It’s such a beautiful dream that you have to wake up and crush your beautiful hopes after seeing your scars.

Who knows how much unwilling to be wronged in his heart?
If so, he really wants her love, not her hatred.
But now many things are counterproductive. In the end, he once wanted to protect women, but now he has to hurt them by himself.
Chai Wanying, where did she know how painful it was in her heart?
But he has no way out.
He wants to live.
If he can survive, then he believes that even more damage can be made up and repaired.
Wan Ying is still a very kind woman, and she will forgive herself.
Lengqi keeps telling herself this.
Yes, she will forgive herself.
Carefully put her little photo back on the table and then pressed it down with a thick glass
Looking up again, the infatuation and longing in Lengqi’s eyes have faded away and remained calm.
Things were taken away.
There came a low voice in the words.
Are you sure? I didn’t see who came to get something. K couldn’t help but hold a microphone tightly at this end.
It’s too far away to see clearly, but it should be a Chinese. Someone has been sent to follow him far away. It should be easy to find his place to stay.
Be smart. Don’t be noticed. After waiting for him for more than two months, the bait has finally been sent to the field, and the fish has already bitten. If you scare him away temporarily, it will not be easy to catch again.
You can rest assured that everything is under control.
Well, let me know as soon as anything changes.
K hung up and walked quickly to kelvin’s room immediately.
Now the situation in kelvin is so serious that you can’t even sit up and lie in a room full of instruments and intensive care bacteria every day.
Two hours a day, private doctors allow them to meet and talk.
K is filled with eagerness and distress.
Carefully isolate a piece outside the door to replace the bacterial disease, disinfect it, change clothes and even change shoes and wear a mask.
A deputy armed forces after this just walked into the kelvin room.
Quietly sat down in his bedside chair, held kelvin in one hand, and gently called him kelvin to wake up. I’m coming.
K, why did you come so early today
Although he can still breathe in front of him without a ventilator, it’s a lot of hard work after all, so the speed of speaking is a lot slower.
The good news is that our horse is about to find that bastard JACK. That loser, Li Kefu, has finally prepared a trick that is not bad.
Do you remember the last eail he sent more than two months ago?
He said let’s keep an eye on the federal bank safe, and said that if someone else didn’t go there to get something, we would definitely get something unexpected.
Kelvin green eyes suddenly become some spirit.
K, you mean someone went to get something. Didn’t Likov disappear for a long time?
Chapter 5
Yes, it’s because he’s been missing for a long time, and now someone is going to pick up what he left there, so it’s conceivable that at least Mrs. Li must have fallen into the hands of the person who picked it up
K is very excited.
Kelvin, who do you think will be interested in a China person like Li Kefu except us in the United States?
Or who will hate this for Likov?
JCAK, that bastard
Although lying in bed, the body has decayed and can be maintained by advanced instruments, the vicious resentment in kelvin’s green eyes has not subsided.
Yeah, you’re right. That bastard Lengqi.
Don’t worry, I’ve got someone keeping an eye on the picker. I’m sure he never dreamed that we would send someone to stay near the federal bank for more than two months.
What’s this called? They in China often say that mantis catches cicada and yellowbird is behind. Isn’t he good at hiding? Isn’t he good at stabbing us in the back? This time I’ll see where he runs.
K, I want him to die. I want to watch him die
Kelvin once again stressed that the general said with that, his chest gasped violently.
Then the bedside instrument sent a drip alarm.
K quickly put the ventilator back on him and then clenched his hand like an oath.
Honey, don’t worry, I won’t let you down, and I won’t let you die. When I catch Lengqi again, I’ll give you everything in his body. You must hold on and never give up.

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