However; When the elder brother really approached; Sunday only to find that; It turned out that the elder brother who came over for a long time was Huanglong’s real person, and it was Lang’s Sunday expression for no reason.

To say this Huanglong real words; Although Sunday doesn’t have much to do with it, Sunday still has a good impression on it because of the other person’s personality. The most important point is; According to the character of Huanglong real person, there is no need to worry about what Huanglong real person will do against him on Sunday. Although I haven’t really made a deal, my friends don’t need to please me on Sunday.
"Since personally go out to meet brother; Teacher younger brother is enthusiastic. "He has just gone to Huanglong from the crane he rode, and he has directly teased Sunday.
And Sunday is naturally unwilling to be teased by Huanglong reality, knowing that Huanglong reality is such a character that Sunday follows his words; It also played a joke on it.
"If I had known it was your brother; Of course I won’t run out; This is not who hasn’t met yet. Brother is coming over. "
"Good you a Sunday; That’s how you treat me when other disciples come over. You won’t come out to meet me when Huanglong comes over. Is that reasonable? "
"It’s not that we are familiar with each other; Why are you still doing such a polite thing? "
"You can talk a little."
"By the way; How about when, brother, I haven’t seen you for ten years? Is there a breakthrough? " At some point; On Sunday, I was worried about the problem of Huanglong real person’s repair. Although Sunday Huanglong real person is not good enough to be allies, at least both sides are still good. It is a breakthrough to know that Huanglong real person closed before seeing Huanglong real person. On Sunday, nature can’t help asking about this situation.
However; Huanglong’s reality seems to be nothing before the harvest, but after listening to Sunday’s words; But after sighing, a face of nai answered on Sunday, "Have a sacred land which is such a good breakthrough, although the true qi has grown to a certain extent after pure strength, but the eye wants to go further; But I need to cut the body, not to mention that I don’t have the innate magic weapon to cut the body now; Just say it’s like cutting a corpse; I have no idea until I see it. "
Listen to the real words of Huanglong; On Sunday, I didn’t feel that the unexpected sacred land was not so good to break through this point. Zhou Tianru didn’t know that the pure violet could reach the sacred land before the sacred land; The rise in strength is the degree of understanding of the rules in such a situation; On Sunday, I gave the Huanglong real person a pure violet lotus, but it was just a pure Huanglong real person’s fairy power to lay a solid foundation for Huanglong real person’s instability and whether it could break through; In the end, the real Huanglong can still rely on what he did on Sunday; At most, it only increase his chances of success.
Being able to make a breakthrough immediately after laying a solid foundation is a matter for the Huanglong real person. If you know it on Sunday, you will naturally congratulate him on his failure to make a breakthrough. That’s what Sunday expected. In this case; On Sunday, he didn’t comfort him. It may not be true that Huanglong would appreciate it if he did that on Sunday. Secondly, he didn’t say that. It is necessary to say a breakthrough in the sacred land. That’s not something that can be done in a short time. It’s normal for ordinary people to work hard for hundreds of millions of years without making progress. Now it’s a great progress for Huanglong real people to lay a solid foundation. That is still need to look at their own opportunities.
Since the Huanglong real person failed to break through the original realm, it is impossible to bring up that topic in front of him on Sunday. Even if the result is purely expected, it is not what Huanglong real person wants to do to break through the failure. It is not appropriate to make Huanglong real people sad too much. After understanding the breakthrough of Huanglong real people, Sunday immediately changed the topic at that time.
"Brother came just a while ago when I received three little apprentices; Senior brother should also know that junior brother, I don’t have much experience in general practice, so I don’t have much experience to talk about immortal medicine. I can afford it if they need it, but I can’t teach my senior brother some knowledge about the cultivation of truth. At the beginning, you were trained as a pick by your personal efforts. I think you should have a deep understanding of some problems that the training center will encounter. It’s rare to meet you in my Tianshan Mountain to help my junior brother train one or three little guys. They also have to come to me as a master when they encounter any problems in the future; I can’t help them answer the question that I lost my face as a master for no reason. Sunday suddenly thought of his three precious disciples and read smoothly; He also made a request to the Huanglong real person to help him train his three disciples.
On Sunday, I didn’t say that I had finished practicing Huanglong reality, but I have reached the sacred land. Although the realm is weaker than those who really cut the corpse, I believe that some problems that fairyland will encounter should be that it is impossible to live in Huanglong reality.
On Twelve Jinxian’s original training conditions: Huanglong reality is definitely the most difficult in such a situation; Huanglong real people can tell from the fact that they are not weak. Huanglong’s real talent is not weak, but it depends on experience; Explain that there is really no one other than Yuan Tianzun, a saint. Although it is a joke to say those words to Huanglong real person on Sunday, it is not necessarily that it is not true on Sunday. After all, Huanglong real person conditions are there. If Huanglong real person is really willing to help him train a disciple, it will have many benefits for Zhou Tong and them to practice in the future, not even if they are royal sisters. You can also learn a lot from Huanglong real people.
For Sunday requests; Huanglong reality did not refuse to say anything else; Just the day before last, I sent him a pure violet lotus, but at the beginning, I let him owe him a big favor on Sunday, and now Sunday wants something; Moreover, it is still such a trivial matter that Huanglong reality should not be ignored.
Institute; After listening to Sunday’s words, Mr. Huanglong replied to him directly with a smile at that time, "If I don’t think my brother robbed you, why not help you train an apprentice?"
On Sunday, when hearing the Huanglong real person nod to his request, he immediately thanked him, "Thank you, Senior Brother". Sunday was ready to long; Then go and call the royal elder sister and their three little guys Zhou Tong to see Huanglong reality.
However; Just as Sunday was about to leave; At that time, the real Huanglong suddenly grabbed Sunday’s puzzled eyes and asked him, "Did the younger brother give up the little girl with clear water?"
"Come" when listening to the words of Huanglong real people; Zhou, as a heavenly heart, suddenly flashed a lot of thoughts at that time, and there were no less than ten kinds of analysis on that sentence of Huanglong reality.
Sunday was b: and had to put it in his palace when he was doing that thing because of the clear water fairy: Although there is nothing special in the face, it was clear on Sunday; It is bound to be impossible to show her elders according to the clear water fairy, and it depends on when they will come to the door without any indication.
The original Sunday still didn’t know who was behind the clear water fairy, and my heart kept thinking about her things; What familiar people will appear in front of you but don’t want to; The elder of the clear water fairy master has not come forward to Huanglong, but it is at this time that it suddenly happened.
Not knowing the reason why the real Huanglong person wanted to ask about it, Sunday could tentatively ask him at that time, "Brother asked what this thing was?" Want me to let her go "
"That’s right" nodded unconcerned and said that after Sunday didn’t guess wrong, I saw that the Se on Sunday’s face was not very good, but the Huanglong reality had to explain to Sunday again at that time. "The girl with clear water is brother Yu Ding, and in my opinion, brother Yu Ding, I have to ask for it; I’m doing this, too, teacher younger brother. Hello, not many people know this now, otherwise; Afraid of your clear water that wench trouble now should also is going to find the door. "
Listen to the real words of Huanglong; Sunday face se nature is not so good, Huanglong reality that there is nothing wrong; As far as I know on Sunday; Huanglong real people in Twelve Jinxian Yu Ding real people is relatively good, according to their Huanglong real people know this matter, it is normal to come and be a peacemaker.
However; On Sunday, Xiangu Bishui threatened to have it for a hundred years. Now, if it is suddenly released, it will be denied that Xiangu Bishui will remember the lesson. Instead, Xiangu Bishui will not only hate Sunday when she was ten years old. Even if she is afraid of her on Sunday, she will have to consider what kind of trouble she will bring to herself after she is released.
But since Bishui Xiangu is a real brother of Yu Ding; According to the performance of the clear water fairy; It can also be estimated that the clear water fairy has such an important position in the true heart of Yu Ding. Yu Ding’s face is real on Sunday, but he can’t help but worry about it. To make Sunday bad, such as processing
If it were anyone else; Sunday wouldn’t be so hard not to tell the truth, but at least Sunday will definitely make the clear water fairy suffer some hardships; This will let it go.
However, Yu Ding is a real person, and it is necessary to make good friends with the second generation of younger brothers on Sunday. If there is a person who doesn’t want to offend on Sunday; Then that person is definitely Yu Ding’s real person in the eye of the week; That Yu Ding’s real status is much weaker than that of Yuan Tianzun.
Yu Ding’s real-life practice achievement method is just the time when Twelve Jinxian was born when he turned Xuangong and the realm rose quite quickly. At that time, the real person Yu Ding was already going to be upgraded to the realm of transformation. Now it has been so long; Accumulated over hundreds of millions of years; Yu Ding, whether the real person already has the seventh revision of Xuangong is not something that can be guessed on Sunday now.
Besides Yu Ding’s real personal strength, Yu Ding’s real apprentice is also famous. It is to make Sunday feel ashamed.
Yang Jian; This is the hero of the gods who has reached the realm of Xuangong when he traveled to the West. At this time; Its repair should also be like Yu Ding’s reality, and there is no progress, and it is not something that Sunday can handle now.
Just repairing; On Sunday, it was already afraid to offend Yu Ding’s reality easily, even worse; Since Yu Ding’s real person is the same skill and Yu Ding’s real person is practicing on Sunday; In the future, if Sunday gets stuck in any card, I want to ask for advice from others, but there will also be Yu Ding’s real person Yang Jian, the two candidates.
The method of turning Xuangong is too special. Although it is said that it was created by saints, the specific practice situation is not what saints can guess. The first few turns are ok. It’s time to cultivate this realm on Sunday; If you can help Sunday, there will be a real person, Yu Ding, who also practiced Xuangong in such a situation; If Sunday offended Yu Ding’s real person, then if you want to practice for advice in the future, don’t say whether Yu Ding’s real person will help him or not, you will be on your own on Sunday. Estimates that there is no face that mouth.
Institute; Explain and teach other second-generation brothers; As far as Yu Ding’s face is concerned, it is necessary to sell it on Sunday.
Yes; Think of the clear water fairy’s character on Sunday, but worry about letting her go out; She will move the right and wrong in front of the real person; If that’s the case, it’s for this reason that the fairy maiden with clear water can’t change herself on Sunday, but the real person may deepen the misunderstanding between the two sides. Sunday will hesitate or else; Only depend on Yu to determine the importance of real people to Sunday; General things at this time of Sunday; Even if you didn’t think about it, you should come directly.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Competition
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Competition
Zhou Tianxin thought Huanglong reality was not clear when he saw that Sunday didn’t agree to let people go. Zhou Tiangen didn’t realize that this matter would have an impact on him, so he didn’t respond to the situation on Sunday for a long time. He directly told Zhou Tiandao that "the girl with clear water really wants to offend her. Although Brother Yu Ding may not bother you there, I am afraid of my nephew in Yang Jian; It is very likely that this matter will find you. "
"Are Yang Jian and Qingshui very good?" Sunday feels a little strange to say this Yang Jian dialect; Although xiu is indeed very powerful, he can be called the first person to explain the three generations of brothers, even the second generation; There are not many people who can repair in Yang Jian, but even so; Yang Jian is still teaching three generations of younger brothers; In this most important sect that abides by the rules, even Yang Jian can’t do anything J: and things for Sunday, no matter how tall he is.
But the tone of the eye Huanglong real person is to let Sunday hear the wrong taste, just according to the tone of Huanglong real person; If you don’t let the clear water fairy go on Sunday; But it seems that Yang Jian will knock on the door at that time, which is generally true to Huanglong; Sunday didn’t believe it. After all, Yang Jian wanted to do that. After the event, he will never have any good games. Sunday also didn’t really clear water nun 1 such as Yang Jian should be won’t do anything J: and reaction.
But since the Huanglong real person said that; It is already very good to say how close Yang Jian’s clear water fairy is. Although Sunday thinks that Yang Jian can’t do that kind of unwise reaction, on the one hand, he doesn’t want Yang Jian to be bad on Sunday, and on the other hand, it is because Yang Jian turns to metaphysics to be higher than Sunday, and on the other hand, he doesn’t want to offend Yang Jian. Sunday eye is also can’t completely seriously, otherwise if Yang Jian reaction is really so j: and then the result is not what Sunday wants to see.
And on Sunday, I should be glad that he didn’t have a clear water fairy Yang Jian when he died; It’s not as simple as he thought.
"Yang Jian original sent nephew; I believe that teacher younger brother is also clear about this. "After Huanglong reality thought about it; Finally, I explained to Sunday, "At the beginning, a man named Yang Tianyou from Yao Ji got married and eventually gave birth to two daughters, but his behavior eventually led to the punishment of heaven, and Yao Ji Xian was arrested back to heaven; Yang Tianyou’s chief Yang Jiao died in the heavenly soldier’s hand, and then I, brother Yu Ding, took over as a disciple in Yang Jian and escaped the punishment of heaven, but his sister Yang Chan was taken to heaven and became the Three Notre Dame, and later Yang Chan was his mother. Since she also moved, she also fell in love with Liu Yanchang at any time. As a result, she was taken away by my Yang Jian and pressed on the Huashan Lotus huā peak until her nephew Liu Chenxiang split the mountain to save her mother. This is to get out of trouble. "
After listening to the words of Huanglong real person; Sunday, some mi paste these things. Sunday is no stranger. Everyone has already told a lot of stories, especially the story of saving the mother from agarwood and splitting the mountain. I don’t know how many animated videos have been made. Sunday naturally doesn’t need Huanglong real introduction.
Yes; Sunday is not clear; Huanglong reality said those things clear water nun 1 has, although the two stories Yang Jian occupies a lot of weight here, it is an important angle Se 1, but that clear water nun 1 should not have those two things, right? When talking about clear water nun 1; Why do the real Huanglong people have to remember those two stories?
It’s like being able to read Zhou Tianxin. Then on Sunday, when the Huanglong reality reaction felt strange, the Huanglong reality did not wait for Sunday to ask; At that time, he also took the initiative to explain a situation.
"We explain the core idea of teaching and it is doomed that we must abide by the rules when we explain the teaching brother. Yang Jian’s nephew had to arrest his sister because of dogma, but he felt deeply guilty about this matter, especially Yang Chan, who felt that his brother knew about their mother’s affairs but still helped the Emperor to arrest him. He refused to forgive Yang Jian’s nephew, but he didn’t know how it could have been only ten years without my nephew Yang Jian’s secret help." Speaking of this; Huanglong reality nai sighed and then said, "Because of the misunderstanding between the two sides, I can apologize for letting his sister live in seclusion, but the girl with clear water is the same as Yang Chan’s child …"
As a result, the real Huanglong did not say; However, on Sunday, it was almost impossible to guess. Zhou Tianyuan was also a clear-water fairy who could develop eyes. This character was formed by Yu Ding’s real love, but he didn’t want to hear this from Huanglong. Draft for half a day, but the person behind the clear water fairy was not a real person but his brother Yang Jian thought of it here; Sunday is not a headache.
I really want to talk about it; In fact, there is nothing too deep in the roots of Yang Jian’s clear water fairy. The main reason why Yang Jian will cover her is that she looks like his sister and Yang Jian is deeply sorry for her sister, which has formed her present character.
But Sunday can’t really take this matter seriously for such a reason. Since Yang Jian regards the clear water nun as his sustenance, unless Yang Chan forgives Yang Jian; And it’s as good as ever, otherwise; That clear water nun 1′ s position in Yang Jian’s heart will definitely have to be generally high on Sunday. Although it is said that it is Yang Jian’s uncle, God knows whether Yang Jian will do crazy things because of his obsession. Although he will be punished after coming to Yang Jian to do it; Even if Yang Jian will be punished afterwards, what is really going to be lost in Yang Jian’s hand on Sunday? That even after Yang Jian died on Sunday, he still suffered a loss like that; But it is definitely not what Sunday wants to see.
In such a situation; Sunday after listening to the huanglong real words; Immediately considering the Yang Jian may react and want to go; No matter whether it is estimated that Sunday always feels that it is more likely that Yang Jian will be a nun with clear water. Although it is unwise to look for him head-on, it depends on Yang Jian’s explanation. If Yang Jian really wants to look for Sunday, he can make himself look around without starting work. It may be time to change his attitude towards this matter.
Although those words of Fairy Clear Water made Sunday very unhappy, Sunday was a thousand and ten thousand hopes to teach Fairy Clear Water a lesson, but who let the backer behind Fairy Clear Water now make Sunday have to worry about three points? Although he didn’t want to let him go, Sunday also had to change his original decision because of Yang Jian.
"In this case; Brother Huanglong will take the clear water back when he goes back. "Say that finish; Sunday after paused is then asked "is there anything else? I have been in Tianshan for ten years. If my brother is really in a hurry to save her, I believe he won’t come to see me until now. There should be other things. Let’s hear it. Before, I heard two bad news, the third thing; Brother must say something that will make me happy, or he will come back in the future. But I will treat you as a disaster. "
Two bad news; Being b: and putting clear water on the fairy is one thing and another; Naturally, Huanglong reality failed to break through things.
Although it was just a kind word, after listening to Sunday’s words; Huanglong reality is still very happy to laugh for two times; Huanglong reality is no longer clear water nun 1 thing directly patted Sunday Shoulder and said to it at that time, "Speaking of which, there is really one business that I haven’t told you since you asked now;" Then I will let you know by the way. "
"Brother, please speak" after listening to the real words of Huanglong; On Sunday, after the face of Se was corrected; This just motioned for Huanglong real people to tell him the specific matters.
"Although we have a teacher to teach, we have set the corresponding rules a long time ago, but saints usually need to manage too many things. Although the teacher teaches, he has no time to manage the teaching office; Except for some very important things, explaining the big and small things is discussed by the foolish brother and several other disciples. "Speaking of this; Huanglong reality paused but glanced at Sunday; At that time, it was said, "Because our second-generation brothers are almost all apprentices, the institute for promoting the progress of the three generations of brothers will hold a competition every hundred years, and then the second-generation brothers will go to watch and accept their brothers; And brother xiu in fairyland needs to send one or two brothers to fight for the final victory; You can get our reward. "
"There is this thing" casually returned to the Huanglong reality. After a sentence, I saw that there was something wrong with the expression of Huanglong reality on Sunday. Suddenly a flash of light was an exclamation at that time; Looking at the real Huanglong, he asked, "Brother, do you mean that you want my three little guys to go to the competition?"
Sunday is a little uncomfortable; Although if it’s as the Huanglong real person said, this kind of competition should have been held many times. Since Sunday entered the lecture; When it’s time for the game, it’s also right for Huanglong real people to come and inform you for a week.
But; Now the question is, how long will it take to collect disciples on Sunday? Those disciples on Sunday are only about twenty years old.
Put it outside; Twenty years old may be an adult, but in the fairy world; Twenty years old, but still in’ infancy’. Now, there are only three little situations in Sunday’s hand. Since Huanglong reality ran over to participate in such a competition on Sunday, it is naturally impossible for Zhou Tianxin to be relieved. After all, it depends on Sunday conditions; Only those three disciples on Sunday want to defeat those brothers and sisters on Sunday; But there is no hope at all.
Knowing that the pulse of Sunday has passed has also served as a foil; The base is not in the achievement situation. Huanglong reality has returned this mouth. It is naturally impossible to have a good mood on Sunday.
However; Although the heart has a little opinion more or less, there is nothing too big to say on Sunday, after all, just as Huanglong’s real person said; Zhou Tian’s current status is to explain some activities of the second generation of younger brothers; Whether Sunday is willing or not, it is necessary to attend. If Zhou Tianzhen dares to ignore his brothers, God knows others will say that he doesn’t want to leave a bad name for himself. That Sunday is at this time of the eye; If you are unhappy, you have to agree to the invitation of Huanglong real person.
"Brother rest assured; Brother, I will definitely take them to the competition when the time comes. My brother should be very busy at this time when I think about it. I originally wanted to keep my brother in my Tianshan Mountain to help train a small group of disciples, but now it seems that; I’m afraid I don’t have the leisure time, so I can’t keep my brother here any longer, if there is; Brother, please come again. "
Although Sunday’s words are very polite, they are almost equivalent to catching people there. Suspecting Sunday is equivalent to putting its dissatisfaction in such a situation; Huanglong reality nature is impossible not to know that Sunday is dissatisfied with him.
For Huanglong real people; The fact that Sunday is the root of his perception will not have much influence on him. After all, Zhou Tianxi doesn’t like him as a senior, and he is all the same. His strength and ability have not reached the point where Huanglong reality needs to curry favor with him. Even Sunday is dissatisfied with him now. Huanglong reality also don’t care too much.
But the real Huanglong is in our nature; For Huanglong real person, his personality is so rooted that it is impossible for him to make bad friends on Sunday because of his performance on Sunday. Although he didn’t admit that he was wrong today, after listening to Sunday’s words; Huanglong reality is still actively explained to Sunday at that time. "Teacher younger brother doesn’t need to mind too much. This activity is mainly to train those little guys to win or lose the game." It’s always good for them to play a few games, and; Teacher younger brother can also rest assured; In this way, we can see that they will not be in danger. After the teacher younger brother finishes, we can regard this competition as a trial for your brothers. "

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