But what is this secret that will eventually surface in time?

Suddenly he heard a little commotion in the building.
At this time, a bodyguard came to report that he knelt in front of the first snow and told the emperor that a vegetable farmer said that he saw a man holding a woman from the west wall of the backyard of Zuiyue Building. The farmer was here to deliver food to Zuiyue Building at that time.
At the same time, the first snow longed for the scenery and shivered quickly to the farmer
Deng Deng Deng
Soon after the bodyguard was built, he brought an old farmer in his 40 s and 50 s
The old farmer fell to his knees at the sight of the first snow.
It is estimated that several generations are not blessed to see the sky, and they look stiff and nervous.
I also stutter.
It took Mu Jingchu a lot of patience to figure out that he said it was early in the morning when he delivered the food, then went to the counter to check out, and then saw it when he left from the back door and passed by the hospital.
Are you sure that man is an adult, not a child of a few years old? Mu Jing added
How old is a child? It’s definitely not a child holding that woman, but how can a child hold it when an adult comes? Besides, the right-wing man is absolutely right. It’s an adult and a big man. The farmer looks honest and doesn’t seem to be telling lies at all.
This suspection of Huangfuyi is gone. Who else is left?
Mu Jing asked the farmer, Now that he is standing in front of you, will you recognize him? Section 975 Search for who took her away.
The farmer said that he didn’t see it clearly. It was a side that felt quite handsome and far away. The man quickly crossed the wall, but although it was vague, he might be able to see a little when he saw someone again.
Well, I believe you have a wink at the first snow.
Ma Bai, the first snow, told the guards around him that you should go first and no one can come without my order.
The guards arrived and ordered the horse to retreat.
At this time, there was only the first snow in the house and Mujing was still the farmer.
Mujing took off his mask and looked at the farmer’s way. He looked up to see if I was moving sideways.
The farmer looked up and looked at Mujing for a while and shook his head.
Don’t like MuJing eyebrows a wrinkly, you look more carefully.
Is it true that the man is not as good-looking as you, and the farmer said so when he didn’t know what to look like?
After what he said, is Sima Luo a suspect? Who could it be?
The first snow stood in awe. You can’t tell a lie. Telling a lie to the emperor is a crime of deceiving the monarch. You just said that I didn’t hear you. Tell the truth from now on.
As soon as the farmer heard it, he quickly kowtowed and trembled. Yes, the right man knew that the right man never told a lie.
The farmer was afraid to get up on the ground, and he was still trembling slightly. He had never seen anything in the world and seemed to be really afraid of getting into trouble.
Old man Wen Dao in the first snow, think again about what special place that man has, what features or things, swords, and some subtle clues. He asked with Rao Xing-xin.
There is no sword. By the way, it seems that the man is still wearing a white dot. Suddenly, the farmer suddenly saves his eyes and seems to think of something. Section 976 Searching for who took her away.
The farmer was so excited that it seemed filial to white. At that time, I was still wondering why men were still looking for women when they were wearing filial piety. The farmer kept talking less and less, but he still didn’t say it. The thoughts in his heart were impure and the holy ears were not good.
Mujing was surprised, and then the stars suddenly cooled down and the first snow horse surrounded the general’s house. Yes, take this farmer and let him meet Xiao Zhong to see if it is him.
Besides Alo Huangfuyi, who dares to be in the lion’s den? At this time, their suspicion is gone, so Xiaozhong is the biggest suspect because he knows that he has come to Beijing. If his Xiao family is really peaceful, then he may also pay attention to his whereabouts. After all, this time he is here to represent Na Nan, and I’m afraid he has arrived early.
It’s true that Xiao Zhong can quickly grasp the whereabouts of the first snow in Beijing. Now think about it carefully. He can know about Mujing’s first snow and Chen Shouchu’s life at the same time, and his reaction is so rapid. It’s true that Xiao Zhong can’t find the second person.

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