Fat raised his fat palm and caressed his chest before turning to the empty behind him, where an old face has emerged.

Do you think your life is too long? This blood is so dangerous that Luo Cha will deny anyone but the Lord. How can you check it at will? If I get close to it, even I will have to do something, and you will be suspicious of death.
Dad, I just want to see if I haven’t touched it.
Fat smell speech facial expression slightly going way
Well, I came to tell you that the plan will start immediately when the fish is hooked.
Old micro a nod to slow way eyes flashing grim smile at the same time.
It’s finally okay, dad. Don’t worry. I’ll get this done without leaving a flaw.
Fat smell speech eyes immediately flashed surprised color at the same time ready and brought life way
Well, I’m sure you can do it well
When the old man nods again, he hides behind him.
The VIP compartment Yang Tian closed his eyes and sat in danger, wondering that a little spiritual sleep in his heart suddenly frowned, because just now that a little spiritual sleep disappeared and he could no longer feel Lingling in the breath.
However, when indecision, that little induction suddenly reappears, which makes Yang Tian instantly excited, because it means that the target is really here, perhaps because he knows that he has arrived, and the next step is to try to find the target position.
However, the auction house is so big that it is closely guarded everywhere, and it is faintly felt that there are many strong forces hidden in the dark. Always pay attention to all the movements in the auction house, which makes Yang Tian dare not make a move.
The strength of the four fairy cities is not weaker than that of the four Tianmen, and the inside information is much deeper. People who want to break the rules here must first consider Yang Tianran, and it will be no exception.
Sitting in the box with a high position, you can have a good view of the auction. At this time, Yang Tianyi is not here to pay attention to the auction, but Jules quickly became familiar with the auction process and immediately bid for the game. From time to time, her childish voice quoted a shocking price.
Yang Tian generally looked at the auction list, but there were many batches of Dan medicine, and Shou Yuan magic pills were added. This was because Yang Tian was in short supply, so Jules played with it and let her resolutely shoot against it when she met Dan medicine. SPAR was not a problem, and she spent a lot of money to buy Dan medicine.
That’s not enough. Yang Tian also called the fairy to let the auction house specially prepare a large number of steps to replenish qi. Dan can be eaten to some extent. Now, whether it is physical training or magic weapon level, the demand for Dan medicine has reached a quite scary level.
God, what did you find?
Suddenly, the VIP compartment door was beaten, and when Xianger entered, she read Yang Tian instead of asking directly. It seems that her identity is taboo here.
Others have also come to see their facial expressions and know that the query into the fairy city character record is nothing substantial.
Xianger, can you show me around here?
Yang Tian asked Xiang Er to blink at the same time.
Yeah, come with me.
Sweet son immediately knowing beautiful eyes turn simply nods
Please wait here and buy Xuaner whatever you like, and buy more Dan medicine magic weapons to bring back to Eternal Pavilion. Don’t be afraid of too many. Now I have more spar than I can spend.
Before leaving, Yang Tian was very arrogant and said to them.
When Yang Tian motioned Xianger to walk slowly, he introduced everything around him. Yang Tian seemed to be listening attentively, but in fact he was secretly determining Lingling’s position. So they went to the core of the auction house, and the people they met along the way were Huayang Fudie who didn’t salute when they saw Xianger.
Yes, it’s just ahead. I feel that Lingling’s sister-in-law is getting closer and clearer.
As close to the core of the auction, Yang, as I feel more and more intense, can’t help but feel dark.
Lingling is really afraid of trouble here. Xianger smells speech and frowns slightly.
How do you say this? Yang Tian asked
Tube auction has always been the chief elder DiDi brother, I’m afraid they will be difficult to our sweet son said.
Chief Elder: Oh, I remember. It’s the one I set a three-month deadline for.
Yang Tian suddenly realized that he was clearly hostile at that time.
Haha, why don’t you send someone to tell Uncle Fu that you are going to prepare a VIP room when Princess Xiang is here?

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