The coffin slave said, "I’ve seen the foot as soon as it enters the door. This is really my face."

When this was said, everyone was white. "Is it true that I am dead?"
"We are really late."
"But there are too many doubts about this matter," the coffin slave frowned. "I would never have taken off the bronze mask if it was not a great change. It’s like peeling off a layer of skin when I grow on him, but now where is his mask?"
"Bronze mask?" If Qu Yong had not been stopped at this time, he would have called out "I didn’t expect these people to come to see the master unexpectedly. They said that it was as if they knew the master in Chinese and had a strange connection."
"Yes," in fact, the other three people have long noticed that none of them said it, but they sneered at it.
The coffin slave knows what they are laughing at, but he still wants to say it because his words are not finished. He wants people in the coffin to hear it. "This mask is a token that we need to recognize and deny. If this token is lost, we must find a way."
Three thousand diners also said, "That’s right. This bronze mask is nothing to the average person. If it falls into the hands of a willing heart, it will be fatal."
"In my opinion, this bronze mask must have been taken away by the messenger," said the actor with a long, shrill voice. "This man deliberately put the letter in our favorite thing without our knowledge. This alone is really terrible."
Since this person can put a letter in a purse without your knowledge, he can also take what he wants, such as a head, without his knowledge.
"who is this writ and what is his purpose?"
"This should be like"
"since this man has gone through a lot of trouble to gather our department here, it is impossible for him not to appear. We will naturally know his purpose as soon as he appears."
"Say yes."
3,000 diners gnawed at the sesame seed cake again, muttering, "We were asked to meet here in the middle of the night, but there was no sign of ourselves, and our stomachs were growling with hunger."
After what he said, others also feel a little hungry. After all, it’s half a night to eat, and now it’s almost digested. The first one with the cheek rubbed his hands and said, "I know your stomach can see you eating behind your back. Even an adult with a stomach is enough to eat for three days and three nights."
"Do you want me to give you something to eat?" 3,000 diners said.
The money string nodded and swept the ground and said, "Yes, yes."
Three thousand diners said, "If you want to eat, I want you to pay ten times the market price to buy me these foods, because I know that if you string money, it will take a second ancestor who has been defeated again for 30 years, or you can give me some money."
"You" money string cried blue without hesitation. "Then I’d rather starve to death."
"Ha, ha, ha," the actor said, "You’re really starving to death. It’s a small matter of losing money, but I’m surprised that you don’t like money. Do you want to take it to the ground?"
Qian Chuan sneered, "Why don’t you ask 3,000 diners if he eats less every day? Will he die if he eats so much?"
3,000 diners used to be a little proud of losing money, but now he has put away his pride and said sadly, "You have never been hungry. If one day you try to be hungry, you will be white when you want to cut your thighs to eat."
There was a silence, and suddenly the coffin slave said, "Do you smell a fragrance?"
"Smell" After he said this, 3,000 diners also twitched their noses. "In addition to the smell I eat, there is indeed a greasy smell that seems to come from."
"Where did you come from?" The Eunuch pointed to "Tianyi Road" and the corpse lost its way. "Is this a stench?"
Corpse odor is the odor emitted by * * gas generated by the growth of intestinal bacteria 3-6 hours after death at normal temperature.
Three thousand diners shook their heads and said, "No, the smell of corpse is stinky tofu. Although this fragrance is greasy, it still smells bad after all."
"I’ll smell it." The coffin slave strode forward to the body of Tianyi Road, bowed respectfully, and then leaned over to check that at this moment, the body of Tianyi Road had been glaring and stood upright with his hands. A recruit "pushed the door and looked at the moon" was printed on the coffin slave’s abdomen.
It’s impossible to hurt him with the coffin slave skill, but he never imagined that the "dead man" suddenly opened his eyes, which made him accidentally fall into this trick in the abdomen, but his reaction was not unpleasant. After the palm of "Tianyi Laodao" touched his skin, he had taken a big step back with his left foot, hunched over and hunched his back. The whole person seemed like a big shrimp, so it didn’t hurt him deeply when the palm of "Tianyi Laodao" walked away.
However, this is not over. At the same time, there are three palms with different shapes patting him behind his back. This retreat is suspected to have completely sold his back to the people behind him.
"Ah," the coffin slave roared, and the clothes were broken to reveal three clear handprints on his back.
"You" he was shocked and angry and was beaten to the corner. His kidneys were cramped and his waist muscles were splitting until he lost strength for a short time. However, compared with the physical pain, the feeling of being betrayed was more acute. "Why did you do this?"
"Ha, ha, ha, what?" At this moment, the "Tian Yi Lao Dao" withdrew his arm and stood up. "The so-called" Every man will take the hindmost. "
"You" coffin slave stared at this "Tianyi Road". He found that this road is actually a little more slender, and once the momentum of speech and action is very different from that of a real copper man, he will not be white. "It turned out that you are a hundred foxes. I didn’t expect you to dare to appear."
Yi Shu is not a god. Although in modern times, with the help of high technology, it can really be superb in appearance, but it is impossible to turn a person into another person, especially relatives and friends. A few more words will definitely be revealed. This hundred-tailed fox simply becomes a corpse and does not say anything. Even if it looks a little different, it is easy to get away with it.
"It turned out that this was a fake" QuYong said in the coffin tunnel. "It seems that this hundred-tailed fox met the fake master in the shrine during the day."
"What did I dare not appear?" The hundred-tailed fox said bitterly. "In those days, I risked my life with him. Later, I just faked his name and brought white goods twice. He actually banished me from China without any nostalgia. Fortunately, I let me take root in Tokyo this day. Now that the copper-faced old ghost is dead, I will owe him back to my department with joint interest."
The coffin slave gasped and looked at the four humanity. "It turns out that the four of you have already colluded in the dark. The so-called letter is also your hero."
"No, it’s a big mistake," said the actor, shaking his big green hat. "This letter is my sister. You don’t have much defense against me. It’s not difficult to put a letter in your coffin. It’s certainly up to us to believe it."
"You," said the coffin slave, "You conspired to set traps against me. It seems that you have reached an agreement."
"Offensive-defensive alliance" Yougui said, "We should unite together to find the bronze mask and then control the dragon and tiger. Of the five servants of Lord Huiye, you have the highest martial arts, but you are also the most ignorant and loyal. You will never betray what I have done. We will kill you first."
"With your vomit," the coffin slave couldn’t help but vomit a mouthful of blood, which was bright red in his stomach with food scraps that he hadn’t finished digesting in the evening. "I tell you that the bronze mask is actually in my arms. Come and get it if you have something to do."
"In your arms"
The coffin slave sneered, "I had a presentiment that something would happen to me a few days ago, and I have entrusted the bronze mask to me. That is actually false. If something really happens to him, I will give him the position of master."
"Now that it’s in your arms, bring it." The actor ghost was about to rush over when he heard it ferocious, but was stopped by a hundred foxes behind him. "Wait a minute. If the bronze mask was really in his arms, would he be so stupid to tell us?"
Chapter two hundred and six Kill each other
"That’s right, too."
"Rest assured" 3,000 diners laughed wildly. "Just now, his waist was a secret big cinnabar handprint in my blow. When I practiced this palm for five years, my hard work was extremely malicious. If necessary, I will never use it at ordinary times. Whoever wins will never get up again. Don’t worry, I’ll go and search."
The coffin slave simply said, "Please."
3,000 diners move forward step by step. It is impossible for him to say that there is not a trace of worry in his heart. After all, among the five people, coffin slaves used to have the highest martial arts, and everyone has not seen for many years whether there is any killer weapon left by coffin slaves. It is not certain.
He took five steps, and suddenly the actor said, "Wait."

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