He didn’t expect that Ma Liang didn’t consider the growth period at all.

"I know this. I’m asking by the way." Ma Liang is not good at explaining it to him.
"Now Chinese cabbage is the most cost-effective. A very heavy tree can cost you $1.50." Huang thought for a moment and said that he could sell it for $2.50.
"There’s a big red pepper. I can debut you two pieces."
Scattered said that several Ma Liang secretly remembered it, and when it was almost the same, he ran to the seed shop.
He told his aunt Li, two dog’s mother, what he wanted. As a result, Ji didn’t have to go to the city to buy some goods
"Teacher Ma, don’t fool me. What should you do when I come in?" Aunt Li asked because Ma Liang asked for more than 100 yuan in one breath.
"So, Aunt Li, I’ll give you the money first and I’ll get it then."
"That’s fine." Aunt Li took the money with a smile.
"I’ll entrust someone to bring it back when someone leaves the city just one day." Aunt Li can also earn twenty or thirty dollars on this trip.
All these things get along well, and Ma Liang went directly to the small supermarket. He was in a good mood and prepared to buy more things, especially for Ning Mengmeng. This girl really made him like himself and had no relatives here.
As soon as he entered the small supermarket, Ma Liang saw a big bald head sitting in a bamboo chair with a black eye.
When he saw Ma Liang come in, he was shocked and drank "What do you want?"
It turned out that this man was the first time that the village hooligans molested Su Yuyao and besieged Ma Liang for the second time.
Ma Liang was also startled, but when he was alone, he had no worries. He used to play twice.
But judging from his condition, he was severely beaten, and he didn’t hit him that day.
"I’m here to buy something," Ma Liang said.
"Are you sure?" He didn’t believe it.
"I’m sure" Ma Liang nodded.
Don’t say that this bald head is really a little afraid of Ma Liang. Several people can’t do it. He is alone this time.
This shop is bald, usually the daughter-in-law looks at her absence today.
He is still very alert and wondering if he has to touch a knife to deter this little thing. Because this little fight is too fierce, isn’t it a shame that he is not afraid of knives?
Take it easy and stay calm.
Ma Liang looked at the napkin on the shelf. There were several pieces in a box, and there were not many in one breath. There were just so many boxes. Boy, there were more than 20 pieces.
"How much is this?" Ma Liang pointed to a box of milk and felt that Mengmeng needed this thing just when he was growing up.
"Forty dollars a box" said baldheaded and gruff, feeling very strange now.
"Bring me a box."
"Bring me a box of apples, too." Ma Liang thought about it and said that he would tie it up, just put together a load and bought some sweets.
But he really can’t make up his mind what to buy for Xia Xue.
"What else do you want to do?" The bald man didn’t trust to ask if he was going to smash the shop. He really couldn’t stop the little brothers from fighting together yesterday, and they were all hurt badly. It was a matter of playing cards that the other party had a malicious hand.
In addition to fooling around, he also guarded the casino. Yesterday, he was bullied by a few outsiders, which has always been very uncomfortable because those outsiders played cards here, which affected the business.
"What to buy for a woman?" Ma Liang asked.
"How old"
"Almost thirty"
"What are you giving gifts for?" This bald man is familiar with this set.
"Apologize" Ma Liang saw that he said something and didn’t care about fighting. Anyway, he was not afraid to beat himself.
"Women love beauty. You can just buy something to dress up and become a necklace, earring and bracelet." Baldheaded touched his head and said brightly.
Ma Liang understands that there is a small decoration shop next door.
Lost in that feeling
"How much is it?" Ma Liang pointed to what he wanted.
The bald man frowned and didn’t really know the details.
"Forget it. You won’t suffer if you give a hundred dollars."
This thing is more than one hundred, and Ma Liang didn’t say much. He took out a piece of one hundred and gave it to him, so he took it to the next door.
Bald head suddenly figured out that this guy has a way of fighting. Can you ask him for help to get back the field? He doesn’t like to take the initiative to find trouble. If you want to change, you will definitely fight today.
By the way, at that time, he came to pick up that beautiful woman. The teacher should be a teacher, too. No wonder this is a reader.
He thinks that Ma Liang has bought something and picked it up at the moment. Finally, he chose a silver bracelet with more than 100 pieces of sincerity. I don’t know how Xia Xue would want to pick this load and go home.
It was not until dusk that I arrived at the entrance of the village. Still not tired, I walked on. Several students greeted him when they saw him. He simply gave them some candy, and everyone was overjoyed.
Among them, there are toilets peeking at those few, but they are all children, and Ma Liang is too embarrassed to blame them.
Instead, they are embarrassed.
I guess I won’t be able to deliver it today. Anyway, sometimes I pass by a fish feeder’s house on holiday and buy two more fish, one big and one small, which are alive in his bucket. Just send it to me then.
When I got home, I unexpectedly discovered that Ningmengmeng was also helping Su Yuyao to dance and was relieved.
It was her little mouth that snorted, but she didn’t call anyone.
Ma Liang put things away and found that the rice was actually ready and the food was set, just waiting for him to come back and eat. I didn’t want Mengmeng to be busy
Ma Liang brought the things.
"Miss Su, this is the paper you want."
"Mengmeng, this is milk for you and some apple candy."
Ningmengmeng is actually not angry for a long time, otherwise it wouldn’t have come over.
Su Yu Yao looked at the paper and took it back to her room.
Ma Liang took a big apple to Ning Mengmeng before she took it.
"The food is getting cold," she finally said.

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