explained.
"Such a big island? Are there no countries in the secular world? " Zhang Xiaotian was surprised and asked.
"The two islands are covered by two natural large arrays. Is it what ordinary people can say now? The monster beast in the extremely cold and fire Enzan Ijuin is very powerful. Can they still occupy there? The whole earth’s sea area accounts for a great area, and there are many islands in the sea area. There are also many monks who like to practice in the sea area. It will not be easily displayed by those mortals, "Zhang Dianfei said lightly.
Zhang Xiaotian and Yang Xiao opened their mouths wide. I didn’t expect that there would be such a thing in the secular world. Things can’t be common sense. It seems that the earth is not as calm as it seems.
"So what should we do now? Where to go? " Hear not necessarily meet those powerful monster beast Zhang Tianhe Yang Xiao slightly assured export asked.

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