There are also many female soldiers, such as Hu Feifei and Yue Zishan, who have a strong response. "What story hasn’t happened between us and Lin Cheng? If you don’t let our family live well, I really want to talk to you."

Wang Jiao, Shen Meijun, the beauty queen, Liu Lin and others are holding back their red faces and trying to be a big bird.
There is Shidao to help Chen Jing sit firmly in the back audience, holding a baby under one year old in one hand and talking with a mobile phone in the other. "I forced 50 people and 50 guns to rush to the Qingdao Sea conference room and destroyed a man named Big Bird for me."
The scene is about to get out of control, and the big bird quickly pulls through Calvin. "If you want to be a bit more serious, quickly declare the closing for me."
Calvin was sweating profusely. "Readers and audience, the first reader meeting of our Tai Chi First crew will ask everyone to say goodbye. In the future, such a reader meeting will be held irregularly." Calvin would like to say a few words, but he saw the big bird Kun Peng listening to Tao coming out from the backstage door and disappeared in an instant.
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41 slaps on your face
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The overpass police station in Licang District is just a large and small police station. There are more than a dozen police officers here, and there are also ten people who are assisting the police to patrol the security network.
However, at this time, there are 40 or 50 cars outside the overpass police station, including Jing Cheng, Regal and Audi BMW, but most of them are Jinbei vans, which are quietly parked there, but judging from the degree of tire inflation and deflation, each car has a lot of weight.
There are so many cars around the overpass police station, and the deputy director of the overpass police station is very scared. Today, the director is not here, and a deputy director is near the class, but suddenly there are so many cars blocking the road of the police station. Zhang Li, the deputy director of the police station, feels very nervous. These people don’t talk, but they are so quietly blocking the police station, and no one comes out to negotiate, which makes Zhang Li, the director, have no bottom at all.
Nie Lei and Liu Zhongzhou stopped at the entrance of the overpass police station for a short time. They all moved left and right to make room for Nie Lei’s car. Nie Lei and Liu Zhongzhou entered the overpass police station side by side.
The overpass police station is a two-story building. The place is not small, but things are quite full. There is a small courtyard behind it, and a row of interrogation rooms and temporary detention rooms have been built around it.
Lin Cheng is in the interrogation room in the back row.
Li Lishen is asking Lin Cheng in every way in the house at this time. Just when Li Lishen’s patience is running out, who dares to make trouble at the police station when he hears the noise outside?
Li Lishen pointed to his hand and followed him around. "Why don’t you go outside and see what’s going on?"
After a while, the police came back. "Li Ge is not good."
Li Lishen is an atmosphere. "What’s wrong?" Is the sky falling or is our police station besieged by terror? "
The word "terrorist points" is very common in the Middle East and the United States, but there is little activity in China’s borders. Maybe China is more friendly to terrorist points. One terrorist point is always a joke when it is associated with the United States and Europe and is not much fun with China. This is because there is no such thing. If there is, who dares to joke about terrorist points?
"Eldest brother is not a terrorist, but also a triad society that has surrounded our police station."
Li Lishen is very atmospheric as soon as you listen. "Fuck your mother, Hu said that the underworld dares to besiege the people’s police all day? I think you are crazy. "
This little police officer still looks like he is in a hurry. "Eldest brother really Nie Lei brought more than 50 handlebars to surround our house."
"Who? Who are you talking about? Nie lei? What does he want to do by boldly surrounding our police station? "
Nie Lei is famous. If there is a little scene in the island city, people don’t know Nie Lei. Nie Lei’s reputation as the boss of Nie Lei Black is well known.
Although Li Lishen has a high reputation in the overpass police station, he doesn’t want to offend the underworld. They dare not do anything on the surface, but who is not afraid to give you a small move secretly?
Li Lishen immediately felt an emergency after hearing what the police said. He realized that the cause of the incident might be the Lin Cheng he brought back.
Just now, some people told themselves that they were looking for this Lin Cheng Li Lishen everywhere outside. Zhang Li, deputy director of Kung Fu, has led Nie Lei and others into the backyard and walked straight towards Li Lishen.
"Xiao Li, the Nie always has something for you." Zhang Li and Li Lishen don’t deal with it. Because Li Lishen is the director, his thighs are usually not big. Now, when someone comes to ask Li Lishen for trouble, Zhang Li is very happy.
Li Lishen has no countermeasures in his mind. Zhang Li has thrown himself out. "Haha, Nie has always heard a lot about you." Li Lishen reached out and greeted him with both hands to shake hands with Nie Lei.
NieLei coldly looking at Li Lishen stretched out his hands suddenly is a backhand slap directly in the Li Lishen left face.
Nie Lei often fights, but the backhand slap is not the arm strength, but the backhand is the shoulder strength. It is conceivable how strong the arm is.
Nie Lei’s slap directly knocked down Li Lishen, which stunned Zhang Li and Li Lishen, and followed Li Lishen to see this scene.
"Fuck you!" After Li Lishen was knocked down, he shouted. Let’s punch together and hit Nie Lei. Nie Lei immediately came out behind him. Two younger brothers, one left and one right, took the tool rest in Li Lishen’s soft spot.
Whose life is not your own? Who is not afraid of death? Li Li Shen was forced to be honest even though he said he was a policeman and Nie Lei was a gangster.
Nie Lei walked beside Li Lishen, who was framed by his two younger brothers, and repeatedly smoked Li Lishen’s four mouths. "This is to tell you that although my mother left me, no one is allowed to slander her."
Li Lishen didn’t dare to say a word when he saw Nie Lei’s appearance. He did dare to challenge Nie Lei with his elan, but Nie Lei was still so scared at the police station that Li Lishen instantly wanted to understand it.
There’s no need for a gangster to take it as a desperate opportunity to clean him up. Li Lishen has made up his mind.
NieLei has been to Li Lishen eyes "what are you staring at? If you still stare at me on the count of three, I’ll gouge your eyes out. Try it if you don’t believe me. "
Now that Nie Lei has said this, Li Lishen doesn’t want to suffer such an immediate loss. What can the underworld do? Although this is still in the police station, Li Lishen believes that Nie Lei will do what he said. He closed his eyes immediately after Nie Lei finished speaking. The gentleman has the hardest teeth but always loses his tongue first, but he can always accompany people to the end of his life. Others scold the tortoise for being too honest, but it is the longest living animal.
Li Lishen can always find a way to comfort himself at such times, which is also the second magic weapon for Li Lishen to mix from a small police officer to a regular police officer and become a director in the institute.
Zhang Ligang has been a police officer for more than ten years in this overpass police station. He has been promoted from a small police officer to a deputy director. He thought that he would go up a storey still higher in the five or six years when he was about to retire. However, since Li Lishen came here, Zhang feels that his dream of being a director seems to be coming to an end, because many people in the office are surrounded by Li Lishen and Li Lishen turns to coax the current director to be flattered every day.
Just this time, Nie Lei will come to Li Lishen, Deputy Director Zhang Lizhang. When he saw this situation, he was overjoyed. He asked Li Lishen where he was going and quickly attracted Nie Lei.
But he didn’t expect Nie Lei to be so bold. It was simply too bold to beat the police at the police station, but he also openly took out a knife to threaten the police. However, he thought that the threatening person was that he always hated Li Lishen and Zhang Li, although he was in a bad mood, he was also happy to watch the scene of bustle.

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