When the masked man saw Lin Cheng’s dance steps, he quietly left the back door without saying hello, because this oriental dance step showed him a new experience, and he went back to practice.

After the dance, Lin Cheng’s face turned red and he was out of breath, but he saw King Abu Sala staring at himself. Lin Cheng thought that Abu Sala was also trying to drag his oil field to the yellow. Today, I have to give him something to see, so that he always has a fluke mentality.
"Ha-ha, make an ugly face" Lin Chengdong said hello to the people around him with his fist etiquette, and everyone applauded and responded. Obviously, Lin Chengwu just asked everyone.
Lin Cheng conveniently picked up a glass and drank it all at once, then held the cup in his hand and put it in the palm of his hand. Then he slowly turned the palm over, but the cup still seemed to be stuck in the palm of his hand and did not drop.
"It’s amazing. It’s amazing."
Everyone said that it was incredible, and everyone doubted whether Lin Chengshou touched the glue, but no one said it. Although everyone suspected that it was magic, no one said it.
Lin Cheng probably sucked the glass for more than 20 seconds, and then slowly turned the palm over. Of course, the cup was still standing in the middle of his palm.
Lin Chengping stretched out his arm and held the cup in his palm, then suddenly the bottom of the cup jumped up like a spring, which was more than 20 centimeters high, and then fell into his palm.
Lin Cheng put this cooked glass cup in his hands and rubbed it, and it immediately turned into a pile of tiny particles, which fell from the palm of his hand.
Lin Cheng’s series of moves shocked Abu Sala and members of the royal family.
If it is said that the cup was upside down before because the glue was touched in the palm of your hand, it is unreasonable to jump over the palm of your hand. Since there is glue stuck to the cup, how can it jump? Finally, the rubbing of those hands is even more incredible. Did you rub the sharp glass into tiny particles?
This is beyond everyone’s understanding.
People who don’t know kung fu look very strange. In fact, it would be too childish for a master of Lin Cheng to see it. It’s easy for a master of domestic boxing to vent the gas from the groove at the bottom of the cup through the pores, because the bottom of the cup is not completely horizontal but has a small groove in it.
Vent the air, and the air pressure cup will naturally stick to the palm of your hand.
Then the cup bounces from the palm of your hand. If you are a master of domestic boxing, you can bounce the cup naturally by shaking your wrist. But Lin Cheng didn’t bounce the cup by shaking it by your wrist, but just as he just sucked the cup, he let the cup bounce by bursting out at the bottom of the cup. It can be said that the latter is one hundred times more difficult than the former.
Finally, it’s easier to knead the cup into powder. It’s too easy for a master of domestic boxing to reach the realm of Lin Cheng, whether it’s work or external work, whether it’s bones, muscles, skin or vigor, it’s very tough and hard qigong.
But just a few simple moves together surprised these people present and somehow connected. The first one can’t figure out the second one.
Lin Cheng laughed and went out of the center of the venue to continue to taste the royal dinner.
King Abu Shala can see that this oriental is likely to show himself, but he has never seen such magical kung fu. His hands are either cracking bricks or head bottles, which are unskilled. Oh, my God, who can give himself a magical oriental bodyguard?
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Lin Cheng is no longer a royal bodyguard. Naturally, she can’t stay at Buckingham Palace at night. Sophia drove Lin Cheng to a hotel in Westminster to stay. Seeing that Lin Cheng didn’t say anything, she went back to Buckingham Palace to live in the net.
At this time, Lin Chengzheng was uneasy. He didn’t know whether Zhang Ranran would forgive himself, but he couldn’t fool around with Sophia at the moment. However, before Sophia left, Lin Cheng also told her whether she could invest in Somalia. Before Lin Cheng specifically said that Sophia also expressed great interest in this and wanted to go back to investigate with Lin Cheng.
Sophia means a lot. Lin Cheng is either white or stupid. Is Somalia a place to invest? Since sophia root doesn’t ask about the investment environment, can she say that she doesn’t care about profit? What does she care about? Everyone can see it.
After Sophia left, before Lin Chenggang went to sleep, it rang. It was Bombardier Company. Lin Cheng got along with Bombardier Company and ordered five larger speedboats. Bombardier was in charge of the Middle East industry manager named Martin. The sales concept made Lin Chengyi admire him when he remembered it. Lin Cheng was just a Bombardier speedboat and the purchase amount was not large, but he made Martin fool him into spending 40 million dollars to buy a commercial plane.
This time, Martin called Lin Cheng to tell him that his reserved commercial plane had been produced and assembled, and asked him where he was going to pick up the goods.
Lin Cheng didn’t even pick up the pilot. Why don’t you go back by yourself?
There is no way for Lin Chengneng to call Sophia who just returned and ask her to help find two pilots. Sophia naturally agreed.
It shouldn’t be too difficult for Sophia to find a few pilots in Royal Energy. This is not something that Lin Cheng needs to consider. The most important thing is that he doesn’t have an airport to park his plane. Does this $40 million guy let Lin Cheng feel at ease?
Can Lin Chengneng call Hain and ask him if he can connect with the plane parking place at Bossaso Airport? Hain promised to consult the doctor the next day.
Lin Cheng said you’d better go now, or our plane can stop at the beach, but it’s hard to say whether it can be stopped at the beach or not.
Hain listened to Lin Cheng’s words and rushed to Bossaso Airport, which is just in Bossaso and the pirate town under construction. It is not far from the pirate town at most, and it is only ten minutes’ drive. It is said that it is an airport, but it is almost deserted. You can’t see the airport at all. Besides the highest terminal building, the second place is the highest weeds.
There is no one in the whole airport. Looking at this deserted airport, I can’t help but feel a little big.
It is extremely uncomfortable to fly in Bossaso. The airline company didn’t stop at Bossaso. The nearest stop was Gibb Airport in the west of Bossaso, where Lin Cheng and Brown came from Rome.
Naihain has found the mayor of Bossaso again, or the mayor of Pirate Town rented by Brown, but now he is out of charge, because the country is too chaotic and all the capable people have run away, and he is on the verge of running or not.
After Hain said that he wanted to rent Bossaso airport, the mayor immediately said that there was no problem and asked Hain directly how much he could pay. Hain stretched out five fingers, and the mayor named Ham immediately shook his head. "I can rent you 50 thousand for five years, but you can rent it for 20 years if you pay 100 thousand."
Heine immediately shook his head. "I’ll pay 500 thousand for a hundred years."
Ham struck the table. "Deal!"
In the end, Hain spent 500 thousand to rent this airport for 120 years, which was given by Ham on the basis of Hain’s one-time payment.
In fact, Lin Cheng confessed to Hain that it was 50 years less rent. Hain originally planned to rent 500 thousand for 50 years, but Ham was in a hurry to make a deal, so Hain got a bargain.
In fact, this is not cheap, because Bossaso airport is barren and full of weeds. If we want to invest, the terminal equipment needs to be updated, and weeds and airport runways need to be repaired, at least a complete runway can be repaired.
Renting an airport is not the same as renting a wasteland. The wasteland is desolate. In the war-torn areas of Somalia, no one wants the wasteland, even the garbage.
The airport is different, after all, there are ready-made runways, just a little update, and the natural price is much higher.
After Hayne finished this, Lin Cheng and Jeanblanc asked someone to clean the airport runway and said that the plane would be able to go back in a few days.
But Lin Cheng didn’t expect Bombardier Martin to fly to London Road at this time. Lin Cheng was a challenger. Lin Chenggen didn’t ask about the specific model. Anyway, he knew that he could seat twenty people. Of course, there are so many seats in the cabin. If he had to go to 100 people, the plane wouldn’t fail to fly.

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